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March 26, 2006

Upcoming Movie - Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex!



Anime News Network is reporting that the next installment in the Production IG’s GITS: SAC world will be a movie entitled, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Solid State Society:

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Solid State Society, a full length movie based on Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex is currently planned for completion in the summer of 2006.

The production announcement does not specifically state release format, or date. The movie is being produced in Hi-Vision, a format used by Japanese broadcast networks to support wide-screen televisions. The same production team, including main staff, will be carried over from the TV series. The budget, while not specified, is said to be higher in order to achieve a cinematic level of production.

The 100-minute (tentative running time) movie takes place in 2034, two years after the refugee riot incident. A significantly larger Section 9, with over 20 new officers, investigates terrorist actions related to a wizard-like hacker “Kugutsu Mawashi.”

(Kugutsu Mawashi translated into English is roughly “Puppet Master.” Kugutsu Mawashi is not the same as the “Puppet Master” from the first Ghost in the Shell Movie. In Japanese, the “Puppet Master” from the first movie was called “Ningyo Tsukai” which can also translated into “Puppet Master.”)

The production committee will comprise Production I.G., along with Bandai Visual, Bandai Entertainment, Dentsu Corporation, Nihon TV Broadcasting (NTV), Manga Entertainment, Tokuma Publishing, and Victor Entertainment.

GITS SAC is definitely one of the best animes out right now (review forthcoming), with the second season being better than the first (should I review the two seasons separately?). The transition of GITS: SAC to a movie format will be interesting.

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March 26, 2006

curt said:

I just had the pleasure of watching the first series, and loved it! The rental place did not have the second, but I’ve begun to make a point of catching episodes on Adult Swim. I’d prefer to see each reviewed separately. In any case, I’m glad the snowball finally got rolling on GitS–I’ll happily devour as much as they want to put out!

SFAM said:

Hi Curt, yeah, this seems to be the sentiment. But as long as GITS: SAC stays at a high quality level, I’m pretty happy about them continuing to pump out more. I don’t like it as much as Oshii’s stuff, but then again, there’s little I do like as much as Oshii’s stuff. GITS: SAC is definitely high quality cyberpunk.

ETM said:

GITS SAC is worth your time, if only for the music… can’t go wrong with Yoko Kanno. I wonder if they’ll get her for the feature?

SFAM said:

I like the theme from the first season better than the second. Does Yoko Kanno do both, or just the first season?

March 27, 2006

ETM said:

There are three soundtrack CDs, and she does it all. The third one might just be the best. I suggest you check them out. If there’s cyberpunk music out there - that would be it.

November 15, 2006

Tucker said:

I cannot wait for the next movie. I have both movies and both seasons on dvd. just one of the best shows ever!

December 28, 2006

lifesuncertainty said:

Thought I would let you all know that the new film is on sale on ebay! Just ordered a copy ^_^

Cannot wait to watch it!!

March 17, 2007

Qirien said:

If you see it for sale on eBay, it’s a bootleg. Watch the fansub now if you want, but wait to buy the legitimate release, please!

May 13, 2007

King Kong said:

I find that the plot in SAC is better the movie’s plot.

July 23, 2007

kiki said:

hey nice pix………can you give mea information on sac state for my project……..i need alot of information but it doesnt really tell me on the web site on sac state………

April 14, 2008

Anonymous said:


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