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January 3, 2008

Blade Runner Final Cut - The Same But Better!

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Yeah, I’m more than a little fashionably late to the party here, but the Final Cut of Blade Runner is truly worth getting. In addition to providing us an absolutely terrific transfer (in HD or in DVD format), the movie itself has gotten all those neddlesome minor scrapes and bruises removed, while leaving intact the glory that is Blade Runner. So if you’re already familiar with the movie, the Final Cut won’t be giving you a new story - it will be the same story, just incredibly polished. CG is only used to remove things like camera man shadows or extra thumbs.

For a terrific overview of the 5 disc set, DVD Outsider has a wonderful review of the package and of the documentary (which is truly terrific) and various features. My favorite moment from the documentary was Ridley Scott relaying his showing of 10 minutes of Blade Runner footage to Philip K. Dick. Dick was apparently blown away by the picture, and kept repeating, “How is this possible? You took what was in my mind and reproduced it perfectly on the screen. How is this possible?” They apparently became fast friends from that moment.

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January 3, 2008

Klaw said:

w00t! :D

Considering the Director’s Cut has only been available in DVD format, and was released so early in the fabrication of DVDs that it had no menu system, no commentaries, no extras… people forget it almost wasn’t even a real digital release. This is the real shiznit, with all the versions so old school retards like myself can go back and watch the 1982 theatrical cut with voiceover, “happy ending” where Deckard in effect suggests Rachel may outlive him! He is the one doomed to a short lifespan, and they are going off into a uncharted mountain wilderness alone… I always read that ending as a far darker one, but that’s me.

DeadImpulse said:

If you can get the limited edition briefcase it’s definitely worth it, if for no other reason than the cool factor. I’d say it was my best purchase in 4+ years of DVD collecting.

January 5, 2008

SFAM said:

Hi DeadImpulse, fortunately or not, I am waiting on the sidelines of the BlueRay-HD DVD wars. So I didn’t get the briefcase one, just the 4 disc thing. It did look cool though.

January 7, 2008

Dragyn said:

I have been debating whether to be one of the new sets or not. I was going to go for the Collectors Edition (4 disc) for the interviews and such. Is it worth it? I have the “remastered” version from 2006. Thanks.

Evan T. said:

The 4 disc set is AMAZING!
The special features are MORE than just special features. Not just interviews interspersed with clips from the film, they are technical details and discussions of special effects techniques and design tricks interspersed with ALL never-before-seen (by myself anyway!)footage, tech drawings, photography of sets and props in good lighting. You have every detail that you never thought about. This set is worth buying more for the special features than anything else. The directors cut looks and sounds great, but its really not any different than before. But you get the most amazing production details and info from the great special features disc. Must buy for any Bladerunner fan!

Klaw said:

SFAM- as of Friday 1/4 Warner announced they are moving exclusively to BluRay… so the format war may very well be over. Universal and Paramount are the two hold outs, and have an extensive library… but the Warner move shifted it from roughly a 55-45 title balance (adv to BluRay) to now a 75-25 balance, a major major blow to any chances for Toshiba and HD-DVD. What looked like a potential long term hold out for HD to pull ahead (with only one manufacturer being consistent) is looking like it may be over by the end of the year.

March 26, 2008

X said:

Blueray won.

Blaze one said:

i just picked this up as a treat to myself. I gotta say i’m loving it. All my friends comment that the case, etc is very cool.

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