10. Gabriel Lacina, who achieved nightvision and can see in the dark

9. Kevin Warwick, whose project is to connect the human brain to the Internet

8. Ben Greenfield, aka your personal trainer 2.0

7. Dave Asprey and his powerful coffee: the Bullet Proof Coffee. What is Bullet Proof Coffee?

6. Tim Cannon: implanted a device connected to his Android phone on his arm. He can track his health through the device and it sends him text messages when something is wrong.
Apple vs Android?

5. Neil Harbisson, the first cyborg to be officially recognized by a government. He can hear colors and has an intenna implanted in his skull.

4. Magnetic Implants – biohackers achieved a sixth sense to feel the electric fields and the magnetic fields on their fingers. Sort of a second touch, sounds sci-fi?

3. Kill aging – may be possible sooner than you think and immortality may just be around the corner

2. Upload your consciousness to the Internet? It’s theoretically possible, claims Stephen Hawking.

1. The human body as a power source: the Naomi Kizhner project.


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