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AW HQ Forum

AW HQ Forum

Yeah we have our own Virtual Headquarters!

Don’t do your run alone. Chit-chat with other edge runners and exchange tips, news or write about your cyberpunk experiences or the last mission you did!

Go to AW Forums and create a new topic or post/reply about old ones.

Introduce yourself to the community and add your mark in the different categories(Netrunner, Media,Rigger…)

You also can give your feedback in the Editorial line to improve your cyberpunk webmag!


New Edge Runners

Edge Runner

Edge Runner

You already know Jay and D1G1TVL who were the pioneers and wrote some articles for AW.

Meet Thilgan, Shredrexx, Rancid Tech, Dreddpiratebob and D10D3 who join the squad and will wrote for the community!

All are cyberpunk fans and everyone has his own style!


New Logo

Ask a designer to create a new Logo for the site: here it is 🙂

AW Logo v3.0

AW Logo v3.0


See Ya around and have a look on the last articles !

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