Cyberpunk Review » The Terminator

March 2, 2006

The Terminator

Year: 1984

Directed by: James Cameron

Written by: James Cameron, Gale Anne Hurd

IMDB Reference

Degree of Cyberpunk Visuals: High

Correlation to Cyberpunk Themes: Very High

Key Cast Members:

  • The Terminator: Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Kyle Reese: Michael Biehn
  • Sarah Connor: Linda Hamilton
  • Rating: 10 out of 10


    “The Terminator’s an infliltration unit…part man - part machine. Underneath it’s a hyper-alloy combat chassey…microprocessor controled…fully armored - Very tough. But outside its living human tissue…flesh…skin…hair…blood - grown for the cyborgs.”


    Overview: No movie has been more imitated in cyberpunk than the Terminator. While most of the imitations have been grade “B” shlock films, they attest to the intense effect that the Terminator had on our consciousness. This film is legendary, and easily ranks in the top 5 or 6 most influential cyberpunk films ever created (Blade Runner, Metropolis, Ghost in the Shell, and The Matrix being the other four, and Alien if you consider that cyberpunk). Terminator is a film with terrific replay value – so much so that I’m guessing all of you have seen it enough times that I don’t need to bore you with a plot overview. With a 6.4 million dollar production budget, this is far from a big-budget blockbuster. The reason it’s stood the test of time, and in fact comes across as a block buster, comes down to incredible execution by beginning film maker James Cameron and cast.



    “I’m here to help you…I’m Reece - Sargeant Tech Com BN38416 - assigned to protect you…You’ve been targeted for termination.”


    The Acting: From Schwarzenegger’s eery style of acting, to Linda Hamilton’s growth on screen from a shy teen to tough mother of mankind, to Michael Biehn’s tour-de-force performance from beginning to end, the leads flat out carry this movie. That said, the background characters are all terrific, including Bill Paxton at the beginning (“Fuck you, asshole!”), to Paul Winfield (Lieutenant Traxlet), Lance Henriksen (Detective Vukovich) and psychologist, Earl Boen. There are too many memorable scenes to relate here, but the real strength of the acting in this case comes more in expressions and setting mood than it does in delivering the lines, although Beihn’s narrative in particular is riviting.



    The 600 series had rubber skin. We spotted them easy. But these are new…they look human. Sweat…bad breath…everything…very hard to spot.


    Reece’s character does straight exposition to explain the story, which is usually a lousy delivery method. However, the mix of action and exposition just works. The dialogue was terrific, and Reece delivered it in the context of a high-tension chase. During this, Hamilton’s character literally transforms from a vulnerable, girl-next-door to a hard-edged, do-what’s-necessary, take charge kind of gritty leader. Their chemistry is terrific. They have a shy tension, that eventually turns into an intense, believable love affair. It’s kind of amazing that the studio originally wanted Arnold Schwarzenegger to play Reece. Schwarzenegger as the Terminator provides us one of the all time characters in all of scifi. He is the ultimate warrior android, and has been imitated far too many times to count.



    “There was a nuclear war…about a few years from now…all this….this whole place…its gone…just gone… the survivors…here…there…nobody knew how it started…it was the machines, Sarah.”


    The Pacing: The Terminator’s pacing is probably the most copied aspect of this film. The Terminator, from the very first scene to the very last is a chase movie. The tension goes from high to massively high to short breathers, back to massively high tension. You literally feel tired after watching this. While this doesn’t seem unusual now, back in the early 80s, The Terminator took the hectic fast pacing of Raiders of the Lost Ark and adapted it to a full scale chase flick. The real magic here was Cameron’s ability to embed a fascinating story into the chase, while changing the bad guy from human to robot to basically add a completely new feeling to the chase.



    “You still don’t get it, do you…He’ll find her. That’s what he does! That’s ALL he does! You can’t stop him. He’s wade through you, reach down her throat and pull her fucking heart out!”


    The FX: For the budget, Terminator’s FX far exceeded anything that should have been possible. The Endoskeleton, made up of miniatures, models and stop-motion animation, is now part of movie lore. The car chase scenes still look terrific, as do the explosions. The near-future dystopic scenes are completely riveting, especially the flying HKs! However, a few of the model shots of Arnold do look slightly dated now (most noticeably when Arnold takes out his eye).



    “In the few hours we had together, we loved a lifetime’s worth.”


    The Score: Brad Fiedel’s percussive, driving beat that creates an industrial masterpiece that absolutely nails the feeling of The Terminator. You can still here the “dun-dun dun dun-dun” beat and IMMEDIATELY get teleported back to that sense ominous doom of the future that the Terminator portends.



    “That was a good hussle, kid.”


    Time Travel: The Terminator provides us one of the best time travel movies in cinema. It’s intelligently done in a coherent way that really sets the picture moving. But the real majesty is in the photograph (see above). I LOVE the picture and everything it represents. There, in that one image, we get the entire love affair of Sarah and Reece, John’s struggle relating to someone he knows to be his father (but who cannot know in return), Sarah’s future journey, and a wonderful mind fuck to boot! The placement of the time travel elements at the beginning and ending of the story really do add impact to its meaning.



    “You stay down by day, but at night you can move around. You still have to be careful because the HK’s use infrared…they’re not to bright…John taught us ways to dust them…”


    Guerilla Filmaking: In watching the most awesome extras on special edition DVD, it’s clear that the Terminator was way over-ambitious (thank God!). In post-production, it was clear to Cameron that a number of additional unfunded scenes were needed in order to make a complete picture. Cameron used his weekly director’s pay to pay skeleton crews to go out and do additional shots – often which used incredibly low-end effects. For instance, the body bag used at the end was actually Cameron’s suit bag. The scene at the beginning where Arnold breaks into the station wagon was filmed with just him and Cameron, worrying about the police seeing them as Arnold breaks the car window (Arnold’s clothes for the scene were in his trunk – he had to change in the car!). More incredibly, the last shot of the Terminator, where the red eye slowly fades, was shot later – the smoke you see there was someone breathing cigarette smoke on the eye! In short, everyone gave blood, sweat and tears to make sure this film looked as good as it did.



    “That terminator is out there…it can’t be bargained with…it can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse…or fear. And it absolutely will not stop - EVER - until you are dead!”


    The Bottom Line: The mood, energy and intensity of The Terminator oozes from every pore of the first shot to the last. If you are one of the very few who has not experienced this movie, you’re in for a treat! If you’ve seen it before (many times even), chances are you’ll be seeing it again. The Terminator definitely deserves a place of honor in the pantheon of cyberpunk flicks. One problem this film does give from a categorization perspective - they call the Terminator a cyborg, but he is really an android (even Cameron calls him this on the extras). The definition of a cyborg implies an augmented human, not an android covered with human tissue. I give it 9 stars as a movie, but add an additional star for its overall impact on film making.


    Terminator Page 2: More Screencaps–>>


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    March 2, 2006

    Neuromancer said:

    Nothing to add.
    Hail to the king!

    David Gentle said:

    Isn’t it “Stop motion” animation rather than “stop gap”?

    March 3, 2006

    SFAM said:

    Hi David, thanks for the catch. At 2:00 in the morning, stop-gap animation sounded perfect. :)

    August 6, 2006

    DannyV_El_Acme said:

    I still think that there is no more menacing baddie in the history of cinema than the Terminator. It’s just such an unstoppable, singleminded force, bordering almost on the supernatural. While other movies have had monsters chasing you(Alien, Predator), they are more montrous and lifelike. The Terminator is COLD, UNFEELING. While the Alien was a creature of rage and hunger, and the Predator was a hunter, the Terminator is like a tornado or a volcano, a force of nature single-minded in its purpose, with no emotional investment whatsoever in its killing. It does not kill for sport, it does not kill on instinct, it does not kill in anger, it just KILLS, PERIOD.

    Yeah, I love this movie. I love everything Cameron does. Yeah, I even liked Titanic, although just barely :p

    ETM said:

    Can’t wait for Avatar.

    Forgotten said:

    Awesome!Just an awesome movie!

    August 7, 2006

    SFAM said:

    Hi Forgotten, I’ve just come across a 60s movie called Cyborg 2087. Apparently the story is almost identical to Terminator’s. I haven’t seen it yet, but just put a bid for it on ebay. Hopefully I’ll get this soon enough to review.

    March 19, 2007

    A.j said:

    i think termnater is ASOME its the best out of the other 2. the only thing i dont like is arnold plays a bad guy.but other wise its A.S.O.M,E

    March 20, 2007

    SFAM said:

    Hi A.J., Terminator is terrific BECAUSE Arnold plays the bad guy - he’s terrific at it!

    April 1, 2007

    DN-38416 said:

    Terminator ranks as perhaps my ultimate favorite film (out of only a select few films). This is a rare kind of film where 23 years after it’s release, you can say a line like “I’ll be back”, to almost anyone and chances are, Terminator will come to mind (plus, where did Arnold get his nickname “the Govenator”…). I think the main thing I like about this film, is that it simply tells it’s amazing story, without relying on multi-million dollar special effects or trying to be the hippest, flashiest movie around, or pulling any punches at all. It just tells us an incredible story by using a cast of compelling, and believable characters. The cast for this film is phenominal; Terminator is an unfeeling, unrelenting cyborg monster who kills solely based on his AI routines, Sarah is a young woman who at first worries about her waitressing job and her lacking love life, but when confronted with the monsterous threat of the Terminator, and her own significance, evolves into a strong and determined woman, Reese is the young soldier who’s on a mission to protect humanities future, which ends up changing his own life in so many ways. Plus, all the minor characters are superb too, from the detectives (Paul Winfield and Lance Henriksen are golden together), the re-occuring non-beliver Dr. Silberman. This film wastes absolutely no screen time in introducing it’s characters, and letting their fates play out before us, it’s one of the rare films where I’d say the pacing is simply perfect. Plus, every scene is memorable or significant in some way, from the intense (and even horrific) action, to the developing love story, Terminator is a simply incredible experience.

    July 17, 2007

    becky said:

    The movie terminator is a show about how the world would look like if the machines got out of control. The terminators mission to kill Sarah Connor is remarkably well put and written because the terminator will find a way to kill her or even get close to her but that is what Kyle Reece is job is to go, protect her from the terminator not knowing what hes getting in to. This movie was the best one out of all the other movies because its the original and it shows alot more about John Connors father and his role and how Sarah survived. It was a really awesome movie. This movie is one of my favorite movies. its sooo good.

    November 12, 2007

    kari said:

    T1 is a good move and thay should make more Terminator moves

    May 13, 2008

    Karim said:

    This movie is a masterpiece !!!

    June 6, 2008

    Nova said:

    ” It’s kind of amazing that the studio originally wanted Arnold Schwarzenegger to play Reece. ”

    The studio didn’t want arnold to play reece, arnold was pushing to play reece at first. but got talked out of it, and got the Terminator role. what suites him best. and every one knows arnie is the Terminator

    June 18, 2008

    werner kajal m. said:

    one of the best films ever made! this film has a very intense atmosphere.. and the technical design is perfect… also the effects… better than these new-fashioned cgi movies :/ it plays in the same league like alien 1-3, blade runner and 2001: a space odyssey, …. at least in my opinion…… i like blockish and realistic technical design :)

    if arnold had played the role of kyle reese… who would have played the role of the terminator then?? lol some beast of a man or what?

    Gigabyte Eschaton said:

    Likely the role of Terminator would have fallen to Lance Henriksen, who was originally planned to be the Terminator.

    June 23, 2008

    werner kajal m. said:

    lol… “bishop” as the terminator….. interesting….. a quit weak lookin´terminator then… :)

    June 24, 2008

    Burnt_lombard said:

    OJ Simpson was considered for the role….YIKES!!!

    mh…. so i think we can count ourselves lucky that they decided for arnold…….

    I don’t like the word punk. I realize I voted for Arnold BraunSCHweiger, the Mexican Mongol CHerokee Hun, & Kraut Jerries done up & talk wif a Yidish Daaytsh axent, but as Anglo Saxon as they ar, Kywywbedlnetikaos iz Geek Freek Hell eenik frr MeKENikL Masheen, oor sampTFeng. AAy doLnt nowad id iz. Kuybernetikos. Cybernetic Orgazm? How meny difrent John Kaonrz aor dveir? Djaon Kaonrr waz spraaoodad aez an embrow, baaee KaayL Reess, in Sera Kaonr’z gat, en ifn hee dan ap en lookt laayk sam kaaynd av blaek streyt heyrd pingk skyind dwwd, dven haeuL dva fak kood hee aoll ab a sadnn, end ap in dva tfrrd mwwvyy witf dva aelbaaynow maonggLL mekenikll meen naesty seksy lidll rant tshik, wif big baldjy raeulnd neykid bat, end nerow weyst, end aelbaaynow maonggll feyss, hwwz tits baldjd frr dva plleessmnn, sow shee kood steel hiz raayd a saaykll, dven haeul kam in dvaet tfrrrrd mwwvyy, trrrmaneydrr, Djaon Kaonyrrz waz aoLL ab a sadnn, hee dan ap en looka laayka hee bee sam Linda hemlltan aaeez, wen hee didna looka laayka dvaet, afoor taaeemz. A Waaeee iz zaet? Ken ya andrstend wad aaee sey tww ywwz? dvey dan blowd ap dva Woyald, dva Wrrrrrald, wit a New Clear woor? UnClear woor? Nuke Yelr? AvUncular Woor? Wat fooor? Ya spowst seyv mee fram aoll dvaet ship ! BooL ship ? DVey shoodnta haeda aodda dan dvaet, Maek. Sow, wad iz hepNEN, Djow? Ya’anaSTEN? I hate the wooyd GOD! It shooda haeda bin, like, samp tfeng laayk meyby, ADE like add, eh, not eyd. Ya wandr waaee? Kaz, GOD looka laayka PHoenician Solomon alpha-bet wooyd, wrrrd, Ba’aL oor Ba6aL, B6L, BeTF 6aaYiN LaaMeDV apsaayd daeuLn, iz wad id iz. Ya syy. Sow, wen aay wana ghyid awey fram Be’eL Zebub beyby booyning brrrrning shid, aay sed, AAyn gwaayn ywwz ELoH ALH AALeHP LaaMeDV Heh in Faneeshan apsaayd daeuLn, end it bee lookin laayk ADE in Laetnn Ingglow ledrz, syy. Sow, naeuL, AAy nowad AAyn gwaayn deew. AAyn gwaayn ghyit mee a nww wooyd, wrrrrd, insted av LOD in LORD, & GOD, and Rashnn Russian DLwsskyiy Pycckuu BOG 607, bedr dven LOV & LOVE, bedr dven GOV. Bedr dven 607 & 609. AOLL dvowz 3 Ledr kaombowz kaomb*neyshnnz, dan ap en looka laayka Ba6aL apsaayd daeuLn, in Saolaman’z end EELaayDja’z end Baetf SHeeba’z end Debrrrra’z 3,000 yeerz agow Fnneeeshnn PHoenixian aeLfa-bet ! Iz weerd-ow! Sow, ALH ELoH AALeHP LaaMeDV Heh in PHoenician DaviD EELaaysha alfabet, looks like ADE instedda GOD, KDE in KRDE insted av LOD in LORD, DVEDE with DVE, insted av LOV in LOVE, end j ya gada haev AVEern insted av GOVern, end 49E & 47E insted av 607 & 609, end in Rashnn SLaobowvyan, ya gats ta haev in DLwsskyiy Pycckuu, Russian shooda haeda aodda haeyiv, sam kaaynd av, naot Baoffmaneez, av BidweL end Haofman, bat ya shooda haed, in Rashnn, VaastooaakaSLaaf, ya spowsta haev in Rooskyeey, ya spowsta dan ap en ghyit, sam kaaynd av AGYE like A7E, laaayk, AAGHYEH, ya’anasten? Da ya , AAh sey, Dww ywwz, andrrrstend, wad aay bey seyan? Owkey, Howzey, wat sh yaoL dan ap en gad iz, ya gad a wrrrd AGYE laayk AAGHYEH, insted av BOG laayk BOOAAG. Sow, sints dvey dan sey BOG sow fanny, fany, baay seyin id aez if it wrrr BOOAAG, BUAAG, dven AAee gats ta, AAy haefta, sey id in its nww imprwwvd foorm AGYE A7E AAGHYEH, naot “aedjaay”, ya anrrsten, bat AAGHYEH, bat sints dvey sey BOG aez if it waz BUAAG, BOOAAG, sow, AAy haefta sey maaee nww wrrrd AAGHYEH AGYE A7E, in Rashnn SLaobowvyan, laayk AO EG YAE Y, if ya kan syy wad AAy bey seyan ta yaoL . PraobLy naot. OweL HeL. Wada ya ekspek? Russian GOSPOD GAASPOOAAD iz fakt ap, teew. Ya gats ta sey, AESDPAE, pranaeuLntst aez EYSDP AO E AE Y ! Priddy weerd. GOG & MaGOG, BOG yi moy BOG, GOD & my GOD. Vikings ! SLavs! Deeman paZEST baaee Ba6aL Ba’aL Be’eL Zaboob ! End naot sam “naaeess gaaee” Be’eL Z*bwwb av Mon Sewer Goordjiyef, needvrr. Ya heer? & SCHLomoh SCHLitzbergsteinfeldman. Irgun TSvai LeUmi. Ain TSvai Drai. Djooymnnz Djrrrmanz Krraawwts Kraaooots Djeyreez dan ap en ow aawwd (aaood) end bee gwaaeen da taok laayk Yidz. En naod ownly dvaet, bat IngGLish Eybrahem, Halloween, Wan Tweyn TFraayyss, One Twain THrice, Witf dvaet, iz dvaet, Caboose, Saloon, Moon Men Noon, Jar, Cave, Animal Anaam, AL Gebra, Ingglish Djaon BooL Brit Laaymyyz dan ap en taok laayk sam kaayna Erabz av Mrrraokow impeeryalast pig. OOr BooL Kaeulz end SHeeps hww aor, wad iz, Empeeryalistik, en Moorish kyidnaept Yrrrrapyyyan sLeyvz ! Nwwk Mrrraokow en Trrrkyy! DVey didna apaoladjaayz frr inveyding Yrrrrap !! Baestrrdz. Kil dvem aoLL ! IzreYLeez end EyeTALyanz end Baby Lon Yenz, aor Send Nigrz ! Baom dva Nook Wepanz in IzryAL end Laetnn GaoL Fraeink ! IndowNeejja end dveir big baddy, Lindan Djaonssnn Lrrrwwsh, dvey mrrrdrrd THC psychedelic hemp haesheesh peepL like John Ono Lenin, ta detf. DVey iz Praawwd aah sey praaood av it, teew ! Tsheyny end RaokafeLrr dan bLow ap da Bill Dingz in Nww Yok. Deyv Rey Gryuphon dan ap end sed sow, didnnt hee?

    September 22, 2008

    werner k. m. said:

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!! what´s this? he writes with an bavarian accent…. hard to translate… maybe he´s not human… a virus… no humans write like this……..

    January 2, 2009

    sysscan said:

    Looks like the Terminator tried to post above.

    Can the Terminator movies be considered true cyberpunk if they do not involve an urban society in the future.

    January 3, 2009

    Motoko said:

    i believe it can, as it carries many of the themes one would expect in cyberpunk media.
    woah, i cant believe its (very nearly) been 10 years since the Matrix hit the screens. Woah, WOAH!

    January 5, 2009

    Kusanagi (alias w.k.m) said:

    yes sysscan… looks like he tried to post “sampTFeng”… i tried to read… btw, i think you meant “human” society, not urban……. yes, motoko… time is running fast….

    June 7, 2009

    Feyhra said:

    What the hell has happened to our beloved franchise?

    T2 was fantastic although I still prefer T1.. Then there was that whole business with T3..what the hell was that about? The wonderful yet deeply flawed TSCC was showing great promise just before I got cancelled and now we have T4, which is at least better than T3 and *could* have been good if Bale hadn’t upstaged the entire thing and a little more emphasis put on plot and character development and a little less on splodey bling.

    What can’t all Terminator movies be as good as the original, dammit?

    August 1, 2009

    Curse said:

    Terminator is the ultimate badass a movie. T2 is about as badass, but you have to give it up to T1 because it is just absolute badassity.

    October 3, 2009

    saintsally said:

    I just saw Terminator for the first time (admittedly, an oversight on my part, as I’ve seen almost every other influential cyberpunk film out there), and I have to say, it didn’t quite live up to my expectations.

    Mostly because I couldn’t buy into the “love story” between Reece and Sarah - everything else was believable and amazingly well-done, but I’m not sure where the “chemistry” that you talk about between them comes in. Reece is basically a creepy stalker from the future, come to live out every fanboy’s dream of getting laid with a) a celebrity b) his best friend’s mom and c) the helpless girl who’s lost everyone she knows and has no other emotional options available - which Sarah was, at the time. What was the line? “I studied every curve, every line [of the photo of Sarah]” - that’s just creepsome. I mean, that’s not really something you tell people that you do, regardless of whether or not you actually do it or not.

    Reece really, really rubbed me the wrong way, mostly because his idea of “rescuing” Sarah is stalking her, then abducting her, then shouting at her and completely terrifying and intimidating her when she’s in shock and not understanding what’s going on. Jeez, way to be a douchebag.

    I’m just mostly annoyed because the romance (if you could call it that) seems really, really forced for the purposes of the plot.

    The rest of the movie is fan-fucking-tastic, however. Arnold pretty much exists to be badass the entire time.

    July 14, 2010

    scott said:

    note that Arnies daddy was an actual nazi and then see how this film takes on whole new sinister connotations

    January 13, 2011

    Count-Zero said:

    I think, Chess Computers should have Terminator instead of pawn.

    January 14, 2011

    deadmovies said:

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    deadmovies said:

    terminator is a classic!

    February 17, 2011

    Karl OkeeMohawkJazz Kirsch said:

    When I wrote TRRRM*NEYDRR then I was writing with a USA Irish Canadan accent with the vowel called Irish R . I tried to talk partly with a NY accent, like ya’anasten & ywwz, with w as an English vowel. Y in Yes is a vowel, R in brdz is a vowel, & W in wet is a vowel. But hey Werner of LOL, where do you come off with this “Bavarian accent” bit? You just don’t like me parodying the “Let’s nuke ‘Iraq Iran & Afghanistan” of our own govt. Indiana Jones makes a big deal about Nazis, & they were a big deal. Germans, Italians, Japanese were out of control fascists. But what about the British & French empire in ‘Iraq & Syria, that should have been in Indiana Jones? It’s because Spielberg is a puppet of the IsraELi French & British lobby, which controls this country. ‘Iraq, Serbia, & Afghan got nuked with little nukes, by USA & Britain bombing them with used up uranium coated bombs, which made one baby get born as a human flesh hamburger with a head on it, a monster’s head. Hideous. & watch David Ray Griffin 9/11 on internet. USA govt blew up its own NY buildings & pentagon. What has “Bavarian aksent” got to do with anything? SHvadlts*negdl? SHvartseneger?

    July 20, 2011

    Chris said:

    Cameron demonstrates pretty early and pretty clearly in the film what he thinks of punks. So its hard to fathom how this film could fall into the category cyberpunk. But whatever. The film is a tour de force of old school movie making with Cameron in complete control. With Arnold’s abilities not stretched by having to portray complex human emotions he was able to make the lead role his own. Strong performances from everyone else except the mind-numbingly bad Linda Hamilton. Sigourney Weaver would show her how to project power and authority a few years later in Aliens.

    July 21, 2011

    Burnt_lombard said:

    Chris, I think you’ll find on this site cyberpunk is a fairly loose term.
    Films that deal with man vs. machine or technology gone amuck and have that apocalyptic edge are covered by the cyberpunk blanket. It’s not just mohawks, safety pins and minidiscs players. :)

    p.s. thanks for posting a link to your blog. I’ve been asking “how do you keep the hot side hot and the cool side cool?” for decades and had no idea McD’s answered 27 years ago…

    July 22, 2011

    Chris said:

    “I’ve been asking “how do you keep the hot side hot and the cool side cool?” for decades…”

    You’re not the only one as this rare BR outtake attests:

    tyrell: and what can the maker do for you?
    batty: I want crisp lettuce, f*cker!

    Hmmm. I can see why Ridley Scott could cut out the Alien doing a stupid shimmy across the floor.

    but how could he decide to cut out Roy’s desire for crisp lettuce? A metaphor for longer lasting life. Ball dropped, Mr. Scott.

    August 9, 2011

    ISO 3166-2:f-i said:

    some of the best movies .ever

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