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you already heard and probably watched “Real Humans” aka Äkta människor a 2012 Swedish science fiction series set in an alternate near-future version of Sweden where consumer-level humanoid robot workers and servants are widespread.

Now you have the British version with “Humans” (Very original name compared to the Swedish series ;p)

Let’s watch a couple of these episodes to have a better opinion. Regarding Äkta människor I really enjoyed watching the first season.

HUMANS explores the emotional impact that comes as the lines between humans and machines become increasingly blurred.

HUMANS premieres on AMC Sunday, June 28 at 9/8c and will be available the next day on VOD,, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Xbox.

Humans TV series synopsys

Joe Hawkins (Tom Goodman-Hill) makes the decision to invest in a Synth. His relationship with his wife Laura (Katherine Parkinson) is becoming increasingly strained and he believes that the addition of a robotic servant to the household will give them back the time they so desperately need and help them re-connect both as a couple and as a family.  The Hawkins family’s new Synth, Anita (Gemma Chan), is an immediate hit, and their chaotic house is suddenly transformed into an oasis of tidy, organized, well-fed contentment. With hesitation, Laura gives in to the family demand, but soon senses there’s something different about Anita. There’s something not right. / HUMANS TV series

HUMANS TV series

Persona Synthetics

You can also have a look on the fake company website who market the “synth”



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