Awesome Cyberpunk Themes Adherence

The movies below all have what I consider to be the movies with the best, most well executed adherence to what I call cyberpunk themes on the “What is cyberpunk?” page. The vast majority of the movies in this list score very well in the quality (star) rating, and more importantly, they make you think. Some movies may score high on the visuals, but truly, don’t have the thought behind them to provoke interesting thoughts and discussions. While all the movies with a “very high” score on the themes rating are included, I did not include all movies in the “high” category. Why? I’m afraid this was a subjective judgment on my part. If you disagree on the inclusion or omission of a movie, write a comment on this page - I may change my mind based on your thoughts.


Also, realize I don’t have all cyberpunk movies uploaded. So if you don’t see it on the site yet, it may be because I haven’t reviewed it…yet. Also, in this list, I don’t distinguish between movies and animes (which are very influential in cyberpunk) - you will see both listed.


Movies with Awesome Cyberpunk Themes Adherence



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