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May 10, 2006

The Wall - Another Cyberpunk Game at E3

Following up with some E3 News on Shadowrun, I ran across a description from PC Zone of a game from Play Ten Interactive call the Wall:


A modern/cyberpunk FPS, The Wall places players in a futuristic world dominated by three powerful factions. A catastrophe occurred almost 300 years ago and the Earth as we know it today no longer exists. With more than 20 levels and 15 geographic locations, players begin the game as a member of a small resistance cell and must fight against the battling factions to ensure a needed peace.


I checked out the Play Ten Website, but this really didn’t shed any light on this. Does anyone know anything else about The Wall?

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January 31, 2007

Dom said:

wow, this game looks bad ass. it seems to take a deus ex approach to decision making. This is definetly a single player FPS. You get to choose your faction amongst religious people, government or environmentalists.
Damn, though. This game is going to get released so late it’ll be shipped in the same time setting that it’s played in! lol. why must they tease me.

September 21, 2009

tristow said:

I tried to find anything on this game outside this or the PC games site but I found nothing I don’t think this game even exists anymore.

tristow said:

Go ahead and disregard what I just said I spoke too prematurely.

October 2, 2009

Skrýmir said:

Release is stated for Q3 2009, it was Q1 2008 i just figured it got cancelled a long time ago, LOL I remember getting all excited about Shadowrun then seeing this and knowing shadowrun was going to be a complete failure, Like Mechassault. Yay Day 1 studios for helping FASA Die and killing off Mechwarrior and Shadowrun forever. Despite what you hear about Mechwarrior 5 don’t count on it, Harmony Gold(The Robotech losers) are taking legal action against Smith & Tinker(The New Battletech Losers) for using Wasp or Marauder in the new Trailer.

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