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April 8, 2006

Bronx Executioner

Movie Review By: SFAM

Year: 1989

Directed by: Vanio Amici

Written by: Vanio Amici & Piero Regnoli

IMDB Reference

Degree of Cyberpunk Visuals: Very Low

Correlation to Cyberpunk Themes: Low

Key Cast Members:

  • James: Gabriele Gori
  • Rating: 2 out of 10



    Overview: Bronx Executioner is yet another example of a movie where they spent more on the completely unrelated cover art than they did the entire production. Truly, looking at that, and in reading the cool description, you’d think this is might be a pretty decent low-budget cyberpunk flick. Here’s the description:


    Android gangs battle humans and Robotic Replicants in the New York City of the near future. The sector sheriff must join forces with a gigantic, yet unpredictable Replicant in order to save the city…


    Now, for what you actually get:

    • Absolutely NO replicant or robot visuals
    • NO dystopic New York. This was clearly filmed in the Italian equivalent of the outskirts of Los Angeles. The terrain is dry, and boring - no dystopic city here folks.
    • a truly horrid Master-student sheriff coming of age story, that in the end is completely pointless
    • Robots that supposedly have no emotion but still enjoy raping humans. I guess their parts work.
    • a low quality body builder who can’t act to save his life who tells us he’s a robot replicant (we have to believe him as NONE of the replicants look like anything but humans)
    • Lots and lots and lots of low quality gun fights between biker looking dudes (but we’re told half of them are robots). Road Warriors this isn’t!


    The Bottom Line: The story pretty much sums this movie up: It’s about a body builder replicant who falls in love with a human (even though he doesn’t have the capability to fall in love) who gets raped by really mean replicants, so the body builder replicant asks the junior cop to help him get even with the meanie replicants. Sound stupid? Bingo! It’s pretty bad. And unfortunately, it’s not so bad that it’s good. The gratuitous breast shots just can’t save this turkey. It’s just bad, K?


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    April 8, 2006

    Hadakàar said:

    SFAM said:

    Wow, great post Hadakàar! Yeah, this movie really looked like it had a bunch of stock footage in it. And that cover is an actual shot of the movie, so at least it’s not lying like this one is. Incidentally, I still have Vendetta dal futuro (US titled “Hands of Steel” or “Atomic Cyborg”) and Nuovi barbari, I (US titled “Warriors of the Wasteland”) to watch out of this wonderfully high quality 4 movie collection. :)

    You mention I Nuovi Barbari - have you seen Vendetta dal futuro as well?

    Hadakàar said:

    yeah, i forgot Vendetta dal Futuro! Unfortunately i haven’t seen yet. I’ve seen it only in internet stores.

    Soon i’ll see Endgame - Gioco Finale by Joe D’amato (pseudonyms for Aristide Massaccesi), who has directed a lot of sexy and horror/porno movies :lol:

    in italian, a good review of this ecleptic director

    Hadakàar said:

    On amazon it costs 5$. It too expensive :D

    SFAM said:

    I got these three movies plus another (Assassin) for less than 8 bucks. I think I might have gotten ripped off :(

    Hadakàar said:

    8 bucks? good choice.

    April 14, 2006

    Hadakàar said:

    I’ll see Vendetta dal futuro, wednesday 19th April on our local tv :D

    SFAM said:

    Cool. Let me know what you think of it!

    July 15, 2009

    virus coder inside said:

    rice, chains and beans on water 4 me !

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