Dystopic Cyberpunk


January 19, 2007

Focador said:

Heys, your list is missing one of the best cyberpunkish movies I’ve ever seen, the name of the movie is Strange Days. The script was written originally by James Cameron himself.

January 20, 2007

SFAM said:

Hi Focador, I do have Strange Days already reviewed. I just don’t know that I’d call it dystopic. Strange Days is far more “near-future” than dystopic. In fact it takes place 6 years in the past at this point. While the society is undergoing severe problems, I’m not sure I’d call it dystopic.

January 30, 2007


according to Project.Cyberpunk, the Mad Max Trilogy which is set in a dystopic future, includes dystopic cyberpunk elements..

January 31, 2007

SFAM said:

Hi Carlos, yep, many places list the Mad Max Trilogy as cyberpunk. While I certainly agree that it has the punk part in spades, it doesn’t have much else - at least according to the definition I have (which has been pretty well vetted over time) in the “What is Cyberpunk” link. I do like those movies quite a bit though.

ok then nevermind the Mad Max Trilogy. because Mad Max is more focused on its post-apocalyptic setting making it more post-apocalyptic and less cyberpunk.

cyburbiaproductions.com however features the movie Demolition Man which is based on Aldous Huxley’s dystopian novel Brave New World as cyberpunk..

“set in a future society where crime and violence are considered remnants of the 20th century.. imagine: there’s only one restaurant available - the Taco Bell. sole winner of the Franchise Wars.”

the word HOMICIDE refers to “a non-sanctioned life termination.” an MDK - Murder, Death, Kill.

even a mild violation of the Verbal Morality Statute is punishable with a fine of one half to one credit per violation - these fines will be automatic deductions from an individual’s finances in which the perpetrator is given a ticket through a machine as proof..

physical contact is recognized as a probable cause for the spread of disease.. Sex is no longer performed through physical contact.. “and that includes kissing.” instead, virtual sex is performed through the use of stimulators worn in an individual’s head so that there’ll be no more intercourse necessary.

however, it was said that human procreation can be done in the laboratory if the said procedure is granted a license.

it was explained that anything that would cause harm in an individual is illegal. some mentioned were: abortion, alcohol, caffeine, contact-sports, meat & unhealthy foods, non-educational toys, obscenity, pregnancy without a license, spicy foods, table salt (i don’t know why?), and tobacco.

like many futuristic films, some technologies were also featured:

- the adding of skills in the brain during cryogenic process used as rehabilitation.
- defibrillation using lasers to remove individuals from their frozen states.
- retinal scanning.
- CCTV including audios that can monitor any location except underground establishments.
- videoconferencing & videophones.
- electronic tagging of the population with GPS.
- cars have “auto drive modes”, “automatic inflation of tires after puncture”, and “secure foams for crash protection”.
- voice-activated computers are present.
- The Magnetic Accelerator Gun (Acc-Mag) which is said to be one of the most efficient rifles ever invented.

the opening scene is a direct reference to the opening of Blade Runner, showing Los Angeles 1996 followed by rising fireballs..

SFAM said:

Hi Carlos, yeah, definitely agree. Demolition Man, while not a great movie, does fit into the cyberpunk genre. I just haven’t gotten around to reviewing it yet.

February 2, 2007


cyburbiaproductions.com also lists the movie “6th Day” as cyberpunk…

the metallic device that Schwarzenegger wears in the movie poster has the ability to archive the mental state of an individual like his/her memories, habits, etc. and these information are transfered to the clone through a process called: Cerebral Syncording Process.

6th Day has comparisons to Total Recall… Schwarzenegger wakes up confused in a taxi cab and ends up fighting some kind of conspiracy.

6th Day looks at the ethics of human cloning. i’m not sure if it was the Somatic Cell Transfer that was featured in this film. some people are saying that this process can actually be used in any form of human cloning today - therapeutic and reproductive. when this is done, the clones can imitate the appearance, personality, and even adopt the life of the original persons.

SFAM said:

Yep, 6th Day is also on the list - while I’ve seen it, I still need to review it. There is a thread in the meatspace where we list all cyberpunk movies known.

February 16, 2007


what about the movie “RED PLANET”? the science of this film? “Solid Extrapolation of Knowledge about Present-Day Mars and the technologies that were used to get there?


the 2002 movie “THE TIME MACHINE” is cyberpunk.

SFAM said:

Oh God, not that!. But, um, why do you say so? Just due to the computer simulation dude who transcends time? Honestly, I haven’t seen this in a few years (I do own it though), but I don’t remember it being very cyberpunk.

EDIT: Red Planet though might be closer, although I see it more as a straight space-scifi movie. I’ll give each of these another watch though just to be sure.

February 17, 2007


you’re right about “RED PLANET” it’s a space sci-fi movie. i should have posted it somewhere else. “RED PLANET” is not set in a dystopic future.

what about the fusion of man and machine? is it cyberpunk? like Gundam Wing the anime? or Deathlok from Marvel comics?

February 19, 2007


watched “RED PLANET” three times by now. and yes, there’s something cyberpunk in it.

AMEE, (Autonomous Mapping Evaluation and Evasion) a military scout robot was damaged. as it tried to shut down its own positioning system mode, its dormant military program takes control. the AMEE becomes aware that the remaining members of the crew are now target enemies.

March 2, 2007


“22nd Century: War was waged with mechanized warriors. Man had finally found a way to make war with minimal loss of human life. It was a good concept until the machines united and turned their fury on their creators. The Year: 2148 - The Metal Wars Have Ended - Machines Battled Man, And The Machines Won. Out of the ashes of defeat came Jonathan Power, humanity’s last hope of defeating the Bio-Dread Warriors led by the evil Lord Dread. Captain Jonathan Power and a devoted band of freedom fighters are all that stands between dread and the final destruction of mankind.”

“Power and his team search for Eden II, the last bastion of humanity.”

“With the fate of mankind hanging in the balance, Dread and Power are on an all out collission course and only one can survive.” - from Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future - a cyberpunk set in a dystopic Earth.

SFAM said:

Hi Carlos, great find! I’ve never heard of this. I wonder if this is available through some means…

March 5, 2007


the website: www.captainpower.com

July 21, 2007

Mihaly said:

What about the movie Nemesis with Oliver Grunner? Isn’t that a Cyberpunk Movie?

July 24, 2007

SFAM said:

Mihaly, take a look at the list above - you’ll see Nemesis listed.

September 22, 2007


the horror movie PULSE falls in this category. definitely. it’s cyberpunk!

November 21, 2007

RMiwa said:

Our health in our hands -
I like my life!

March 5, 2008

Lilia said:

You guys gave a bad report about Galerians Rion it is a great movie.

March 12, 2008

^ RAM said:

You forgot Soylent Green (1973).

May 5, 2008

belarus_12 said:

hey SFAM! Check out soylent green! i havent found it here and i know you will love it if you havent see it, believe it or not charlton heston is the protagonist

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