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March 20, 2006

Renaissance 2054 to be Released in the US this Summer!




I’ve recently been communicating with Séverine, a public relations person for Renassance 2054, and have found out that the French cyberpunk movie, Renaissance 2054 (directed by Christian Volckman), will given a theatrical release in the US this summer! Miramax holds the US distribution rights to Renaissance 2054, and should be coming out with the pre-hype ad campaign in the very near future.

EDIT: Apparently, the time frame for the release date is somewhere between July 15th - August 15th..




I do have some concerns about its US release though. Apparently it will be released with an English speaking cast vice the original French cast. As we know, this is not always a good development, and in fact, sometimes, destroys the movie. I have sent a follow-up to Séverine asking if she could tell me who the cast members are. IMDB has virtually no information on this film yet, so we have no way of knowing if they are going the “Disney - Miyazaki” top quality, directed cast path or something like the abomination that we get in most dubbings.




I also am still begging and groveling for a copy of this film in French with subtitles, as I’d LOVE to give it a review. It truly looks terrific - hopefully the story holds up as well. But so far, no luck - I can only hope. If not though, I’ll pursue Miramax in the hopes of obtaining a pre-release copy. If anyone knows someone who knows someone who can help me with this, please contact me at sfam”at”

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March 20, 2006

ETM said:

It’s a girl’s name, SFAM, don’t worry. And I don’t think they’ll send you the movie, you need slightly better credentials for that. ;)

curt said:

That theatrical release won’t come anywhere near me, I’m sure–but at least it means a dvd release (French w/subtitles) is likely down the road!

Mara said:

Please, please, PLEASE get an advance copy to screen! I promise I will spend my hard-earned American dollars to see it if you give it a good review!

DannyV_El_Acme said:

Miramax is actually quite respectful with translations(they did the original translation for Mononoke Hime, and they even hired NEIL FUCKING GAIMAN to do it!), so I have high hopes for this localization. And like Curt said, it means there’ll be an American DVD release, so we have much to rejoice for :)

SFAM said:

Agreed - the fact we get an American release is far more than I could have hoped for. And welcome to Cyberpunkreview Mara and Curt. :)

[…] EDIT: I just found out that Renaissance 2054 is coming to the US this summer. This post has been filed under Upcoming Movies by SFAM. Permalink • Print • Email this page • Comment […]

Case said:

I first heard about this film on a handful of months ago. ‘Glad to hear that we’re actually going to get to see it on the big screen!

March 31, 2006

aussie said:

Actually I have seen the English dub and it is great. The lead male is the new James Bond Daniel Craig. Also the animation for voice has been done so that it does not look dubbed, ie lip sync is correct for English

SFAM said:

Hi Aussie, welcome to cyberpunkreview :)

I’m jealous - where’d you see the movie? And if I might be so bold to ask, are you interested in doing a review of this? I’d love to read it!

aussie said:

Hi SFAM I am involved with Aussie Distributor so am Biased. I think any art auteurs will be blown away by the graphics and general futuristic feel - it is Paris but not as you know it. Storywise its strong, with a good film noir detective feel set in a high tech world - Raymond Chandler meets Blade Runner. Music is sensational.

SFAM said:

Oh wow, aussie, now you have me VERY jealous. But as you are biased, it seems only reasonable that you with your Distributor connection would see fit to increase publicity by shipping me a copy of this film so that I might post a non-biased review (just drop me a line at sfam”at” and I’ll happily give you an address) :)

You’ll be thrilled to know I’ve gotten over 11,000 hits from Australia this month alone, so it’s CLEARLY a win-win in terms of increasing the film’s visibility. :)

Or, um, if begging and groveling would work, let me know and I’ll try that approach too. ;)

April 13, 2006

groovykid said:

hi ! i’m french and i’ve got some echoes by some friends that told me that if the visuals are great , it’s as boring as enki bilal’s immortal was. Mainly because of a slow pace and a conventional plot.

So i suggest you not to put high hopes on that movie for not being deceive that much :)

April 14, 2006

curt said:

I don’t know, groovykid–if the trailers and website offer any indication whatsoever, I can’t imagine this being as boring as all that. Anyway, the visual look like they’ll be worth the price of admission, no matter what.

SFAM said:

BTW, I actually liked the pacing of Immortel. My problem with it was the uneven CG, not the pacing. Even then it was still a good flick.

May 3, 2006

erika said:

Hello, anyone know where my best chances are of getting hold of a screening copy?

SFAM said:

Hi Erika, I’ve tried begging and groveling to no avail, and even tried contacting the distributors in France. No such luck. Your best bet is to know someone. But if you get ahold of a copy, please tell me how!

May 4, 2006

erika said:

i will, thanks!

May 18, 2006

vikki chowney said:

Hi everyone,

I work for Clarity PR and represent OMG plc - the company who did the motion capture for Renaissance. (

Just to let you know that yes, the film will be released with english subtitles, with Daniel Craig (the new James Bond) as the lead character.

The Uk release is August 4th, and the US will follow shortly after.

Just thought you’d like to know,


SFAM said:

Hi Vikki, thanks so much for stopping by. :)

Just to clarify though, I’m guessing you mean Daniel Craig will be doing the English dubbing (instead of subtitles)?

And YES - Any information on the release date we’d love to know! And if OMG is interested in doing an interview concerning their motion capture work on Renaissance, please let me know. :)

[…] Good news for those in the UK - Vicky Chowney, a publicist representing OMG PLC, the company who did the motion capture for the French cyberpunk movie, Renaissance (directed by Christian Volckman), stopped by and mentioned that Renaissance opens in the UK on August the 4th. In bad news for the US, she confirms that the US release will follow later […]

May 19, 2006

Anonymous said:

Just a few words: you should get the film in englishn, as the french released was clearly ADR remade: lips are moving to english words, not french ones.

I don’t know why but that the feeling i had when i saw the movie back in march.

SFAM said:

Hi Anonymous - I KNEW you’d stop by sooner or later!

Yeah, the marketing folks mentioned that the cast who did the motion capture spoke English, since they were all from different countries, so this makes sense. Apparently, they WERE speaking English. And, um, considering I’m a dumb American who only is smart enough to learn one language, you don’t need to worry about me seeking this out in French. :)

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