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Video Wars: Betamax

Posted by Famicoman on January - 15 - 2012

There are few technological flops as memorable as Betamax. As notorious as the format was, I didn’t manage to pick up a Beta unit until about two years ago, and it ended up being broken anyway. For some reason, Beta holds a strange but prominent place in my collection of antiquated tech. All of the  [ Read More ]

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Video Wars: VHS

Posted by Famicoman on December - 13 - 2011

Unless you’re relatively young, you probably remember VHS. Even if you are so young to never have used the format, odds are you’ve seen tapes appear in film, or have seen a VCR or two for sale at a thrift store. VHS tapes were the standard for how you saw recorded media. Whether you’re watching  [ Read More ]

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Vidicraft Guard Stabilizer

Posted by Famicoman on September - 21 - 2011

If you were a movie fan in the 1980′s you probably had a VCR; whether it was ├četamax or VHS doesn’t matter too much for the purpose of this article. If you happened to live back in those days, you may be able to recall the prices of tapes were incredible. Prices were around $60  [ Read More ]

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Commodore 1702 Monitor

Posted by Famicoman on September - 4 - 2011

Most people have heard of Commodore. This company was responsible for some of our favorite 1980′s computers such as the C64, VIC-20, and all the members of the Amiga family. Commodore also made it’s own accessories. There were joysticks, floppy drives, tape drives, printers, and even monitors. Now remember, back at this time, personal computers  [ Read More ]

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