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February 27, 2006

Renaissance 2054 - Opens March 15…in France


Dammit!!! I fucking hate encountering awesome looking movies that I can’t go see. In continuing the trend of having the majority of the good cyberpunk movies made outside the US, it looks like I’m going to have to lose out on seeing Renaissance 2054 for…um, God knows how long. This movie looks GREAT though. Here’s a few trailers:



From a description on AWN:

“Renaissance is a futuristic animated thriller that’s filmed in motion capture, animated in 3D and rendered in flat black and white. In the year 2054 in Paris, police and the Avalon Corp. are trying to find a kidnapped researcher who holds knowledge that can transform the future of the human species altogether.”



Anyone of you lucky Europeans who come here have an idea when this is coming to the states?

EDIT: I just found out that Renaissance 2054 is coming to the US this summer.

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February 28, 2006

DoomAng3l said:

hmmm, looks good, wonder when this is coming to the UK ?

March 1, 2006

SFAM said:

Probably quicker than it’s coming to the states. I’ve already decided that I’ll be buying the DVD import as soon as its available to me. I had to do this with Natural City, Immortel, Save the Green Planet, Casshern, One Point O, Wonderful Days, etc.

March 12, 2006

blacky said:

Those frenchs are good, sometimes…

Looks very good.

March 15, 2006

curt said:

Holy–!!!! That look freakin’ AMAZING!!

March 16, 2006

SFAM said:

Hi curt and Blacky, welcome to cyberpunkreview :)

Which, now being March 15th, brings us to the question - I see French folk here in the user statistics. I’m SURE someone has seen Renaissance 2054. Is it any good? Anyone?

March 18, 2006

Case said:

I was going to start a thread on the forum about this one, but my confirmation apparently isn’t arriving anytime soon, so…


From director Pearry Reginald Teo (the brilliant short films LIBERATA ME and CHILDREN OF THE ARCANA) and starring Bai Ling (THREE…EXTREMES). Supposedly set for release this May, it now looks as though we’ll be waiting a little longer before we get to have a look at it…

SFAM said:

Wow, hadn’t heard of this. I do LOVE Bai Ling though - she’s just smokin in Goth get-ups. :)

[…] I’ve recently been communicating with Séverine, a public relations person for Renassance 2054, and have found out that Renaissance 2054 will be released in the US this summer! Miramax holds the US distribution rights to Renaissance 2054, and should be coming out with the pre-hype ad campaign in the very near future. […]

April 1, 2006

RzR said:

I am about to go to see it tonite, but according to imdb voter the scenerio is said to be weak…

Anyone can confirm ?

April 5, 2006

SFAM said:

Hi RzR, did you ever see it? I’d love a review of it.

FAAB said:

Hi everyone,

I am French, I have seen ” RENAISSANCE” and it is very impressive !

If you have any questions ? I am here.

April 6, 2006

SFAM said:

Hi FAAB, thanks! :)
Yes - LOTS of questions. Describe the animation - is it fluid, choppy, etc.

What’s the Cinematography like? Do they do a variety of different camera angles and shots, or is there a preferred approach?

The closest I see to Renaissance in terms of atmosphere would be Sin City - if you’ve seen Sin City, how would you compare the “look” of the two, understanding of course that Renaissance is animated?

And the story - what’s this similar to?

And the sound track - what’s it sound like?

Finally on a 10 point star rating scale, what would you grade Renaissance?

November 24, 2006

lui the wog boy from sydney said:

I think if you take apart a movie too much you lose sight of it as a experience.

i thought this movie was great…

January 11, 2007

Pete said:

I consider myself one of the chosen. I picked up Renaissance on DVD and watched it no less than 20 minutes after the purchase, twice in a row (one for plot, second just to take in the breathtaking animation).

A few days later, i went to my parents and showed my dad (who’s only remark after seeing it was “the best cyberpunk film ive seen in a while, no… the best film ive seen in a while”).

That night i came home, only to be greeted by a rather excitable girlfriend waving a cinema ticket in my face. Renaisa… £2.50 8:30pm

I couldn’t believe it, my local cinema was doing a one off showing of the film - the ONLY cinema in the south of the UK to get a showing!!! I went to the cinema, watched the film for the forth time in three days and yes - it was still extraordinary.

As a cyberpunk film fan, with Blade Runner as my all time favourite film, I have to say Renaissance is spectacular. The plot, like any good cyberpunk / detective / noir story, takes a while to get going. This isn’t a bother, as you spend the first 30 minutes of the film just taking in the outstanding look and style of this film. Following a pretty amazing action scene (spoiler avoided, but you’ll know what im talking about) the plot picks up speed and before you know what hit you, you’re knee deep in classic cyberpunk corruption, mystery and thrills.

By the time the credits roll, you’ll be smiling like a kid on christmas day with his new Wii… I challenge any respectable cyberpunk fan to not find anything in this film he or she didn’t like… be it the futuristic vision of Paris, the gripping plot, the severely watchable characters or even the ‘cool’ security system at Avalon (just wait).

Even the redlight district is given a technological jump!

All in all, a remarkable film. Using your system, I give it 5/5!

Pete wyse

Pete said:

Oh and… I almost forgot to add - the shadows!! My god they’re done to perfection.

Pete wyse

May 10, 2009

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