Aeon Flux, Page 2: More Screencaps

Here are some more Aeon Flux screencaps for you


screen capture

In Season 2, we start to see more intricate animation taking place. I love the light gradiants in this shot.


screen capture

One of the many surreal “punk” shots Aeon Flux has to offer.


screen capture

Trevor always brings the cool toys to the party!


screen capture

Here, Trevor conducts spinal surgery on this poor chick, who ends up being the ultimate pawn.


screen capture

Quick Question:
What’s the name of the sexual deviancy where you get it on with a clone of yourself?


screen capture

One of Aeon’s many impending doom scenes.


screen capture

Yes, Aeon works out regularly.


screen capture

Aeon Flux ends on a very strange alien episode.


screen capture

The aliens have no orifices whatsoever. Does Trevor wonder what they eat or where their wastes go? Of course not! He’s only interested in how they have sex!


screen capture

This scene has one of my favorite quotes of the series:
“That which does not kill us, makes us stranger.”


screen capture

Another moment from a surreal punk episode.


screen capture

This shot would look lots better on a white background, I think.


screen capture

It seems only fitting to end on a death shot!


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March 25, 2006

DeadImpulse said:

I know this has nothing to do with the show and I’ve only been here a short time but I think your reviews get more and more well written. I think this review succeeds at conveying what’s so good about such a strange show better than any I’ve read.

SFAM said:

Hi DeadImpulse, I appreciate the compliment. :)

I do find myself spending a lot of time on these. Although I’d say that some movies strike me better than others, and are often reflected in the review. For instance, there will be a 4 star movie coming up that will be pretty short and to the point - I really won’t have much interesting to say about it. Some of my earlier reviews, such as Ghost in the Shell and Metropolis are still my favorite.

DannyV_El_Acme said:

Man, do I ever love Aeon Flux. Only Max Headroom comes even close to the coolness of this series, and Peter Cheung is, IMHO, the most creative American animator ever(yes, I know he’s of Asian descent!).

By the way, anybody have videos of Phantom 2040? That was another Peter Cheung cyberpunk series, and while more child-oriented than Aeon Flux, it still had plenty of Cheung’s inventiveness and downright weirdness.

SFAM said:

Hi DannyV, Nope, I don’t. But yeah, I’d love to get my hands on more of Chung’s stuff - he’s terrific.

DannyV_El_Acme said:

That picture with Aeon opening the door and the white light framing her is PERFECT wallpaper material, by the way :)

SFAM said:

Great idea!

February 6, 2007

ZiggyStardust said:

This is a great piece of adult orientated animation. Weird plots and storylines and of course the excellent special edition DVD opus.
Peter Chung is an interesting animator: korean-american who mixes both european expressionisms art and japanese anime. Original and talented. If you can ever watch Phantom 2040 or Alexandra films, you can be aware how truly unique amongst american animators is Peter Chung. His visions are more adult-like and his imagings more darker, more dystopian in causal effects and meanings. Let’s hope he can obtain the finance for the forthcoming Aeon Flux’s full-length animated feature films - 2007 and beyond will be worth waiting for!

June 6, 2007

osvaldo pavanelli said:

When I first saw Aeon Flux a thought came across my mind, “oh God, this is just too good to be true, you dont get such wonders on a great midia scale like this…”
So thanks a lot MTV and his executives, who didnt understand much of the show in the beginning but did let it go…Mr Chung achieved an absolute masterpiece which I simply cannot get enough from watching …and it always feels as fresh as if it were the first time. I appreciate your comments on this show, sir, couldnt agree more with you.

September 2, 2007



November 15, 2007

Uncle Mark said:

I’m an amatuer writer and appreciated the first series of Aeon Flux cartoons. In that venue she is totally driven to one outcome, regardless of the cost, much like one of my characters. The motives vary, as do the actual physical structure, but the living prototype of Aeon Flux is alive and well in Carlisle, Iowa. Trust me, I built my own female hero off of her.

March 15, 2008

miley said:

wow man this series rocks….aeon flex is like so friend janet has a close resemblance to aeon.

September 17, 2008

Winnie said:

amazing review! i can’t even being to describe how much i love aeon flux. it’s so incredibly complex and meaningful =D Peter Chung you are amazing. does anyone know where i can find a fansite, posters, paraphanelia, ANYTHING on aeon flux the animated series (not the mtv movie with charlize theron…ugh). if so please email me i can’t find anything!

October 16, 2008

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October 22, 2008

Anonymous said:

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