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February 28, 2006

Ultraviolet Isn’t Offering Pre-screenings




Ultraviolet, starring Mila Jovovich, isn’t offering press showings to critics - this is never a good sign, as this usually indicates that the Studio expects bad ratings, and at least wants to capitalize on the opening weekend. Aeon Flux took this approach as well. Here’s my problem with that strategy - when the studio does this, they are pretty much DEMANDING that the critics give them bad reviews. Every critic is now UNDER PRESSURE to say the movie sucks.




In any event, I’m still excited about Ultraviolet, and will remain hopefully till my review shows up on the third. I mean how bad could a cyberpunk-vamp flick be (he says innocently)?? I mean at some level this has to be like the wine joke, right? It can only get so bad, and even then, it should still be fun! :)

BTW, Yahoo has some pretty nice trailers and slideshows for Ultraviolet.

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March 1, 2006

DoomAng3l said:

And there I was getting my hopes up… Let us hope they are wrong ….
But on the flip side of the coin, at least it isn’t some movie studios butchery of the ever classic Snow Crash!

SFAM said:

Oh gosh, if I could pick ONE book to be made into a movie, Snow Crash would win hands down. But boy that would suck if they butchered it! :(

DoomAng3l said:

Like they would not butcher it SFAM… you know that they will **** it up completely…. And I guarentee you that the only involvment NS will have with it, will be his name plastered on the posters and the credits of the film…

Besides, who the heck will they get to play Hiro ?

SFAM said:

Common - it’s possible that someone like Ridley Scott or James Cameron will do it. Cameron is doing Battle Angel Alita, after all. I’m bettin money that it rawks! And he’s, um, having a CG character play Alita.

As for who would play Hiro - he’s kind of Cablinasian, right? Hmmm…I wonder if Hiro plays golf? :D

DoomAng3l said:

HA! Tiger Woods plays Hiro, and trades in his Katana for a nine -iron.
No not quite…

But seriously, I really doubt the movie could be done in a two hour block. There is way too much to explain… it will leave no time for the action sequences ;)

DoomAng3l said:

To clarify, I am not saying they can’t, nor that they won’t … just that it will SUCK!

Anyway, this is off topic … sorry

SFAM said:

I dunno, I think a lot can be done with visuals that could aid with the story. And the setting could be introduced right at the beginning. I think its possible that they could do it well, but yeah, I certainly agree there’s a possibility of snow crash getting hosed - that would really suck. Then again, I was worried about the same thing with Lord of the Rings - here they got some shlock horror director to do these - how could they possibly turn out well! :)

DoomAng3l said:

Well, even if it sux, I am going to watch it … Mila is the only visual effect I need ;)

Desirina said:

What utterly intrigues me about Milla in this movie are the glasses. In some frames they look hott, in other frames they look totally nerdy. The charlie’s angel/geek the girl combo is enough to make the movie totally worth viewing on its own, in my opinon.

SFAM said:

Hi Desirina - that’s a pretty cool observation! I hadn’t really noticed it, but now that you mention it - yeah - they definitely change her appearance dramatically!

March 24, 2006

James said:

Well half of the time the critics are wrong. I held off on some movies cause the critics didn’t care for them I rented them and I liked them So you can’t beleive what critics say cause they don’t have to pay to see a movie.

SFAM said:

Well, there are clearly some problems with the story here. The worst part is it seems like the first part of the movie was removed and replaced with a synopsis. If I had to guess, the studio wanted to get into the action earlier. I’m guessing we see an extended edition.

July 4, 2007

Noey said:

To whom it may concern…
I have been on the hunt for a pair of glasses like those that Milla Jovovich was wearing at the beginning of Ultraviolet. Does anyone out there know who makes those? If you do, please let me know. You can reply to me at:


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