Citizen Engineer (2008)
A one-off show featuring Limor Fried & Phillip Torrone. See them build a SIM card reader and modify a payphone.

Obsoleet (2010 – Ongoing)
Retro technology and other oddities make up the bulk of this show. Learn what they are, where they came from, and how to use them in interesting ways.

Poorboys (2006 – Ongoing)
Learn how to eat well on a budget. Cook your own awesome food and leave everyone else at the drive through.

TechCentric (2005-2009)
TechCentric is a monthly IPTV show based in Chicago, Illinois hoping to bring you the coolest content from all walks of technology.

The New Tech (2011 – Ongoing)
A tech show by Matt Lestock, Wess Tobler, and Mike Knight. The New Tech focuses on the ways tech influences our daily lives.


Arduino The DocumentaryThis documentary interviews the revolutionary beginning of the creators behind the arduino, and touches upon what it will mean for students, engineers, and garage tinkerers alike.

CoderushCode Rush is a 1998 documentary following the lives of a group of Netscape engineers in Silicon Valley. It was shot during a time of flagging company fortunes, the initial release of the Mozilla code as an open source project, and the friction of an impending AOL-Netscape merger.

Demoscene DocumentaryA documentary about the Finnish demoscene. (English Subtitles)

Freedom DowntimeA feature length documentary about the Free Kevin movement and the hacker world.

Get LampA documentary about adventures in text.

Hackers ’95Hackers 95 is an independent documentary by Phone-E and RF Burns shot during the summer of 1995. The documentary covers hacker happenings during that summer including Summercon and Defcon III.

NYCH 2005This documentary looks at the “2600″ community in New York City of today, its meetings and conferences, political annotations, and historically explores the roots of the definition ‘hacking’ amongst the model train enthusiasts at MIT…” Featuring: Kevin Mitnick, Eugene E.Kashpureff, and “Off the Hook” radio host Emmanuel Goldstein.

On PiracyEach day, millions of youths from Canada and around the world download music and movies off of the Internet. We interviewed industry execs, copyright lawyers, pirates, consumers, artists, and everyone we could think of – and made you this film.

Steal This Film Part 1Part One, shot in Sweden and released in August 2006, combines accounts from prominent players in the Swedish piracy culture (The Pirate Bay, Piratbyrån, and the Pirate Party) with found material, propaganda-like slogans and Vox Pops.

Steal This Film Trial EditionA Trial Edition (also known as ’2.5′ or ‘Spectrial’ edition) was released to coincide with the trial in 2009 of The Pirate Bay.

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