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Virtual Revolution

Virtual Revolution – The Movie

Virtual Revolution is a sci-fi feature, which could be described as cyberpunk. An interesting definition of cyberpunk is: ‘High Tech, Low Life’. Most cyberpunk stories are dystopias set in our future, and they tend to raise questions that our societies will have to deal with in several years, decades, or centuries.

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Virtual Revolution -Street

Virtual Revolution is also a bit of tech noir, with some of the typical codes from noir films (the investigator, the Femme Fatale…etc), but in a European environment.

A gritty, dirty sci-fi feature film about a dystopia where entertainment in general, and virtual reality in particular, have become a new way of life


Paris, 2047. Technology has progressed to the point where virtual reality has become as realistic as reality itself. But when you can be a hero, a legend, when you can pilot spaceships and discover new planets, ride horses against orks and conquer lands, board pirate ships and explore islands, when you can get fame, pleasure, and wealth without risks, what’s the point in sticking to reality?

Paris, 2047. 75% of the population spend all their time online, and don’t care anymore about reality anymore. They are the Connected. Some have decided to stick to reality. The wealthy, mainly, since real life has reamined pretty comfortable for them. But also other people, for various reasons. Philosophical, religious, or just because what they do in life just matters to them more than virtual worlds. They are the Living. Finally, a small minority never could make a choice, spending half of their time connected, and the other half awake. They are the Hybrids.

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Virtual Revolution -Nash


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