Rotation Update – 10/14

All episodes of The New Tech are now in the rotation and all services have been restarted!



Hello all, just some updates about what’s going on.

After doing some server updates, the CEM stream is much more stable. It’s been running for weeks now without any unsolvable problems.

The teletext server is back in full swing. Just check the navigation section over to the right side of the page for information on how to connect.

Lastly, all The New Tech episodes are now in the rotation!


Rotation Update – 7/21

The New Tech episode 4 as well as the behind the scenes for the same episode have been added to the rotation! Check out their website for more information on the show.


Rotation Update – 6/12

I’m proud to announce that Episode 8 of Poorboys is now in the rotation!

Poorboys is a cooking show started by DarkSenay back in 2007, with the last newest episode coming out almost two years ago. So wait until you’re feeling a bit hungry, tune in, and enjoy Episode 8: Crackers.


Our own Moonlit has been slaving over a hot keyboard and has recently put his TNXT server up for the world to see, and at ChannemEM!

For those who don’t know the joys of Teletext, read up on the Wikipedia article and learn about this awesome bit of tech native to the UK. Want the short version? Teletext is a television information retrieval service started in the 1970s, offering a variety of information such as TV schedules and weather. And now, ChannelEM is the first IPTV channel to bring Teletext into the internet age (at least we’re pretty sure it is).

You can connect by telnet:

Server: tt.channelem.net
Port: 5500

Moonlit recommends using PuTTY on the Windows platform and standard telnet on others. Make sure you switch to codepage 437 to make the graphics look at their best and the XTerm color scheme if you have it. We’ll see about implementing a web-based telnet client soon.

ChannelEM TNXT Screenshots

Right now functionality is basic, but don’t fret! New pages are on the way. Feel free to try some of the sample pages, and look around for a few easter eggs.


Rotation Update – 5/15

Episode 3 and the episode 3 behind the scenes of The New Tech have been added to the stream! Check out the show here.


Rotation Update

Two new documentaries have been added to the rotation:

Demoscene Documentary is a documentary featuring the Finnish demoscene. The audio is Finnish, but I have ripped English subtitles from YouTube and burned them in to the video. The documentary was originally in multiple short parts, but they have been edited together for a more sensible broadcast.

Get Lamp is a documentary from 2010 about text adventures. It was directed by Jason Scott (of textfiles.com and the BBS Documentary), and covers adventures in text from the key creators to the history of the format.

As always, if you have any tips for content, feel free to contact us!

Happy watching!