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ChannelEM needs video shows, and is looking to you and your content for help. If you have ever thought about putting together a video show, now might be a good time. ChannelEM is looking for shows by the community, for the community. It could be just you, or you and your friends, and cover just about any subject. Want to rant about technology? How about showing off your cooking skills? Maybe you are passionate about computer case modding, or motorcycling, or gaming, or gymnastics!

Don’t have top of the line tech to pull off a show? No problem! While ChannelEM prefers flashy, high quality content, anything is welcome, so you can contribute even if you don’t think your video’s up to scratch. While the most common tool for the job is one of the many flavors of miniDV cameras, you can still get away with other recording devices. Maybe you have a webcam or can dust off the old Hi8 or VHS-C camcorder your dad packed away in the closet. Experimenting with video is the easiest way to see what you can pull off, and you might be surprised at the quality you can get from yesterday’s tech.

If you decide to develop a show or even just an idea for one, pop in to our IRC channel and chat with some of the staff and community members there. You might get some input from like-minded people, and figure out how to use what you have to get a show running smoothly, from pre-production, to filming, to editing and developing an internet presence. So toss up some lights, fire up your camera and have the editing software at hand. Action!

If you have a show and would like to see it on the stream, let us know!

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