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June 16, 2006

Robosapiens On the Science Channel, This Sunday

Mind over Matter


The science channel is premiering a new show called “Robosapien” this Sunday. While the listing sounds interesting, but not all that motivating…


From the early days of Dr. Jose Delgado to the ground breaking work of Dr. Phil Kennedy, this film will closely examine the technologies that give hope to the disabled, allowing them to push beyond their limits and realize their potential.


The hyped trailer looks a lot more interesting. They have Kevin Warwick as the guy hyping this up. If you aren’t familiar with him, Kevin Warwick is a professor of cybernetics at the University of Reading, in Reading, UK. He also makes the claim that he’s the world’s first cyborg, and has conducted his cybernetics research on himself. He has a book titled “I, Cyborg,” which details his journey to becoming a cyborg. He has received quite a few critics over the years as well. The ad on TV reads:


“Is the line between man and machine blurring?”
{Kevin Warwick is shown}”Though I may have been born a human, I will die a cyborg.”
~Robosapien: The secret (r)evolution~


Robosapien is premiering in the US this Sunday at 9:00 pm, Eastern Standard Time.

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September 11, 2006

Kelly said:

I am trying to find the DVD for the science channel show: RoboSapien: The secret Evolution. I am a victim of Electromagnetic Mind control. I saw the show and loved it. Can you help?

September 19, 2006

SFAM said:

Hi Kelly,

I TIVO’d it, so I haven’t looked. I gotta think though that they’ll produce a DVD of it. Have you tried their website?

November 8, 2006

Luminosity said:

{Kevin Warwick is shown}”Though I may have been born a human, I will die a cyborg.”

I hope to be doing this as well.

November 10, 2006

Mr. Roboto said:

I remember it was on last weekend. I tried to watch it, but got bored with it while they were talking about how neurons work. They didn’t get to the hardware interfacing fast enough.

Next time it comes on, I have to watch it all the way through. That or get the DVD.

November 11, 2006

SFAM said:

Hi Mr. Roboto, I still have it Tivo’d, but don’t see myself buying it.

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