Noel's Pumpkin Carving Archive

Pumpkins from the year...


Full-scale dragon, the Death Star, Pirates of the Caribbean, Where the Wild Things Are, Maleficent, Cars, Batman, Little Mermaid, Eragon, Lord of Darkness, and many more!
2005 Dino Pumpkin Sculpting, Ash (Evill Dead), Eragon, Batman, Evil Cheshire Cat, Corpse Bride, Lady and the Tramp, Wyland's First Breath (Whale), Family Guy, Ghosts, Pirate, New Bee (Rain)
2004 Improved East and West (Draco) Dragons, Unicorn, Pegasus, Nosferatu, Vamp Masquerade, Casper (2), Sponge Bob, Patrick, Bruce the Shark, Bee (Rain)
2003 East and West (Draco) Dragons, Finding Nemo pumpkins (Nemo, Dori, Bruce), Scooby
2002 Improved Witch House, Mike, Scooby, Sponge Bob
2001 Witch House, Improved Darth Maul, Uncle Sam, Scooby, Sylvester and Tweedy
2000  Darth Maul, Devil, Pooh, Tigger
Learning to Do This Yourself: If you want to learn how to carve like this, its really easy, but does require some patience. community board is definitely the place to learn about this.  There are a ton of free patterns and lots of advice on how to carve them.