Armatix iP1 smart gun


I remember when I played cyberpunk  the role-playing game you could buy smart gun link for your character. it was a neuronal connection between your brain and your gun. Here we’re not talking about neurolink but just a way to have a better control of your gun.


A smart system

Smart System consists of a radio-controlled watch that is responsible for gun access and use. A Smart System gun will only shoot if it is within range of this watch. It is possible to release the safety mechanism via the radiocontrolled watch activated by means of a PIN code. As soon as the gun loses radio contact with the watch – e.g. if it is knocked out of the shooter’s hand or in case of loss, theft, etc. – it automatically deactivates itself. Armatix-Smart-System


Armatix offers a tried and tested smart system in the form of a development of its own: the iP1 pistol (.22 LR caliber) and the iW1 active RFID watch. The prototype from Armatix is proof that guns with integrated electronic intelligence are already possible and feasible today. / RFID watch

RFID watch

Are smart gun a dumb idea?

Have a look on the CNN.S.E. Cupp explains why smart gun technology is not the solution to our country’s gun problems.

And you ? What do you think about smart guns?


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