Cyberpunk Review » DEUS EX

March 18, 2006


Game Review By: DannyV_El_Acme

Year: 2000

Author: Warren Spector and Ion Storm

Platform: Windows

Publisher: Eidos Interactive

Price: Right now, around $5!!!

Rating: 10 out of 10



Introduction: Before the after effects of Daikatana ruined the development house, Ion Storm managed to make one last great game. Created by Warren Spector and crew, the creative geniuses behind cult-favorite game System Shock, Deus Ex is an absolute gaming masterpiece, and in this reviewer’s humble opinion, the absolute greatest cyberpunk game ever made.


The story: The time is the 2050s. The world is at the mercy of a pandemic disease known as Grey Death, and the United States is under attack by a terrorist organization known as the National Secessionist Forces. To combat this and other terrorist threats, the United Nations have formed UNATCO, the United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition. Players take the role of JC Denton, the newest active agent of UNATCO, and one of only two next-generation nanomachine enhanced agents, scheduled to replace the old cyberneticaly enhanced agents with their more subtle and advanced enhancements. His first assigned task is the elimination of the NSF.


However, things are not what they seem, and a grand conspiracy is at work involving secret organizations, governments, corporations, Grey Death, criminal groups, the NSF, and even UNATCO. Slowly, JC realizes he is a pawn in a worldwide game of intrigue. What side will he choose, what mysteries will unfold, who can he trust?



The game: I deliberately left story details vague, since this game’s story is quite simply one of the absolute greatest cyberpunk stories ever. Not to mention that it’s impossible to summarize the game’s story, since it’s so variable. Simply put, the amount of freedom of choice available in this game is staggering. From how you develop your character, to how to tackle enemies(if you REALLY wanna tackle them, you can also use stealth to go through enemy infested areas), and even moral choices during conversations, this game definitely delivers on the promise of never playing the game the same way twice. While at its core a first person shooter, Deus Ex’s emphasis on story and its experience gaining system also make it qualify as an RPG, and it has won awards on both categories.


The game rewards exploration and creativity when it comes to solving its many situations. For example, while it’s nice and good to run into a room guns blasting, using stealth to pick your enemies off silently or sneaking your way through may help you save ammo and health. Even your choice of weapons gives you lots of liberty in choice, from heavy-duty death dealing machines, to more stealthy melee and hand projectiles, and even non-lethal weapons. Players can even find nanomachine enhancements, giving you superhuman abilities like night vision, speeded healing, and even Matrix-style jumping capability.


By using experience points, players can improve different skills like Computers(allows you to hack into computer mainframes), Electronics(bypassing security systems and electronic doorlocks), Swimming, and multiple Weapons skills. Raising skills has instant, noticeable impact on your game. For example, raising your Computers skill not only allows you to hack into a system faster, it gives you more time to mess with the system after successfully hacking in, and with time it even allows you access to more advanced security features, like reprogramming turrets to attack your enemies. All these options allow you to tailor your game to your playing style. Do you like to blast the crap out of your enemies? Raise your Weapons and Medicine skills. Do you prefer stealthy approaches? Raise Hacking, Electronics and Lockpicking. Would you rather explore alternate routes? Raise you Environmental and Swimming skills. Truly, the amount of options available is incredible.


Although a little dated now(after games like Doom 3 and Half Life 2, ANYTHING looks dated), the graphics are still awesome, and the environments would look right at home in any William Gibson or Philip K. Dick novel. The music is perfectly atmospheric, sound effects are loud and in your face, and it actually has pretty good(or at least not cringe-inducing) voice acting. JC in particular has that cool, deep and raspy voice expected of a cyberpunk protagonist.


Availability: Deus Ex is still pretty easy to find, and you can even find the Game Of The Year Edition readily on eBay. The game is also a few years old, so you can even snag a copy for about $5 bucks. However, once you get it, do make sure to immediately download the available patch for the game, as it solves many technical issues. The game has also been ported to the Playstation 2, and it’s a pretty good port, but personally I prefer to stick with the PC version. The Mac version is identical to the PC version, so our Apple-using brothers are not left out of the fun.



The verdict : I truly have not played a cyberpunk game as amazing as Deus Ex, before or since. The game delivers on every level, giving you one of the most complete, exciting and ultimately entertaining gaming experiences ever. Both as a game and as a cyberpunk story, Deus Ex gets a perfect ten stars.



March 18, 2006

DannyV_El_Acme said:

Just a few extra comments I wanted to make about the game:

-It’s possible to beat the entire game without killing anybody.

-Although in development years before and released a year and months before, in the game the World Trade Center is not present, victim of a terrorist attack. Freaky, huh?

-Just like V For Vendetta, although written long before, echoes a lot of current events when it comes to terrorism, so does Deus Ex. UNATCO can be paralleled in attitudes and philosophy to the Patriot Act and the War On Terror we live today.

-Many of the gameplay innovations Warren Spector and crew created with System Shock 1 and 2 can be seen in much more refined form in Deus Ex. Character development, storytelling, weapons, all bear similarities to System Shock 2.

- Go to for more information about the game. It is a great resource for perspectives on the game’s themes and story, although there ARE spoilers, so watch out.

SFAM said:

I have this game - I never got around to playing it. I got sucked into Baldur’s Gate 2 instead. I gotta go load this up I think. :)

March 19, 2006

Neuromancer said:

Nice review!

Bergo said:

Great review. I picked up my copy for $10 AUD, but hadn’t gotten around to playing it. After reading your review, I’m going to have to !

DannyV_El_Acme said:

As I mentioned in the review, everybody download the patch fixes for the game before playing it, as it solves many technical issues. However, after installing the patch, have a BLAST. I am not exagerating in the least, I truly believe this to be the absolute greatest cyberpunk game ever, and a deserving title to be in anybody’s Top 10 list of greatest games. Critics seem to agree with me, as many PC games which purport to give you freedom of choice and include RPG elements are inevitably compared to Deus Ex(as well as Thief and System Shock, all games by Warren Spector, hmmm…).

Anyway, we should make a Deus Ex thread on the Meatspace so we can share our experiences with the game, as I’m POSITIVE nobody’s gonna play it the same :)

May 17, 2006

MJ12 said:

Gotta agree with this review. Deus Ex is the BEST. GAME. EVER.

June 26, 2006

Vice said:

Howdy. I’m trying to find info on how to finish the game without killing ANYBODY. I’ve heard and red from numerous places that it is possible to finish the game without killing anyone(including the 3 persons that you are supposed to kill by the game script) But I can’t find any info on how to do this.

So if anyone can help me with this problem, I’d be really really happy

August 8, 2006

Redolphin said:

Where can you download the patch for the game?

Adam Doub said:

I think people came down way too hard on the sequel to this game. Granted it didn’t give as many pointless options and worry itself with “realism” dealing with different kinds of ammo for each and every weapon, it did hold quite a gripping storyline, a beautiful interface, and goregous effects. I loved the first and the second game of this series… it’s a shame that the group that made this game has long since been bankrupt… go figure, majority of people don’t want to play intelligent games.

August 9, 2006

DannyV said:

Hey, Adam. I haven’t gotten around to playing Invisible War(college will do that to you :s ), but I really wouldn’t mind a few changes in the system. Targeting, for example, was a BITCH in DE1. As much as I loved the Firearms system in the game, a headshot’s a friggin’ headshot, it should ALWAYS kill(this was a sticking point for me in the fiirst Splinter Cell, too). And it kinda bugged me that I could fire a plasma rifle with assfucking recoil dead on target every time, while a silenced, recoil-lessenned assault rifle would miss half the bullets.

As for the ammo thing, thinking of all the stuff in the first one, a system of weapons using universal ammo isn’t so farfetched. The cartridges could be chemicals and materials that nanomachines could assemble into the proper type of ammo. Sounds pretty reasonable to me. And the movement for standardized ammo is alive and kicking. Ever heard of the NATO round? It is a standard bullet for assault rifles which EVERY assault rifle registered under NATO must be able to fire. From a standard type of round to a universal one, well, it’s not a jump of logic at all, it just amounts to resources.

DannyV said:

Oh, and Ion Storm DESERVED to go bankrupt, considering how much of a DUMBASS John Romero is. From a videogame superstar to a Vanillla Ice-like has-been, well, you don’t accidentally end up like that. It takes active fucking up. The guy was just aboout the most WORSHIPPED American videogame designer, and then he goes and makes Daikatana and throws it all away. In fact, it was Waren Spector’s development team which actually made the most memorable Ion Storm games: Thief: Dark Shadows, Deus Ex and Deus Ex: Invisible War.

And don’t worry about Warren Spector. The guy’s such a friggin” genius that any development team would jump at the chance to hire him. I give it 2, maybe 3 years, and a new Warren Spector game will be announced, mark my words. I mean, look at his friggin’ resume: Wing Commander, System Shock, Ultima, Cybermage, Crusader… Who wouldn’t KILL to have this guy?

And if you want Warren Spector-like action, well, Bioshock’s on its way. That game’s being developed by the same team that did System Shock 2, and it truly is my most awaited PC game. So stay tuned for that ;)

August 11, 2006

Syzygy said:

Simply put, Deus Ex is the best game ever. Not just the best cyberpunk game ever, its the best game made to date. No game has come close to matching its amazing ability to tell a story, make you think, and twist at every turn. The characters were memorable, your decisions had REAL effects, and the world feels like a whole world, not a couple rooms or what-have-you. The fact that I still go back and replay it, discovering new things is amazing. The game is fun, inventive and rewards thinking outside the box.

Deus Ex II is a disappointment only because it was the sequel of Deus Ex. As a stand-alone game it is pretty good, but it cannot compete with the original.

I am looking forward to bioshock too, but it isn’t cyberpunk so I won’t discuss that here. Needless to say, yes warren spector and the SS2 team are both highly regarded in the industry. They are a few of the last developers willing to trust their playerbase to get things that aren’t shoved down their thouts.

PS: Danny V - yes, the rounds do supposedly use nano-tech, I just find it funny that flame throwers, dart-guns and shotguns all use the same ammo. The main point with the ammo thing is that they dulled down the game. They did the same thing with the aiming, the (lack of) skills, the multi-tool. Another critical point was that the world felt like a series of big rooms. You didn’t have that open city feeling and freedom like you did in Deus Ex.

August 15, 2006

WraithTDK said:

Couldn’t agree more that Deus Ex is beyond Genius. Along with Ocharina of Time and Battlezone, it remains one of my three all time favorite games, and I’ve been playing since pacman.

However, as far as I know, you have to at least kill off Gunther and Navara.

Plus, if you don’t kill any of the agents that come for your brother, he’s going to die, too.

August 17, 2006

Syzygy said:

SHHHHHHHHH don’t give out such spoilers!

September 8, 2006

Anonymous said:

Metal Gear is THE BEST NOT DE

DannyV said:

While I agree I like Metal gear more than Deus Ex, Deus Ex is a much better CYBERPUNK game, so I still stan by my review it’s the best CP game ever.

September 9, 2006

bartaaa404 said:

In all serious honesty, Deus Ex & Fallout 2 are possible the best two games I have every played in my whole life; moreover to Deus Ex, it’s simply an amazing piece of human achievement.
If you don’t agree with me on the story aspect, then you most certainly will agree that it had an extremly fun emergence gameplay.

DXII:IW dropped the ball, however it was a little expected and it was a developmental issue. You see DX1 was developed in the fashion were the studio just baught the Unreal Tournament graphic engine and made the game around thus allowing **a lot of studio developmental time to be allocated towards story & gameplay**; however DX:IW was developed differently, they used the new Unreal Tournament 2003 (or whatever, correct me) and decided to spend more time (and thus money) into developing the graphics of the game rather then (as its predecessor) the story & gameplay (thus giving the feeling of a cheap game). If you ask for my opinion, the next Deus Ex game should just buy a completely ready UT engine and spend most (preferably ALL) of its time/money on developing a great story, awesome music & emergent gameplay.

DX had 4 alternate ending, while DX:IW was based on only one ending, this gives them another 3 out of 4 chances (games) left to make another out-of-the-park home-run ;) .

September 20, 2006

weltraumaffe said:

DX:IW didn’t have only 1 ending…
There is a decision to make in the end (don’t want to spoil ;))… and this leads to at least 2 endings…
At least this is how i do remember it.

October 25, 2006

SmoothDrRod said:

Dues Ex: The Invisible war hit the nail on the head with the story… right up until the end. Maybe I am bitter as the continuation of the story has come to a complete halt but what I missed most in DX:IW was the quality of reading didn’t feel as wide as it should have been . The news terminals although had voice were sorely lacking in content in compared to DX the original. DX inspired me to pursue philosophy, historical context, and basic rights. I never had read Thomas Paine’s COMMON SENSE until a snippet of it crossed me in this, the original game. The newspapers were constantly updated and with the news terminals depth it really puts perspective on the questions of liberty we have today. This game is a master piece and an example of how the big game business model has stopped this most promising genre. GO for the highest profit margin possible, stamp them out at a set price. I would pay any reasonable amount (being under $300) for a new DX game with expanded story, possibilities in interaction with the environment and NPCs, the quality voice acting, and DirectX10, Alan Wake & Assassin’s Creed level graphics and deep long single player experience (content for something around 100-150 hours of quality game play dialog and story development, not running from point to point or unnecessary load times.

I think current game developer lack the environment to develop games of such magnitude because of the cookie-cutter industry it has become. No one wants to gamble on it despite the fact that producing it now with the advent of physics processing and honestly amazing graphics and storage capabilities of PC’s they could make. Max payne had a nice enough story, but I want to play it and manipulate it any way I choose as DX and to a lesser extent DX:IW so elegantly brought out to the forefronet while going along with the story itself. EA has the man power to pull it off, but who has ever written such a deep story line and experience. With what hollywood produces and most pop authors pump out I would say good luck to anyone looking for the writer. Even Specter has his limits.

SmoothDrRod said:

Deus Ex: The Invisible war hit the nail on the head with the story… right up until the end. Maybe I am bitter as the continuation of the story has come to a complete halt but what I missed most in DX:IW was the quality of reading didn’t feel as wide as it should have been . The news terminals although had voice were sorely lacking in content in compared to DX the original. DX inspired me to pursue philosophy, historical context, and basic rights. I never had read Thomas Paine’s COMMON SENSE until a snippet of it crossed me in this, the original game. The newspapers were constantly updated and with the news terminals depth it really puts perspective on the questions of liberty we have today. This game is a master piece and an example of how the big game business model has stopped this most promising genre. GO for the highest profit margin possible, stamp them out at a set price. I would pay any reasonable amount (being under $300) for a new DX game with expanded story, possibilities in interaction with the environment and NPCs, the quality voice acting, and DirectX10 (Alan Wake & Assassin’s Creed level graphics) and deep long single player experience (content for something around 100-150 hours of quality game play, dialog and story development), and not running from point to point or unnecessary load times.

I think current game developers lack the environment to develop games of such magnitude because of the cookie-cutter industry it has become. No one wants to gamble on it despite the fact that producing it now with the advent of physics processing and honestly amazing graphics and storage capabilities of PC’s they could make. Max payne had a nice enough story, but I want to play it and manipulate it any way I choose as DX and to a lesser extent DX:IW so elegantly brought out to the forefronet while going along with the story itself. EA has the man power to pull it off, but who has ever written such a deep story line and experience. With what hollywood produces and most pop authors pump out I would say good luck to anyone looking for the writer. Even Specter has his limits.

November 10, 2006

vanti said:

Actually there are 1 or 2 characters you HAVE to kill wich was something Spector wanted to change for the sequel. Unfortunately the sequel is not nearly as good..

SmoothDrRod said:

The second game is what it is, but to be honest I have a hard time imagining it being anything other than what it was, minus all the load screens.

November 14, 2006

Razalin said:



(i don’t sound desperate at all, do i?)

November 30, 2006

toro said:

IonStorm is no more and Deus Ex license is probably at Eidos. Considering the “success” of DXIW, I don’t think there will be another DX for a couple of years. There are no news related to a third part.

December 3, 2006

Velvet Cyberpunk said:

Deus Ex is my favorite game of all time. It is seriously the best game I have ever played. I have gone through it at least 75 times, and still enjoy playing it. Not only is it a great cyberpunk story, but it’s a great conspiracy story as well. It’s actually the first FP game I’d ever played, and because I had no idea what I had I wasn’t as intimidated as I should have been. I highly, highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t played it. The graphics are a bit dated, but the story and gameplay are perfect. Play it!

December 6, 2006

Razalin said:

Yes i would have to agree with that last comment, velvet.

the graphics on 1 look rather… um… poor to put it politely.
but i’ve heard really good things about the gameplay and if
it’s as good as or better than dx2 than excellent.

I’ve played dx2 thru about 2-3 and it’s really good. i’ve
never played first one.

the only real criticism i have for dx2 is it’s lack of length.

i digress

December 12, 2006

Anonymous said:


December 14, 2006

David B. Taylor said:


December 15, 2006

Carlos Olivera said:

Columbia Pictures said on 2002 that they’ll be making a Deus Ex movie. In March of 2003, a guy named Greg Pruss was attached to write the screenplay. He said that the story will darker compared to the game and (of course) will have JC Denton as the main character. Willem Dafoe’s (Green Goblin from Spider-Man) name was mentioned. The movie adaptation at that time was targeted for a 2006 theatrical release.

December 18, 2006

Sam Carter said:

Deus Ex is the best CYBERPUNK thriller ever. It is ironic that Columbia Studios, in 2002, set the date for this year. It is understandable. Very understandable. Several words: High Quality Product Development. Remember LOTR?

December 28, 2006

BobbyNewmark said:

This game is the shizzle - jsut wanted to agree with everyone who said this…

January 10, 2007

Vladimir said:

This is most likely the best game ever to be created. The story is just amazing, and the end scenes have you repeating the words “WOW! WOW!” in your head over and over :)
I played the second game (Invisible War), it was very good but unfortunately it was nowhere near the first one.
What made the game so good was that it was two things:

IT was believable; no flying cars and no aliens (well, almost :), just advanced technology (I admit, some of it was *really* advanced, but that’s also what the game is about).

The conspiracy theories; is there any conspiracy theory that DOESN’T appear in the game? Somehow they manage to tie it all together; Area-51, Illuminati, New World Order all rounded into a grand scheme that actually made me question the current state of the world we live in.

February 6, 2007

Waladil said:

One thing major (i wont give anyting away, but) there are three seperate endings to Deus Ex. (of course everyone who has played it knows that…) This is, far and away, my absolute favorite game, it’s got everything, violence, weapons, personally modded characters (you choose how he/she grows in strength) conspiracies…. I could go on for hours, but I’m bored. CYA!

Waladil said:

When is that movie coming out? that is now one or two on my “movies I want to see whenever they get done” list. number one or two (the other one) is the Halo movie I caught a rumor about.

Waladil said:

Woo! triple post for me, as I read this, you say that you can not kill anyone, does that include not anyone? I know you could just hit ‘em with a baton 9 times outta 10, but shooting them is so much more fun.

Waladil said:

Quad post! As to the nobody wants to play intelligent games: nobody seems to want to do ANYTHING intelligent anymore, read, exercise, think. That last one’s pertinent.

February 7, 2007

Darkangelus said:

Deus Ex really is one of the best games ever!
That is a fact not an opinion.
Why do i say that? because every games top 100 i have read for the past 7 YEARS has had deus ex in the top 20 overall and in the top 5 for RPG’s

(I refer to lists where players vote for the game not sales figures)

In my opinion the game is THE BEST to date and since the day i first played it i have bout 6 copies because i keep wearing them out

The reson i think this game has survived so long is

A: Multiple branching storyline
You play the game to the end of most games and that is it. done but with DX every time is a new discovery

B: Imersion
When you play this game it is VERY easy to get into and lose yourself! you sit down at your PC load a game and BAM 5 hours of your life just disapeared!

C: Community Expansion
With the release of the SDK people came together to comtinue the story their way or tell another in the DX world or even somthing completly different. it is so easy to create a simple map and there are so many guides on how to make mods that players were spoilt for choice!

Thanks very much you’ve been a great audience ;-P

Nobody able to gain power should ever be allowed to weild it.

February 11, 2007

Hugo said:

Bought it. For ten bucks (these prices…you know, back in my day you could buy a house for two bottlecaps, a rat and a box of buttons - :P).

Slowly working my way through and enjoying it too. Very immersive :P.

Darkangelus said:

You are now…
One of us…
One of us…
One of us…
One of us…
One of us…


I bought this game for about 5€ from my local mall about 2 years ago and i have to say that this is one of my all time favorites.

February 14, 2007

stan ( said:

hello everybody.
cuz i’m a great fan of DE1 and i think there is more people like me then i’ve got some info about it. its not about next game from DE series but only DE1 so if You love it please check it out:
i just can’t wait. best regards.

February 19, 2007

Netrunner said:

What Blade Runner is for cyberpunk movies Deus Ex 1 is for cyberpunk games. It’s a cyberpunk classic which will never die! I still play it on active servers and I design my own custom maps and mods for it. I also dig maps and mods of other fans. :)


April 7, 2007

urban_queen41 said:

This game is so awesome, I don’t think any game ever is gonna beat it in terms of immersion, storyline and gameplay.

What I REALLY wish would happen is…. A re-released version of the ORIGINAL Deus Ex, but on next-gen platforms (PS3, Xbox360), complete with awesome new graphics and animation. :)

April 17, 2007

Bartaaa404 said:


infinity / 10 !

July 27, 2007

unatco said:

you are not going to get away with this nsf.what is your plan about hong kong

August 11, 2007

Anakha said:

Well, though DE is by far the best Cyberpunk Game up to now, there are a few Games that (at their Times) gave you the same amount of immersion, atmosphere and Story.
For example: Baldurs Gate (especially 2 and ToB), Fallout (both) but they didn`t age quite as well regarding their “cough” Tech…… I´m sure somone else can come up with a few more…..

October 4, 2007

Darkangelus said:

I recently upgraded to a dual-core proccessor…

Now i find deus ex doesnt run properly!

it randomly speed up to the point that crossing a large room takes the same time as taking 1 step normally!!!

Anyone know how to fix this?

Clint said:

Same thing happened on my single-core centrino, on which the new intel processors are based. It’s the speed-stepping, and it affects all games made on the first Unreal engine. They try to run at the reported CPU speed even though it constantly changes to optimise power consumption.

If you’re running Windows, try changing your power settings to ‘minimal power management’, or if that doesn’t work try google for a way to disable speed-stepping.

Clint said:

Some characters have to die for the plot, but it is certainly possible to complete the game without harming any human character, although you may have to EMP some bots. I’m pretty sure every ‘boss battle’ can be passed by running away, or in once case with the correct dialogue, assuming you’ve spoken to the right people leading up to it. I played the game 3 times and killed one guy in a different place each time; the important ones will appear to follow you around the world trying to stop you if you don’t kill them.
Conflict is quite avoidable if you don’t mind missing dozens of items and sub-goals. I find those terms unacceptable, prefering to steal the items from every last corpse, box, and hidden room. Surprise attacks with the sword are fun.

Darkangelus said:

I stumbled on the answer to my problem when trying to solve another!

On the task manager go to the “proccesses” tab

Right click on the deusex proccess and click “Set affinity”

Instead of having all ticked only tick one of them

Deus Ex will then run as a single core program ignoring the other core!!!

I hope this helps people as this is an amazing game that everyone needs to play at least once (or a hundred times)

October 5, 2007

JhonTheBest said:

If I had a little more time to read all the comments I’ll.
I’ve got to download that game again, I’ve bought it 3 times, and it’s fucked up in each one of them…2 much playin’.
You people coulden’t say less, It’s the greatest game ever, about cyberpunk and futuristic envirements, I’ll give it a 100 stars, If I could, It ated my life, but I’ll still play it, that thing it’s awesome I love Warren Spector, he seem like a pretty nice guy.
They should do another one, besides DXII, wich I didn’t liked as much as the 1st one, and it works funky also…[download it again, jackass]
Anyway the best and only game worthy more than enought to call a cyberpunk game, and all the cyberpunks fans should play it, at least 5 times.
Somebody should stop sellin stupid crap, and make another DX, or somethin like it, I’m dyin here.
I’ve waited 2 years to play the DXII and finded out than it wasent as big as the first one, eaven knowin it was a whole chalenge for the IOInteractive and the Eidos people to make it follow the time line, besides the game ending posibilities…


November 4, 2007

Darkangelus said:

November 6, 2007

gw said:

It’s one of my favorites too, and particularly interesting for people not normally into 1st person shooters or role playing, like myself (I’m a Myst fan - but I also like Lara!). It has brains, ideas and excitement, terrific athmosphere and loving attention to detail. Can anyone recommend something similar? (Please don’t mention Halflife or Halo … I’ll have to try Bioshock some day). Two small things that bother me, however: you don’t get any credit for just knocking people over the head, in Paul’s and Carter’s eyes you’re a mass killer just the same. ;-) And the enemy KI is not that smart, so situations tend to become a bit repetitive.

DEUS EX has had an unfortunate successor, Deus Ex 2: Invisible War. When I first started this game, I couldn’t believe my ears. Because of the lack of real depth, this thing has a lot of remarkably stupid, pretentious dialogue and a very rigid, albeit confused storyline (even more so in German translation, but the English version isn’t much better). It was a good thing the original game never got translated, except for subtitles and log entries (btw: why, I wonder?). It had a lot of subversive, thought-provoking overtones, while edition 2 seems tailored to train the (teenage) player in making very basic moral choices and not be ensnared by ludicrous radicals - which isn’t exactly a bad approach, but each action is a mere exercise that doesn’t really alter the fixed line of events. I wound up killing off everyone the first time around out of sheer frustration. (I’ve since played it a number of times - it isn’t that bad once you get over the high-expectation barrier.) The morale of the game (especially in the end sequences): the only reasonable course is joining the WTO - it’s free market and some semblance of status quo order, or chaos/end of individuality!!! Deus Ex reloaded, or rather: reversed. Well, at least it did make me think. Given a year for overhaul and expansion, it might have turned into something great.

There are persistent rumors about a third Deus Ex, but maybe the series should die at this point - there’s nothing left to say. As with the Matrix films, any answers are never as good as the questions.

November 7, 2007

OvergrownEgo said:

gw wrote: There are persistent rumors about a third Deus Ex, but maybe the series should die at this point - there’s nothing left to say.

Can’t agree. :) Denton brother’s solution (my first choice) can lead to a powerful post-cyberpunk plot. Let’s say it another 20 years later. The net of human minds is now worldwide. But not all people are willing to join this Utopia. They start forming resistance and conspiracy groups all around the world and begin to “fight the system”. Of course the system starts fighting back. A new conflict arises.

But there is something more happening here. A new player is about to join the game. It’s the Global Mind. Collective conscience of all humankind starts to wake up. With every new mind joining the Net it’s getting more and more aware of it’s own existence.

Only few people are aware of it. They observe it growing. They observe entire societies dancing a subconscious dance: new laws, new science projects, new technologies. And there is a pattern. These people form three basic factions. These who believe that the Mind is a next step of evolution of humankind want to help it grow, these who believe it’s the end of humanity want to destroy it. The third group does not believe in anything, they just want to use it for their own advantage.

And there is a player in the middle of it. :)

The game begins in abandoned ruins of Area 51. The fourth and the last clone suddenly awakens after 40 years of stasis. It would be later revealed that it was the Mind who had awoken him - a global, unconscience will, a decision chain so scattered that it’s not possible to locate it’s origin. After making his way through underground corridors, dangerous (full of greasels and karkians) but somehow familiar (sic! ;) ) he gets to the surface. First people he meets are desert nomads - they claim to be free of “mind control” but the player can see that they also live a brutal life, full of pain and injustice. Later he will meet “mind controlled” people from cities - and he will see that there is no crime, no pain, no lust. But still… isn’t it the beginning of the Borg Collective? ;)

And so on and on… Meeting with Dentons, leaders of other groups and the Mind finally. Each one of them asks for help, each one of them asks the player to join him. But accepting any offer means that you have to lose something in order to gain something. No easy choices. The player must ask himself what he values the most in life - individuality, free will, order and justice? If he could be a part of something much, much bigger than himself, would he be willing to sacrifice something to benefit all humanity? If yes, what would it be? And how much?

Could be a great game. :)

March 1, 2008

Adam Daub said:

So they should make a game with entirely different characters set in the same world. Seriously it’s not that difficult to make a new and interesting storyline if you’ve already built a substantial universe.

I.E. Guy wakes up, doesn’t remember who he is and realizes he is modded all to hell. There is a flaw in his mods and he has a certain amount of time to find a cure all while using his abilities to complete jobs and seek out the bastards who did it to him.

Add good in-depth story-telling and a nice script and it could work nicely in such a rich environment that is the Deus Ex world.

March 19, 2008

Synthoid said:

You know, I recently bought this game again - this time for the PC, and I was amazed by how much better it was compared to the PS2 port, it’s a veritable goldmine. I remember playing the demo back in 2000, and being pretty much captivated by everything about it. It has one of the most complex, twisting narratives in a video game, one which is always taking you on spins and leaves you wondering just who to trust in this crazy world of powermongers, corporate machiavellians and freedom fighters. As for the gameplay, it’s a subtle blend of a first-person shooter with roleplaying elements, yet focusing on neither aspect too much. You can deal with situations however you want to, and you can tune your character to accommodate your methods. Want to run and gun your way through, just increase your proficiency in heavy weapons and assault rifles. But for those who want to take a more hidden, non-lethal approach, you can work on bolstering your hacking and computing skills. You really can do just about anything, and use whatever methods you prefer.

And what’s best of all is that you can pick up a copy of this game for around a fiver or so, which is what I did, courtesy of the Amazon marketplace. Also, as one final point, I’ve noticed a number of similarities between Deus Ex and the earlier, System Shock 2. Most notably the fact that you can alter your character for whatever playing style you prefer, the hacking abilities, the numerous logs and transcripts which help to flesh out the plot, and let’s not forget the staple of any cyberpunk orientated video game - the artificial intelligence, be it Helios or SHODAN. You know, during my writing of this, I had a rather intriguing thought in regards to Daedalus from Deus Ex. Do you think it’s possible for the Internet itself to become a form of artificial intelligence? In much the same way that Daedalus was?

May 7, 2008

Mr. No 1 said:

Did anyone play the PS2 version? I got it just yesterday, was after it for a while.

I was expecting something amazing after reading the review and comments, but the intro and the training put me off a little bit. Graphically is poor (almost PSX quality), and the training made me think of the game as something simple, not as deep as you describe it here.

I reckon that you can’t compare games for PS2 (especially the first ones) to PC games but, any chance that I will change my mind and find it fascinating?

CZ said:

Comparing Metal Gear Solid and Deus Ex on story isn’t really an appropriate response. Deus Ex had far more story depth and insight while Metal Gear Solid unfolded like a traditional thriller. I personally liked both games on their own merits, but MGS got annoying after awhile after each boss battle was followed by a long and winding scene about why that boss was so “bad.” This, I think, detracted from the overall feel of the game. MGS2, however, went REALLY cyberpunk with the introduction of the AIs and the Patriots. MGS4 looks epic and I don’t know about any of you, but I’m probably dropping $500 for the game/hardware bundle because it is just that awesome!

May 12, 2008

Mr. No 1 said:

Ok, so I have played the PS2 version for some days now and it’s not that bad after all. Graphically still ages away from the PC version, but the system is alrite.
Great music for the main titles btw =)

May 28, 2008

Synthoid said:

The PS2 version is a solid port, but it’s best to get it for the PC. More features.

May 31, 2008

fisk0 said:

fisk0 said:

June 2, 2008

Rage_Moiz said:

Awesome game. One of my favourites of all time. The sequel had too many technical issues though, that prevented it from becoming as good as its predecessor.
Deus Ex 3 is in development at Eidos, scheduled to be released sometime in 2009. A teaser trailer, along with a frame-by-frame analysis of the same, can be found here.

fisk0 said:

fisk0 said:

what the hell, why can’t I post?

fisk0 said:

I’m sorry for all those empty comments, it seems I made a too long comment that instead of being shortened (or having the browser tell me I wrote too much) just got erased.

OvergrownEgo said:

Split it. :)

fisk0 said:

Yeah, but since there is no mention of how many letters you are allowed to use in a comment (or even mention of that there is such an limit) I have no idea of where I should split it, to avoid even more blank comments if I accidently get too many letters in a part again. But, I don’t think my comment is needed any more, Rage_Moiz just posted the news item which was the most important part of the comment, the rest of it was just my personal ranting of why I think the PlayStation 2 port was really good.

September 19, 2008

GHOST said:


ok u can use a graphic patch for this old game called HDTP
plus you can use a mod called SHIFTER wich highly ehenced the gameplay.more mods at section deus ex.

have fun like i did after all these years and long live deus ex 3 :)

October 31, 2008

kabukiman said:

I usually just finish the games once. The old Neuromancer, Baldur’s gate, they were great games, but once finished, I play another. Deus ex is an exception. I have finished twice, and now I’m playing a third time (trying not to kill anyone). The story is amazing, lot’s of freedom, philosophycal issues, social consequences of technology, it’s a very deep game. It was the first game that it made me feel that I was killing other persons and not stoormtropers; in the Paris episode, I remember reading the diary from one of the enemy agents saying he was regreting to get involved in the M12, and Gunther was a truelly sad character (on the other hand, I was more than happy to kill Navarre).
I have try DE2IW, but I didn’t liked the interface. It’s not that it is a bad game, I have already played much worst games, it’s just that it can’t compare to DE1. And it was very cheap, just 10 euros, I regret to not have buy other copies. And if DE3 is as good as the first, I will probably have to buy a new computer.

February 23, 2009

wtf? said:

I have done the opposite. I have played Deus Ex before Baldur’s Gate. Though I love the Forgotten Realms setting. I am a huge fan of R.A. Salvatore novels.

March 4, 2009

anon said:

this is honestly the best game I have ever played. It has more personality than any game around nowadays. To me, a good game must have quality music, game play, and story. This game excells and goes beyond my expectations in all 3. Download it, buy it, steal it, do whatever it takes, but play this game now!

June 11, 2009

frumpter_dude said:

Unbelievable game….one thing i wonder about lately …..that grey death plauge which was neutralized temporarily by the “ambrosia” vaccine. anyone think it might be having any real world parallels? Or am i just letting my imagination run wild as there are so many news stories of the flu?

June 12, 2009

kabukiman said:

For now it’s impossible, but in 2050 it will be probably a reality… Anywhy, I heard they used the rumour that AIDS was created in a lab to inspire the grey death.

frumpter_dude said:

Only 41 years away!!! =) Rumours…yeah-the missing new york towers was very co-incidental, had me wondering if this is a case of art imitating real life or visa versa. Of course this leads one to ponder over the game ghost recon and the russian invading georgia thing in 2008…(however i think it may not be 100% accurate to the events in the GR game.)

Getting back to DX game,….user enhancements…. nano based telescopic vision, tactile epidermis enhancements , the depicted future is amazing and quite scary what wuld be possible!


Simply the best game I’ve ever played, and the most amazing cyberpunk universe I’ve seen.

June 15, 2009

Soulmaster said:

A little offtopic.
For all who possibly don’t know, Eidos are making Deus Ex 3

June 25, 2009

Stormtrooper of Death said:

Concerning Deus Ex 3 ? How is development going on, in the Eidos Team of developers for DX 3 ?

June 26, 2009

kabukiman said:

It should be ready in a year or two…

July 2, 2009

Stormtrooper of Death said:

cool, i am now playing Deus Ex 2, nice game.

Stormtrooper of Death said:

Did anyone play Fallout 3 ? is it any good ? Better as the original Deus Ex? or not ?

September 28, 2009

Velvet Cyberpunk said:

For anyone asking about Fallout 3, it is an amazing game. I am absolutely obsessed with it. Has it replaced Deus Ex as my favorite? No, but it is such a rich deep game with such beautiful graphics and it has an amazing and compelling story. Seriously if you like Deus Ex, you’ll like Fallout 3. Though Fallout 3 isn’t cyberpunk, it’s actually post-apocalyptic Atomicpunk.

Oh and Warren Spector is making a new game too, it’s a steampunk game for Disney. I’ve seen some of the concept art and it is gorgeous.

October 2, 2009

Skrýmir said:

Have you played the other 3 YES 3 Fallout games. Did you understand you were playing Oblivion twice? Fallout 3 was the biggest disappointment to me since Oblivion. I loved Deus Ex and i absolutely loathe fallout 3. Simply speaking Bethesda has sold out to the pretty graphics “open” worl crowd. And if yo think the world in Fallout 3 is open why not try wandering around for awhile. Fallout 3 had a pretty good story, but after that’s done, there’s nothing to do. THey fixed the difficulty curve from Oblivion, however. The VATS System is a complete failure at still trying to appease old fans from when the game was Turnbased, Turbbased FPS = Bad Idea.

November 10, 2009

BelgiumCyborg said:

“If you like Deus Ex, you’ll like Fallout 3″


I loved Deus-Ex and Fallout 1 & 2, but I HATE Fallout 3 : the story sucks, it’s too easy and it’s not a RPG.

November 16, 2009

m4teus said:

I just love this game!

One thing I personally found interesting, its that I played this game years ago, when I was really young and had no clue of whats really going on with the world, the ocidental image of “terrorist” and stuff… So the role I played through the game was like a police agent, killing all the terrorists and stuff..

I recently played it again, and really sympathized with the terrorist movement of the game, which made the story take a completely different role.

This just gives an insight of how deep this game’s story is!


November 23, 2009

shadow said:

DEx1 is for sure one of best games ever. Great story, beliveable characters, moral decisions, unexpected endings(?!)…. I havent play much DEx2 (demo only), but i cant say its good enough to compare it to its predecessor. As for fallout3:
As much as i LOVE fallout universe, i just cant get it straight with last one. Sure graphics looks great and setting is beliveable( ruined washington DC and wasteland), but it lack something that Fallout 1 and 2 had.

shadow said:

Be it greater story (which is to short in F3, if you went straight on it when you get out of vault), to many hostile ghouls (i’ve actually missed GECKO settlement), “unbeliveable” humans ( standing all day in front of doors and went inside at night isnt somehing revolutionary), missing of crysalis highwayman and all in all shortage of diferent cultures (whoever played Fallout or fallout 2 would surely notice that; san francissco Vs. arroyo or smth similar).
F3 is not so far away from “OBlivion-with-guns”. I guess I’ll have to go through Dex1 fifth time, just to re play great moments in game.

August 12, 2010

James said:

The third game, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, will be coming out next year. Read about it in Game Informer and I had the system to play it, I would. I plan on getting the PS2 version of Deus Ex soon, though. Check the links.

January 21, 2011

Count-Zero said:

Here is a nice page for one of the corporations apearing in Deus EX 3

February 3, 2011

kabukiman said:

Deus ex 3 was pospone to the midle of the year. I just hope not being disapointed.

February 5, 2011

ǝuıɥɔɐɯ said:

This game is awesome! I recommend it to everyone. It may be kinda old, but it’s well worth the download if you can find it. Hell pay for it and you won’t regret it.

March 18, 2011

Metamorpheus said:

Well, I’m pushing almost 60 years on this tiny little planet, so you can imagine how many PC games I’ve played. Until Deus Ex, my fav game of all time was Master Of Magic(seriously dated now, but still the perfect turn-based stategy ever). Morrowind pulled me in for a while, but that was before JC Denton entered my processor. I’ve played Deus Ex just about every way it can be played, and I’ve never been disappointed. Sure its a little dated, but who cares. A game that delivers like Deus Ex can never get old. Find it if you haven’t already. Play it again if you have. It doesn’t get better than this……..

December 20, 2011

JMM1233 said:

The Nameless Mod , should be considered a sequal , and an awesome one at that

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