May 30, 2007

Induction Into Power - Cyberpunk

Review By: Mr. Roboto

Published by: Conspiracy Central / Conspiracy Reasearch

Publish Date: July 6, 2006

Format: BitTorrent

Download Size: 4.03 GB

Download From: Mininova, Meganova,, MyBittorrent


  • Readables:
    Ben Mack - Poker Without Cards.pdf 1.79MB
    Eban Moglen - Freeing the Mind [Article].pdf 113KB
    Google - Hacks O’Reilly eBook.pdf 292KB
    Hackers - Heroes of the Revelation.txt 0.89MB
    Handbook for Bloggers and Cyber-Dissidents.pdf 1.72MB
    In the Beginning was the Command Line.htm 223KB
    Internet Archive - BBS Documentary.mht 771KB
    Philip K Dick - Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.txt 358KB
    Rupert Sheldrake - The Morphogenetic Field.mht 0.75MB
    Zen and the Art of Hacking.txt 0.24MB
  • Audiobooks:
    Lawrence Lessig’s “Free Culture” - 6 Hours, MP3, Mono, 16Kbps@11khz
    Neal Stephenson’s “Snow Crash” - 12 Hours, MP3, Mono, 24Kbps@22khz
    Orson Scott Card’s “Ender Series” - 18 Hours, MP3, Mono, 24Kbps@22khz
    Philip K Dick’s “A Scanner Darkly” - 10 Hours, MP3 Mono, 24Kbps@22Khz
    William Gibson’s “Neuromancer” - 8 Hours, MP3 Mono, 16Kbps@11Khz
  • Other Audio:
    A Great World Mind - Joseph Matheny.mp3 21.4MB
    Billy Idol - Cyberpunk - Interlude.mp3 1.5MB
    Lawrence Lessig - Code is Speech.mp3 14.4MB
    Microsoft Calls Hacker of XBOX (2002).mp3 139KB
    Napster 9th Circle Oral Argument.mp3 11.9MB
    Quantum Hologram - Gregg Braden on Laura Lee.mp3 6.85MB
  • Video Clips:
    The Cyberpunk Educator - Gnostic Films.avi 666MB
    Holo Moto - Transformer - Advert.mpeg 3.56MB
    Bit Torrent - Piracy Is Good - Mark 213MB
    CBC The Desk Broadband In South Korea.avi 25.5MB
    Cracking, Modding and Kevin Mitnick - The Broken.avi 156MB
    Don’t Copy That Floppy - Propaganda 1992.wmv 16.9MB
    Eben Moglen - Law and Technology.rm 193MB
    Electronic Piracy Debate 1985.mp4 75.3MB
    Google on 60 Minutes - Jan 2 2005.avi 60.1MB
    HACKERS - New World Order Reference.avi 32.3MB
    Hackers - NYC Hackers DeCSS Documentary.avi 208MB
    History of Hacking - The Revolution.avi 250MB
    Orwelian Apple Commercial - 13.4MB
    Philip K Dick - A Day in the Afterlife - BBC.avi 512MB
    Philip K Dick - The Gospel According to Philip K Dick.avi 545MB
    The Super Mario Bross3 Time Attack Video.wmv 18.2MB
    xMas Special - Consolevania.mpg 496MB

  • Whistler discovers Janek‚Äôs secret
    Overview: (from the Conspiracy Research site)

    What is truth? This question has become the primary quest of Cyberpunks as they journey through the darkest part of the technological underworld, the outer most fringes of the law, and the desolate wastelands of the Real, gathering what they see and know to create their own self-mythology so that they might understand what is its happening to them and all of humanity.

    It is a quest for knowledge, and the subsequent redistribution of that knowledge will include the entirely of all human history, culture and religion. When it is known, when we KNOW ourselves, then that which was separated and opposed will become connected, and the demonic world of technology and the pastoral world of nature will be as one.


    Cyberpunk films, music and art are a completely unique art form which
    has emerged from twentieth century history, a counter-culture movement
    which has always prophesied the Internet revolution and the subsequent
    redistribution of knowledge. Some call it some call the gnostic revelation
    at the end of time, and say that cyberpunk culture and mythology is at
    the forefront of that revelation.

    This is a compilation where fragments of the history of that revelation,
    as well as the authoritarian forces which oppose it. Its subjects include
    copyright law and P2P history, bit torrent and the end of Prime-time, the
    BBS and the history of hacking, information networks and the morphogenetic
    field, holographic reality and the world mind, Internet publishing and cyber-
    dissidence, video games, cyberpunk fiction, films and western mythology.


    Sounds like a pretty lofty goal Conspiracy Central set for themselves for the creation of this compilation. They’ve certainly managed to gather enough material for one to peruse… and, hopefully, learn from. Conspiracy Research have several DVD-sized compilations that, put together, are known as “The Induction Series.” The series has two “branches,” power and authority. The Cyberpunk DVD is part of the “Power” branch. This disk, and the whole series, are meant to be “a self-induced initiation into self-knowledge and power. The Revelation will not be televised.”

    The Cyberpunk DVD’s contents has some of the most basic and mandatory materials (Neuromancer, Snow Crash), even if in somewhat different forms. Some items definitely has a place in this collection (The Cyberpunk Educator, the files about hackers). One file, the “Mythology” file, seems to be empty. Either the Conspiracy people couldn’t find enough to put into a file, or the file was left intentionally empty so one can input his/her own cyberpunk mythos. I’d have to say that the file is meant for one’s own input.

    With what is offered, could there be room for additional, relevant material? There is, short of ripping the entire Matrix trilogy (Conspiracy Research didn’t want to do DVD rips). Having the Neuromancer audiobook is good, but having it as an e-book would be better. I would have included other books like Bruce Sterling’s The Hacker Crackdown, Secrets of A Superhacker (a sort-of how-to book for newbie hackers, or IT people who want to stop them), and Cyberpunk Handbook: The Real Cyberpunk Fakebook to the mix. There’s some articles from Cyberpunk Review that could have been included like What Is Cyberpunk? and The Man-Machine Interface Perspective of the Matrix Trilogy. Additionally, some examples of cyberpunk art and music would go far with this collection.

    Then again, the Gnostic Cyberpunk DVD isn’t meant to be a comprehensive course in cyberpunk media and legend; Only a glimpse into our mirrorshaded world to whet a person’s appetite for virtual destruction, and hopefully, trigger their curiosity to make them search for the answer for themselves.

    The Story Isn’t Over. That’s according to Chris Carota, the conspirator behind Conspiracy Central, who described his site this way:

    Back in late 2003 / early 2004. I saw conspiracy central as the ultimate cyberpunk creation, a “channel” which acknowledged the black iron prison.

    In his blog, he explains how his own site scared him, and how, from that fear and watching The Cyberpunk Educator, he found the courage to face the dark world and to share what he learned from his experience. He doesn’t know what he’ll be like after his quest, because like he said, “the story isn’t over.” And with current technology so close to the future tech from Neuromancer, cyberpunk’s story isn’t over either, it just started writing a new chapter about its invasion of reality.

    Conclusion: If you’ve been following cyberpunk since the eighties, you may feel that this DVD may not be for you, but there may be something thing here that veterans have not considered before. Newbies may benefit more from this collection, especially if it leads them to do more research. There’s plenty to check out, but definitely room for expansion, probably once next-generation rewritable DVDs are affordable enough for people to do such expansions. Definitely something to check out while not surfing Cyberpunk Review.

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    May 12, 2007

    Dollface - Vanity in the Post-human Age

    Created by USC Fine Arts and Animation student, Andy Huang (see interview here), Dollface gives us an interesting addition to the “face represents the soul” type robot-yearing-for-humanity situation. Great animation, interesting build-up. The ending is pretty telegraphed, but what do you expect for this type of story.

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