Tetsuo Page 2: VERY Intense Screencaps

NOTE TO THE WISE - Beware! This page is VERY graphic, and is NOT intended for minors!


Again…what you will see below is well past shocking.  This isn’t sexy and there is no nudity if that’s what you’re looking for. I show these to give you a sense of the level of no boundaries depicted in Tetsuo. Many, in fact most won’t be able to stomach actually watching this movie, but may still be interested in understanding visually what Japanese cyberpunk as a sub-sub-genre contains, these pictures are for you. But again, don’t look at these if you aren’t comfortable.


But again, don’t look at these if you aren’t comfortable. We all want to look when we see a car accident, but chances are, we really “don’t” want to see a decapitated body.


Anal Penetration: Here’s the follow-on to the anal penetration set-up shot on the previous page. It goes without saying that Tetsuo truly cannot be understood without watching it, but sex and violence, enhanced by technology, while engaging in a competitive mode by all concerned are pretty much staples throughout. BTW, I didn’t take screen caps of the follow-on entry shots…


Tetsuo The Iron Man screen capture


Tetsuo The Iron Man screen capture

She seems a little more happy with this turn of events than her boy toy is.


His “Tool”: Here’s a few of the many full body tool pictures. The symbol really doesn’t need much elaboration, does it? Talk about twisted, invasive technology at its ultimate! And yes, these two are as stark raving mad as they appear here.


Tetsuo The Iron Man screen capture


Tetsuo The Iron Man screen capture

His “tool” is a drill, spinning around at high speed. In trying to pursue her, his aim isn’t the best.


The “Scene”: Tetsuo has one of the most bizarre and violent sex scenes ever put on film (this is the idea, incidentally). This scene for the most part involves our anti-hero pursuing his “girlfriend” to engage in sex. At first she is pretty opposed for obvious reasons, but after stabbing him a bunch, she gets excited too. It doesn’t end very well for her though (again, for obvious reasons). Just to be clear, again, Japanese Cyberpunk to me really means eliminating all boundaries of humanity in this march towards technology invading all aspects of our daily life. This scene serves to portray this concept very well, and strongly highlights the themes hit over and over again - that technology augmented competition destroys us, our humanity and our social order (and our world, but this part isn’t shown here).


Tetsuo The Iron Man screen capture

She is less than thrilled with her former boy toy


Tetsuo The Iron Man screen capture

One of the few understandable responses in this movie…


Tetsuo The Iron Man screen capture

Unfortunately, this only makes him mad (not to mention, very bloody)


Tetsuo The Iron Man screen capture

He tries to initiate foreplay again…


Tetsuo The Iron Man screen capture


Tetsuo The Iron Man screen capture

Again, one of the many disturbing scenes


Tetsuo The Iron Man screen capture

She responds by getting a big kitchen knife and stabbing him repeatedly in the crotch while twisting the knife.


sTetsuo The Iron Man creen capture


Tetsuo The Iron Man screen capture

One wonders how many takes it took for Tsukamoto to get this shot, as clearly, this was what he was after. The symbolism is just freaky! Say what you want about the scene, but this is great camera work!


Tetsuo The Iron Man screen capture

Now this scene gets even weirder (yes, this is really possible).  For some reason she finds stabbing him continually to be very erotic. This was JUST the foreplay she needed.


Tetsuo The Iron Man screen capture

They get hot and heavy while she stabs and twists and he enters.


Tetsuo The Iron Man screen capture

Only after the moment does she remember the issues with his tool (the sheet quickly fills with blood after this) This is followed by the grossest scene - his “tool” spinning while vagina bits fly off in all directions…and um, no screencaps of that either…


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February 14, 2007

daveg said:

…………what the fuck is this?

SFAM said:

This, my friend, is Extreme Japanese Cyberpunk. There really is a purpose to it, as the first page of the review states. But yeah, part of the point is to exceed the bounds of humanity.

Com Wedge said:

This is like the best film of all time hahahahahaha!


Com Wedge said:

Hahaha. Vagina bits hehehe.

June 10, 2007

mamc2501 said:

shitt thats awesome

July 11, 2007


this is by far one of the best movies ever you think this is sick try psychodrumma
i love these movie’s gotta have an open mind and most the time be atleast over the age of 25 to enjoy im an old fart and from austin.tx so nothing suprises me plus i watched this movie at the dobie mall(cinema) great great
also try naked lunch
and meet the feebles

prop’s my friend

February 23, 2008

Rodolfo said:

I don’t know even if this has been released in Argentina (my country), but i do know, that i want to see this kind of movies… Can you help about? (Some download links, or… you know…)

Seems like a great but bizarre movie… And i wanna watch it :P

See ya!

Innocent Bystander said:

Site downloads?

well, you can watch movies streamed at:

March 12, 2008

Allegra said:

I love this movie!

August 30, 2008

Octubre said:

well thats a turn on O.o

xD just kidding i still wanna see this movie

November 3, 2008

saturnman said:

This shit was the first movie in a long time that kept me quiet for a good 30 minutes. Until about the sex/death scene in which my girlfriend said that it should be used for abstinence teachings. haha

kabukiman said:

Only saw Tetsuo II. It was… disturbing.

November 12, 2008

Dave 101 said:

Is this only Cyberpunk?????
………I’ll never forget the drill!!!!!

March 21, 2009

tetsuo santa barbara said:

what the fuck was that?!?!?!

March 25, 2009

Anonymous said:

According to a book I read, the Statue “Rock Drill” by Jacob Epstein had a sort of “Driller Penis”, like Tetsuo. Could it be possible that Shinja Tsukamoto was influenced by this statue?

March 11, 2010

Datahex penis drill said:

Loved it…wild as fuck!

[…] quite the deadly machine. There’s also a really nasty scene (VERY graphic screencaps available here) where his penis turns into a drill, which, uh, kills his wife during one last, frantic act of […]

June 23, 2010

KNO. said:

damn this looks sick! defintly watching this

February 16, 2011

Veracious said:

I like cyberpunk, but we reserve the right to judge these phenomena of ultraviolence that helped make high-tech, but actually seeing it, we become accomplices, because watching violence we become tolerant to her. Of course this kind of movies do not help society, and consciousness, do not let self-deception, because watching violence make one immune to violence, as you have the opportunity to commit violence, you will do it…

(sorry for the pecime english)

great post and very informative article .It will really help e to increase my knowledge regarding this area .I am really inspired by the dedication you have put to make this article purposeful and useful for the audience. You deserve a standing ovation. Just keep it up man .

April 20, 2012

Darrell Purswell said:

fantastic entry, i really appreciated reading through this. i will ahead it to my facebook wall proper absent

May 7, 2012

Shaunda Eades said:

Major thankies for that article.

May 22, 2012

simon the magus said:

best camera work ever and best soundtrack ever!!!!!!! a true work of genius!!!!!!!!!!!! my jawbone stood hanging like a swing all the time!!!!!!!! and chu ishikawa’s industrial despair and madness really makes this movie the best freakin trip ever!!!!!!! skull still hurtsss

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