Welcome to the NODE shop!

We plan on adding many awesome products over time (including custom open source hardware), so check back for updates.

[All products are produced and fulfilled by RedBubble, so when you click a BUY NOW link, you’ll be redirected to the product page on their site.]

Original logo tee [BUY NOW]

Nodal points tee [BUY NOW]

Hardware hacker tools tee [BUY NOW]

Isometric Raspberry Pi tee [BUY NOW]

Nodal patterns tee [BUY NOW]

Connected world tee [BUY NOW]

NODE Japanese Kanji tee [BUY NOW]

Connected world poster [BUY NOW]

Nodal patterns poster [BUY NOW]

Isometric Raspberry Pi poster [BUY NOW]

Open source software sticker [BUY NOW]

PGP sticker [BUY NOW]

Satoshi sticker [BUY NOW]

Bitcoin sticker 1 [BUY NOW]

Bitcoin sticker 2 [BUY NOW]

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Distribute you brute! sticker [BUY NOW]