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January 9, 2009

io9’s 2K9 Movie Preview - Some may be reviewed here!

Source: io9

Sci-Fi site io9 has posted its list of movies for 2009 to watch… or avoid; Some 30 such movies expected over the next twelve months. While some are predictable blockbusters (J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek, a live-action Dragonball, and the Wolverine movie), there’s a few we’ll be keeping an eye-cam out for and possibly reviewing so you can go watch… or avoid… as necessary.

Here’s what’s coming up, chronologically:

Terminator: Salvation (May 22). The latest of the series (this time sans-Schwarzenegger) looks and sounds like a big rebound from the T3 fiasco.

Terminator Salvation - Harvester

At least the Harvester is impressive.


Game (Sept. 4). Imagine playing your favorite FPS or shoot-em-up using REAL people and REAL weapons. For some convicts with controller chips in their heads, it becomes all-too REAL. Early reviews say it REALLY sucks, but we’ll give you our view of it… for REAL.


9 (Sept. 9). The machines have succeeded in exterminating humanity. Now, only one stands in the way of total mechanized domination… a RAG DOLL???!!!???

Believe it or don’t, this Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov production may have something to show John Conner in terms of fighting against killer robots.

This 11-minute short by Shane Acker should give you a little hint of what to expect from the full movie.


The Surrogates (Sept. 25). In a world where “going out” means firing up your robot (a “surrogate”) and maneuvering it through reality like playing an FPS, Bruce Willis finally snaps from cabin fever and exclaims:

Bruce Willis in “The Surrogates”


And he does just that… he goes outside… physically outside! It is based on a little-known graphic novel (I’ve got to look for it!), and has some real potential for reviews here.


Astro Boy (Oct. 23). Another classic anime get the Hollywood makeover, and a Pinocchio-esque storyline to boot. Might be worth a laugh… and a brief review… maybe.


But wait… There’s more! Not only will these movies be reviewed… maybe… but there are some from the past year, and earlier years, I and my fellow reviewers will try to review for you. I have 6 DVDs planned for viewing and reviewing, so we’ll be busy getting the best of cyberpunk cinema to you this year.

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January 9, 2009

Mr No 1 said:

Dragonball? A blockbuster? I hope not… it looks awful…
I personally found T3 entertaining so I’m looking forward to Salvation (plus Bale alone makes it worth a watch).
I’ve always wanted more battletech type films, is that Willis’ film similar?

FreakyJP said:

@ Mr No 1: he said Dragonball is a blockbuster, not a potential good movie. A blockbuster is a movie that is expected to do good at the box-office and this is true for Dragonball, since it’s based on a popular anime franchise.

Klaw said:

No Avatar listed?

Mr No 1 said:

o.O Erm, I know what a blockbuster is, that’s why I hope it’s not: I don’t expect it to do good at the box-office =)
But yeah, I’ve always been a crazy ideologist…

Techiecl said:

I had the good fortune to meet the writer of Surrogates as an Atlanta, GA native. The graphic novel isn’t hard to track down:

January 13, 2009

Diligent Ape said:

What about Sleep Dealer? Personally I’m looking forward to that. I know that it won’t be a blockbuster, but it sure does look like it has some potential.

According to io9, Sleep Dealer will be out in the U.S. in March ‘o9.

Link to io9 article:

January 15, 2009

Illusive Mind said:

Awesome article. I for one am holding my breath and praying a silent prayer for T4.

While the Terminator is a brand I grew up with and loved as an adolescent, I fear that its intellectual depth does not match cyberpunk classics such as Neuromancer, or for that matter, Star Wars.

I can confidently say that Manmachine has the depth, neurons, and hormones that cyberpunk needs. Read it at
If you disagree, send me hate mail.

January 17, 2009

Burnt_lombard said:

Surrogates sounds very similar to the plot description of James Cameron’s Avatar.

February 3, 2009

Mister EEDgAr H said:

Wow! You guys totally failed to see Repo coming! You have the sux!

Hollywood + Japanese anime = fail

Mr No 1

Terminator: Salvation is not a sequel to T3! Thank god! That shit was terrible! It’s a sequel to the last Terminator movie which was T2.

February 21, 2009

LKani said:

Oh! OMG, There’s going to be a movie made of Surrogates?! Holy crap, I LOVE that comic! That’s the gist of it, but the plot sounds different. . . In the comic, it was just that surrogates were robots created to allow disabled people to live normal lives, but then everyone started using them. . .

also, they connected to your neural network so it wasn’t like an FPS game, it was just like being there but without any risk but financial, you know? And in the comic, the conflict was that there was a religious group against the use of the surrogates, and someone was going out and destroying people’s surrogates so the police had to go in and investigate. . .

Right, but I digress.

Anyways, I’ve read it several times. There are a couple of copies in my school’s library. It’s a great comic, all of you should read it.

Anyways, . . .

Dragonball? The movie?! Is this. . . Is this a joke? XD Because that’s ridiculous.

Dragonball is the most redundant and boring anime, why would you make it into a movie?! I mean come on, there was an episode where a good guy and a bad guy were at a stalemate blasting each other for a WHOLE EPISODE, so the other guys stood around and had a discussion. I can’t make this up. .__.

Well, besides that, that “9″ flick seems cool. I like the dog-skeleton machine things.

June 16, 2012

AlexFate said:

I enjoyed making this… An alternative look at the film ‘Surrogates’.
Enjoy. Alex.

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