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November 3, 2006

I’m Back! On to Movie Reviews…

pumpkin carving


Well I’m back now. Pumpkin carving pretty much takes up my life for a while - moreso this year as a local paper did a spread on my carvings. I ended up spending 9 hours sculpting the Death Star on a 120 pound pumpkin and another 11 1/2 hours creating a detailed, full scale dragon. In any event, although totally exhausted, I had a fun time with this. Check out my carvings if interested. Now, back to cool discussions and movie reviews!


November 3, 2006

End_of_Eternity said:

Thats a nice looking pumpkin! Though for some reason it doesn’t really remind me of the deathstar. Maybe it’s because I was never in Star Wars.

SFAM said:

Hi End of Eternity, it looks more like the some of the models than the one in the movie, which doesn”t really give as much variation as this. Had I just done everything in grids, it would look fairly boring. Here’s an example of one of the many models:

christopher said:

not sure how old end_of_eternity is (despite the name), but i knew exactly what it was before i even read the description. and im no sw geek. excellent job.

November 4, 2006

Illusive Mind said:

Holy shit.

1. That’s a massive effort

2. How do you ‘grow’ a 120 pound pumpkin?

3. Welcome Back.

mattness said:

Dragon is great.
Good job, SFAM :)

Vesper said:

That’s not a moon! It’s a pumpkin! :D

Great job, welcome back!

SFAM said:

Thanks guys. BTW, I had one of those green lasers for star gazing that I used to stick in the back and shoot through the hole. It was cool - you could see the laser and everything!

November 7, 2006

ETM said:

Look at the size of that thing! :D

Looking forward to more activity on the site, SFAM.

November 9, 2006

Just_Bob said:

Most impressive! (or just absolutely amazing!)

That’s just great work, an awesome effort. Well done, indeed. :)

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