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July 8, 2006

A Scanner Darkly Review - Not From Me…

Scanner Darkly screen capture


As much as I’d like to Review A Scanner Darkly today, I’m afraid my area (the Washington, D.C. area) did not make the cinematic cut - again. Apparently the DC area is a cinematic wasteland that is destined to get limited releases later in the cycle. If you happen to be from one of the cinematically blessed cities - Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Austin, perhaps you wouldn’t mind posting your thoughts here on Scanner Darkly until us poor unfortunate souls are finally able to see it. Depending on how they slice things, I still have a week or two to wait on this movie. It better be worth the wait…


Considering I’ve already been screwed on Renaissance for quite some time, lets hope I get better luck with Gene Generation (Renaissance was released in March - who knows if the September 22 release date is for everyone or only the chosen few locations).

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July 8, 2006

Mr. Roboto said:

I wanted to see ASD as well, but it looks like the Baltimore-DC sprawl zone will have to wait at least another week… if it doesn’t wind up going on the direct-to-home route first.

It sounds like such a head trip, and the rotoscope animation effects…

I just hope I can hold out for it. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a good CP film in theaters.

ETM said:

SFAM, I heard that ASD will be going into wide release in a later date, I’m just not sure when. Don’t give up just yet.

ETM said:

I just checked… it looks like it’s going into wider release on the 14th.

SFAM said:

Hi ETM, right, but not all the cities are next week. This is why I make the comment above that depending on how they do the release I still have a week OR two to wait. DC is scheduled for next week, but parts of Northern Virginia are scheduled for a week after that. We’ll see early next week when the theaters post their schedules.

ETM said:

That is cool. Just as long as you get it eventually. I have missed so many good films because of my local theatre and the audience’s crappiness.

July 9, 2006

Aram said:

You’re in the DC area? I was just there in May!

And damn shame it’s not coming there. :(

SFAM said:

Hi Aram, it will come here, I’m just bugged that its going to take longer than I want. And if you come back to the DC area, look me up. :)

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