Alien Page 2: More Screencaps

Here are some more Alien screencaps for you


The Visuals: Alien, like most cyberpunk movies does most scenes in a single, dominating immersive color. Blue tones permeate all the darkest parts of Alien. This is contrasted by almost THX-1138 white scenes we see during the “human” parts. There, during the white backgrounds, is when Scott douses us with blood, as this is where the starkest contrast for destroying humans is found.


Below is a set of screen captures I took to augment Metatron’s most awesome review on the previous page. I also have “the chest scene” screencaps on page three - This is a spoiler who anyone who hasn’t seen the movie, so beware. But for those that have, hopefully the screencaps will help you relive the moment. :)


screen capture

The Alien spaceship is covered in blue mist.


screen capture

Giger’s designs permeate the upfront “otherworldly” feeling of Alien. While thematically, there is no cyberpunkness, visually, they give us a world which has influenced many a cyberpunk production.


screen capture

The spaceman in the dark with a flashlight is clearly a memorable scene.


screen capture

Note to Self: If I’m on another planet in an alien spaceship and find a cache of eggs, please remember not to stick my face up to the eggs when they hatch!


screen capture

The Alien’s mouth is by far its most memorable aspect.


screen capture

In the first movie, the alien itself looked more human than the sequels. Still, due to its fast movements and dark camera angles, it really works.


screen capture

I LOVE this shot of Sigourney Weaver! Aside from the obvious reasons, we immediately learn that something big and bad is hiding just behind her!


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July 30, 2007

mattness said:

SFAM, maybe you’ll like it :)
I found official trailer of this movie:

October 8, 2007

Gaz said:

Yeah, Love that one too.
Ever since 1979 I been enjoying that pic.

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