Awesome Cyberpunk Visuals

The movies below all have what I consider to be awesome cyberpunk visuals. This means their visuals are very well executed and capture (at least part of) the essence of what it means to be cyberpunk. On the individual reviews, you will see that all the movies listed here have either a “high” or a “very high” rating for cyberpunk visuals. I did not include all movies in the “high” category here though. Why? I’m afraid this is subjective judgment on my part. If you disagree on the inclusion or omission of a movie, write a comment on this page - I may change my mind based on your thoughts.


Also, realize I don’t have all cyberpunk movies uploaded. So if you don’t see it on the site yet, it may be because I haven’t reviewed it…yet. Also, in this list, I don’t distinguish between movies and animes (which are very influential in cyberpunk) - you will see both listed.


Movies with Awesome Cyberpunk Visuals



January 29, 2009

freekazoid said:

freekazoid said:

I’m looking for an image I found on the net maybe 6-8 years ago of a girl being eating by a large beast and haven’t seen since. Looks alot like this image from Blood Shadow…

But the girl in the image I’m talking about looks just like this girl from Pigeon Blood, which I haven’t seen but I don’t think it’s in that movie because I don’t believe there are monsters in that film. Also it might be from the film of this image which I found by searching for Gore Anime Rlz on YouTube but I don’t know what movie it is, does anyone know?…

Many Thanks!

freekazoid said:

Ok sorry the first image from Blood Shadow that looks like the one I’m looking for is…

But the one I’m looking for is better quality and the girl in it looks like this girl…

And the YouTube movie image that might be the movie but I don’t know the name is…

Anyone know? Thanks

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