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Wordpress: This site was made with the open source WordPress Blogging software. I have a number of plugins I’ve used to do the functionality here. I am not a coder by trade, so if the functionality here sucks, don’t blame these plugins! I wouldn’t have much of anything without them, so I do appreciate it. Here’s what I’m using:


Semiologic CMS: Denis de Bernardy has created a terrific plugin that allows WordPress to work like a Content Management System. Check out the Semiologic Plugin if interested. He has all sorts of add-on plugins for this that allow you to customize it many ways. Also, I believe he even has a more powerful version of this that you can buy.


Structured Blogging: There is a group of dedicated folk working on structured blogging formats. This allows for many different kinds of “microcontent” to be structured in such a way that its templated for easier posting, and more sharable. I use the hReview format for my movie reviews. I believe the folks at Broadband Mechanics actually made the wordpress plugin.


List Posts in Category: Chris McCafferty created a plugin called PostsInCategory that allows me develop my navigational pages without using a “php-exec” type plugin. I use this to make my navigation pages such as my cyberpunk movies by decade page. I hear there are better ways of doing this, but again, not being a coder, I pretty much tweak and noodle till things start working.


Akismet: With my recent upgrade to Wordpress 2.01, I’ve started using Akismet to stop spam comments. Hopefully this will work.


July 10, 2006

Isulong Seoph said:

WordPress is very flexible indeed with a lot of plugins to meet your needs..

November 14, 2006

Krush said:

Hey, where is the contact page.. just wanna ask you a few questions about this site!

November 21, 2006

slider said:

Semiologic CMS - indoubtedly good set of plug-ins, but are available both other not less good plug-ins and themes. I on the site use _www.jide.fr/

December 12, 2006

Ethan said:

What I want to do on my blog, is every few hours take the oldest post and move it to the
front of the queue, all automatically. Anyone know if there is a plugin that can do this or
a simple way to set up another plugin to do this (use my own feed perhaps)?

December 1, 2007

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April 29, 2008

Alex Slater said:

PostsInCategory realy the good and useful plugin.

February 17, 2012

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Sidney Sherman said:

I think your web site is awesome. I am a filmmaker and just produced a cyberpunk thriller entitled REBOOT that I’d love to discuss with you as a possible feature on your site. We are running a cool ARG campaign as well using primarily Twitter and have people playing our game all over the world. Please go to our site and check it out: www.rebootfilm.com.

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