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February 21, 2006

Help me find more cyberpunk movies

I’ve put together a list of about 140 cyberpunk movies, which include animes, movies and TV shows. I’ve posted the list of cyberpunk movies in the meatspace. I’m sure I’ve missed putting a couple obvious ones on there (I just noticed I missed puttin up Total Recall a few hours ago), so if you see them, tell me.

More importantly, if there is something obscure that I am not aware of, I’d really like to find out about it. Help me out, will ya? Also, if you have questions about any of those listed that I haven’t posted reviews for yet that’s about 80 of them), feel free to ask.

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February 21, 2006

Neuromancer said:

Don’t now if you would consider these cyberpunk but they are worth menioning here at least once.
Solyaris (Tarkovsky, and ofcourse the remake with Clooney which wasn’t bad either))
Stalker (Tarkovsky)
Westworld (Crichton, starring Yul Brynner and a remake in the making!)
Saturn 3 (Donen, starring Kirk Douglasand Farrah Fawcett where a robot develops quite human desires for Fawcett….)

Neuromancer said:

Cheesy, but how about BattleStar Galactica in its various incarnations?

Neuromancer said:

Logans Run?
(im gonna stop now…)

Neuromancer said:

Okay, one more: The Tekwar series by Kirk…umm…Shatner

SFAM said:

Hi Neuromancer, thanks for the suggestions!

Solaris? Hmm…I’m sorta voting no on the original - but I haven’t seen the remake. I should see this.
Westworld? - Definitely no - this takes place in modern times and has absolutely no cyberpunk visuals. It is a great movie though.
Saturn 3- ? Dunno - Haven’t seen that in over 20 years. I gotta check it out - thanks!
Logans Run? Borderline themes but I’ve sorta voted no on this as well. I like it but it doesn’t feel cyberpunk to me, but who knows, maybe I’m wrong there.
Battlestar Galactica? Definitely no. Science Fiction in space doesn’t qualify unless its really near future type stuff that has the other elements (Although I love the new series!). I had considered Outland for instance, but rejected it. Scanners is about as close as I think we should go there.
Tekwar? Cool - yeah, this qualifies :) I had totally forgotten about that one!

Neuromancer said:

Cowboy Bebop (the movie)
omg, you forgot Fahrenheit 451 (Truffaut)
Harrison Bergeron (Pittman)
(maybe) The handmaids tale (Schlondorff)
The Omega Man
Mamoru Oshii’s Patlabor
Paycheck (hey, its from a PKD story)
Contact (?)
Maybe even The Truman Show
Strange Days
Titan AE
2001: a space odysey

Can’t stoooooop. Noooooooooooooooooo!

DoomAng3l said:

added mine to forum post ;)

SFAM said:

Hi Neuromancer, I agree with DoomAng3l - the meatspace is probably better to respond there to - I’m going to copy your last one and respond there.

February 24, 2006

physicistjedi said:

This list from IMDB might help as well:

Though I would not classify everything there as cyberpunk (like Batmans).

SFAM said:

Hi Physicistjedi, welcome!

Yeah, I’ve seen that list. I too don’t agree with a number of the classifications there. Make no mistake, Batman movies will NOT be appearing on this site. :)

February 28, 2006

Neuromancer said:

Thank god for that! (or any other omnipotent AI for that matter)
Compared to Batman movies even Chuck Norris looks cool. And he is way better in kicking ass…

Bergo said:

Not sure if this is on your list ..
The Final Cut ( I haven’t seen it .. but things like memory recording implants sounds like a typical cyberpunk theme to me.

March 1, 2006

SFAM said:

Hi Bergo, yeah, the Final Cut is. I’ve seen it and own it, and will be reviewing it soon. Visually, it’s almost completely devoid of anything approaching cyberpunk. The future it provides looks pretty much like the present coupled with some cool computer terminals and stuff. But thematically, it TOTALLY fits. It’s a decent movie (I’ll probably give it a 7, with visuals low and themes medium or high), and certainly worth a watch.

March 17, 2006

Nytflyr said:

heres just a few from my list that you dont have, I dont have any anime on my list…

Barb Wire
Blood of Heroes
Death Machine
Deathrace 2000
Escape form NY
Escape from LA
Future Sport
Harly Davidson & the Marlboro Man
Johnny 2.0
Mad Max/road warrior
Menno’s Mind
New Rose Hotel
Overdrawn at the Memory Bank
Prayer of the Rollerboys
Repo Man
Sixth Day
Split Second
The Cell

Nytflyr said:

I thought Westworld was definitally CPish… enough to do a page on it..

March 18, 2006

SFAM said:

DeadImpulse said:

Thomas in Love (Thomas est amoureux)

It’s a great french film shown mostly from the first person perspective of an agoraphobic man who hasn’t left his apartment in eight years. It takes place in the near future and I would say the story and visuals are very “cyberpunk”.

DeadImpulse said:

Oh and I almost forgot a couple of anime

A.D. Police Files (the original 3 episode OVA)

A.D. Police: To Protect and Serve (12 episode series)

Case said:

I saw an odd little film a few years back by Lynn Hershman-Leeson, titled “Teknolust,” which I thought had a few vague cyberpunk elements…

Case said:

How about Miguel Coyula’s film, “Red Cockroaches.” Personally, I thought it was unbearably bad, with a very silly sex scene (um, ketchup??), but…it could very well be considered cyberpunk.

Case said:

I know I should put these all into one post, but they keep coming to me…McCrae’s “Sixteen Tongues”?

SFAM said:

Wow! I’m blown away by all the new films and the effort to bring them to me! Truly, thanks! :)

And Welcome to Cyberpunkreview DeadImpulse! (I think I welcomed Case on another thread). Now, for the films:

Thomas in Love - Never heard of it - Thanks DeadImpulse! :)

Teknolust - Definitely heard of it, and wow, what a bizarre plot! It’s already on the list to check out.

Red Cockroaches - Also never heard of it, and it looks like it may qualify. Thanks Case :)

Sixteen Tongues - Just heard of this a few days ago in the Meatspace thread on new cyberpunk moves. There’s a list of cyberpunk movies there, along with a thread. I shall transfer the new ones there.

A. D. Police Files: Yeah, this is part of the Bubblegum Crises shows.

DeadImpulse said:

Thanks for the welcome and yeah A.D. Police Files is a prequel of sorts to Bublegum Crisis.

March 21, 2006

Case said:

Just a couple more for your consideration:

Moonlight by the Sea

SFAM said:

AWESOME!! Moonlight by the Sea looks very cyberpunk based on its description, although Feedback less so. I’ll check these out. Thanks again Case! :)

SFAM said:

Hi Case - I am familiar with all these titles (haven’t seen them though), and had already ruled out Demonlover, handmaiden’s tale and both Lathe’s of Heaven. Code 46 was one I had put on the back burner because I wasn’t sure about, and the cost was high (athough it has dropped since then - in the shopping cart it goes :) ) - same with Robot Stories. For Robot Stories some seem clearly cyberpunk-like while others seem clearly not. I’ve had enough of a “buy” bin in front of me for sure things that I haven’t gotten to it yet (it’s still 27 bucks).

Have you seen these? If so, am I wrong about the judgements?

Case said:

No, I would agree with you. Of these, I’ve only seen “Robot Stories,” which as you said fits neatly into the same vein of such films as “A.I.,” so that’s a no-brainer. The others I wasn’t so sure about. They seem to be vaguely within the field, but there was nothing definite that really jumped out at me. “Demonlover,” in particular, had been so often referred to as CP by various sources, despite the fact that I never saw anything even remotely CP about it (other than a heartless business profiting off vulgarity…not exactly an evil “megacorp,” per se). As with you, the jury’s still out on “Code 46″ with me.

SFAM said:

I spent a good long time searching through all sorts of “potentials” (yes, I’m the oracle for cyberpunk movies - I like chocolate chip cookies and everything :) ). I couldn’t possibly see all, so I had to make a bunch of determinations. Sometimes I’ve been wrong, but usually, in the cases I’ve gone back, I’ve been right. I do greatly appreciate you listing these though, as it gets transfered to the site instead of my various scattered notes everywhere.

March 24, 2006

Muad'dib said:


As far as I can see the great “Max Headroom” is not yet listed.

And no one has mentioned “Welt am Draht” (World on wires) so far - it’s a German film from 1973 by Rainer Werner Fassbinder and the first adaptation of Daniel F. Galouye’s book “Simulacron-3″, which was as you know later filmed as “The thirteenth floor”.
Take a look at the IMDB link:

SFAM said:

Hi Maud’dib, in the Cyberpunk movie thread, Max Headroom is mentioned in the follow-on posts. That was just an oversight on my part.

Welt am Draht on the other hand I don’t have listed. Thanks! :)

Now hopefully I can find this.

March 30, 2006

Nexyde said:

What about Serenity? It had quite a few cyberpunk themes. I think a couple of the Firefly shows did too, but I can’t remember exactly which ones.

SFAM said:

Hi Nexyde, believe me when I tell you I’m a Browncoat - I LOVE Firefly and Serenity! And I do agree that it has some elements including a surveillance state, negative use of technology and an anti-hero mentality. But it really isn’t near future - it’s a space opera Sci-Fi mindset, with Mal as Han Solo, who operates in the far future version of the old west. I do agree this would be near the gray area, but I tend to think of it as outside of what I’d consider cyberpunk.

March 31, 2006

Nexyde said:

I realize this is probably out of context with this topic, but how far into the future does a story need to be set before it’s no longer cyberpunk? Alien was set in the distant future, and humans had made colonies on other planets by terraforming them. That much is similar with Serenity/Firefly.

In short, I am asking would another film/story set in the future be cyberpunk if it was more “Punk” and less “low-down, stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf-herder” space opera? Or would it need more of a cyber(androids, VR world, hackers) aspect?

That’s why I’m wondering if A Clockwork Orange and The Fifth Element might be just “Punk” and not “CP”.

SFAM said:

The problem you touch on is this - we have a situation similar to film noir in the forties, where none of those films “knew” they were film noir - they just went ahead and did their film making. It was people after the fact who defined the genre. Similar to cyberpunk - very very few of these movies were set out with the intention of being cyberpunk, which means the definition of cyberpunk, regardless what we come up with, is going to be an amorphous one. There WILL be a gray area where different people will answer the question “Is Serenity or Alien considered cyberpunk” differently.

Alien is CLEARLY in that gray area for a number of reasons. A Clockwork Orange also is for other reasons (not a lot of cyber goin on there), but both films absolutely influenced the genre, so at a minimum, we might consider them pre-cyberpunk (this is different from Metropolis which really does seem fully cyberpunk to me, even though it was made in 1927). And Fifth Element does have a LOT of punk, but also has a decent amount of cyber as well, so I would probably stick this (barely) in the cyberpunk category.

Again, I think it’s a perfectly reasonable position to say that Alien doesn’t belong because its too far into the future. Also, someone could make a case, as I mention above, that there is enough stuff there for Serenity to be included, although, to me, it doesn’t seem to fit as well - but I have thought about it a number of times so yeah, it’s in the gray area too.

Based on your last post, I had considered having a category called “western cyberpunk” which might include Serenity/Firefly, Oblivion (a truly bizarre “B” western scifi movie with George Takai, Musetta Vander, etc.), and possibly Westword (although really, there is little in westword that fits other than the android).

But who knows, maybe others agree with you as well. Like I said, there isn’t a clean line here - it’s gray. Post a thread in the Meatspace about this (there is one asking the “alien” question there, for instance) - maybe a strong enough case can be made. Regarding whether a film would need more punk and least nerf-herder, or more cyber, I tend to sway more towards the cyber side, but again, others disagree. There is many a list on the internet that puts virtually all dystopic futures (Mad Max, Escape from New York, etc.) down as cyberpunk - just not me, based on the definition I have in the “what is cyberpunk” area.

Nexyde said:

I, like you, think Metropolis was the first CP film, but isn’t cyberpunk it’s self a spliced genre? I think so, if film noir inspired allot of CP films, why couldn’t westerns or kung-fu films do the same? Would using new styles of films with CP elements keep the genre fresh or would it corrupt the style of CP everyone likes?

I think Francis Coppola once said “You can’t change the genre.” I think he was very wrong, almost all genres have been spliced together to create new ones.

Would another film set on Mars with androids and a VR world be too much like other CP films, or would it simply fit in the genre?

What film(s) or novel(s) would you consider to be the purist form of the Cyberpunk genre?

Nexyde said:

By the way, check out Stephen King’s The Mangler, Dune, Pitch Black/Chronicles of Riddick and Clonus which inspired The Island.

Would V for Vendetta be considered Cyberpunk?

And yes, I know in the last comment it should have been “cyberpunk itself” instead of “cyberpunk it’s self.” :)

SFAM said:

Hi Nexyde, I haven’t seen the Mangler (although its description makes it sound like a regular horror movie), but I have seen Dune, Pitch Black,/COR. I think Pitch Black would come the closest to cyberpunk out of that list. And no, V for Vendetta is definitely not cyberpunk (we have a thread on this in the meatspace if interested).

I need to check out “Parts: The Clonus Horror.” Would you consider this cyberpunk?

April 1, 2006

Nexyde said:


The story in Clonus is the same basic idea as The Island, only Clonus is supposed to be Sci-fi/Horror. I remember seeing it a few years ago on Mystery Science Theatre 3000.

The Mangler 1 isn’t really CP at all, The Mangler 2 is about a computer virus that takes over a security system and starts killing people.

It isn’t very good, but rest assured that the best CP films have already been mentioned by you and others. :)

Nexyde said:

A couple more movies I just thought of, Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury and Highlander 2: The Quickening.

June 30, 2006

Eggbert said:

It’s an amateurfilm, but it’s very cyberpunk. it’s only 38 minutes, there’s a download in the internet 20min long.

July 1, 2006

Mr. Roboto said:

Here’s one I just recieved from Columbia House DVD Club. It’s called Cyber Wars, but may also go by the name Avatar. Here’s the plot details from IMDB:

In the near future in the Asian city-state Sintawan, everyone’s identity is recorded in the vast CyberLink. The only way around this is using illegal simulated identity implants (sims). A young bounty hunter who makes her living tracking sims, finds herself the unlikely ally of a police detective who suspects the CyberLink is being perverted for an insidious and deadly purpose.

I should have time to watch it during the July 4 weekend holiday.

SFAM said:

Hi Mr. Roboto, I actually have Cyberwars sitting on my desk. I tried to give it a watch earlier when multitasking, and wasn’t blown away, and ended up stopping it after about 30 minutes or so. I need to give it some actual attention before doing a review of it, but plan to sometime this week. At casual watch, it was pretty derivative, but again, I need to give it a full viewing.

July 6, 2006

mattness said:

Virus - cheap Alien rip off, but bio-andriods in the end are pure cyberpunk IMHO.

July 7, 2006

SFAM said:

Hi Mattness, I need to watch Virus again then. I watched it long ago, and didn’t remember any cyberpunk stuff in there. But then again, it was before I started working on my cyberpunk list.

July 10, 2006

Jake H said:

Check out Magdalena’s Brain, ShockHeaded and Red Cockroaches (the later, while not really cyberpunk, did win many awards at art film festivals)

SFAM said:

Hi Jake, thanks for the links! I’ve heard of Redcockroaches, and possibly Megdalena’s Brain (although maybe not, I need to check), but certainly haven’t heard of shockheaded - I need to check this out. Thanks again. :)

July 12, 2006

mattness said:

What you think about this? ,
It’s admired in Poland, and liked abroad (I saw it once on german TV. Guy who reviewed seksmisja on IMDb is from Denmark…)
It’s good sci-fi comedy, but I’m not sure is it cyberpunk. At least in eyes of SFAM ;) .

July 13, 2006

SFAM said:

Hi Mattnes, SexMission, ey? From the description on Amazon: “Women, who dress in transparent plastic, now control the world, and they graciously allow the two men to stay as long as they rid themselves of their “manhood”

Damn, transparent plastic, ey? I don’t know that I’d consider this cyberpunk, but it sounds like a pretty fun T&A flick!

July 19, 2006

mattness said: - My friend said “TV series in a la Fallout”

August 12, 2007

Cherry Waves said:

What about the Cube movies? There seem to be some cyberpunk elements in them at least.

I also noticed IMDB and a few other cyberpunk related sites have Tarsem Singh’s “The Cell” listed under cyberpunk. I can understand the visuals might qualify for cyberpunk, but otherwise I think it’s a stretch.

August 13, 2007

Mr. Roboto said:

I have a few movies that may qualify… maybe… that I’m considering for review:

Stealth - Currently considering reviewing this. Near-future US Military develops advanced AI UCAV that develops mind of it’s own. Seen it once already, but didn’t quite “feel” cyberpunk. Gotta watch it again. Probably just me, but an expert opinion would help.

Enemy Of The State - Another possible near-future review. Will Smith/Gene Hackman chased by NSA seeking expanded domestic spying power… Wait… NSA seeking expanded domestic spying power is a movie plot???!!!

D.A.R.Y.L. - Cyborg boy escapes government labs, learns to become human. This one sounds like it has possibilities. I’m waiting for Columbia House to deliver it to me.

The Net/The Net 2.0 - Probably limited to cyberpunk themes, if anything. It’s been a while since I’ve seen them.

Westworld - I know it was mentioned as NOT cyberpunk, but maybe worth reviewing anyway? Maybe it’s “sequel” Futureworld might qualify?

Animusic - MIDI music played by CGI instruments. OK, maybe not.

August 21, 2007

fisk0 said:

How about the pre-cyberpunk era “Demon Seed”? I posted about it in the “Movies by decade” article before I found this one.

August 22, 2007

SFAM said:

Hi Fisk0, Demon Seed definitely fits. I’m just behind on my reviews. I actually have this on my desk waiting to be written about after Max Headroom.

August 24, 2007

BionicFly said:

Don’t know if anyone’s considered this but “Full Metal Alchemist” - used to watch it on Cartoon Network Adult Swim all the time. Don’t know if it fits into the genre in the strictest sense but the title character Ed had cybernetic limbs and his brothers soul existed in an empty suit of armor when he lost his physical body. Most of the elements would probably be considered fantastical as the shows rules of science don’t apply to our world, but it definitely touched on themes of what it is to be human, artificial life, so on and so forth.

August 27, 2007

fisk0 said:

I don’t think this one has been mentioned: Halbe Welt, a austrian science fiction film from the 80’s. I think I’d call it cyberpunk, though it is more of an post-apocalyptic punk film.
It’s about a near-future where the ozon layer has been erazed, making the sunrays very lethal. As a result mankind now only can go outdoors at night. Most people live and work underground, but a few people feel the urge to walk to the top of the tallest skyscrapers to watch the sunrise, mostly with deadly results. There are some kind of cyborg police too, I can’t remember all the details, it was some years ago I saw this one, and as far as I know it is barely available on VHS, no DVD release whatsoever. It’s not very good, probably comparable to the danish Skyggen (a.k.a Webmaster), but it does have some nice scenes and feeling to it.

September 5, 2007

johan said:

what about Total recall 2070 isnt that a cyberpunk series? Its more Bladerunner then Total recall though.

September 6, 2007

Maverick said:

Dunno if it’s been mantioned anywhere.

A Boy and His Dog (1975)

Evan T. said:

Mechanical Violator Hakkaider is most definitely a great choice to add. Also from Tokyo Shock, ROBOTRIX. IF you haven’t seen it, see it. Most amazing old-school kind of Japanese Cyber Punk I have seen.

I think you’re obligated to add Westworld, seeing as it was the first movie to use computer software to create those pixelized first-person images from Yul Brynner’s perspective. Yul Brynner!

Oh and yeah Max Headroom! I saw that a few weeks ago, and while not entertaining at all, it was surprisingly full of classic cyberpunk themes. Plus Max is the next door neighbor Dad from Honey I Shrunk the Kids.

Brainstorm with Christopher Walken. Really good film with a heaping serving of cowbell.

September 24, 2007

Evan T. said:

Cyberpunk movie!

Add Daft Punk’s new Electroma. It is really quite amazing, and I dont think you have to be a daft punk fan to appreciate the robot trying to become human theme. It is soo well done, like a mix of THX 1138 and Vanishing Point.

In fact THX 1138, I’m not sure if that is on your list, but I would say it definitely qualifies. Also, I mentioned in a previous post, but not sure if you saw it. Mechanical Violator Hakaider is a great livea action anime robot movie. See previous post for more!

September 26, 2007

Albertroll said:

Cannot believe nobody has mentioned the following movies:

Nemesis - Long deleted B movie cyberpunk mash up

Hardware - Wicked Cyberpunk Film. Mentioned on this site before

Total Recall 2070 - Best Cyberpunk TV series ever Made

September 29, 2007

ferchunix said:

Good list, Solarys it’s a very good movie and book but it’s only sci-fi, Stalker i think is a Dystopian film but i think the theme is cyberpunk, you can add these:

Mutant Action (Spanish Director Alex de la iglesia, incredible film)
Children of men (Alfonso Cuaron UK 2006)
Battle Programmer Shirase (teenage hacking anime similar to War Games)
Riders of the storm ( hacking TV on a B29, Great!!)
Dominion Tank Police (Masamune Shirow)
C.O.P.S. (Animated TV serie)
1984, Michel Radford ,UK 1984
Farenheit 451, Francois Truffaut France 1966
Futurama (Animated FOX TV serie)
Red Dwarf (Incredible UK TV comedy serie with lots of scifi and cyberpunk stuff)
Fortress 2: Re-Entry, 1999 Geoff Murphy

October 2, 2007

Albertroll said:

Here is web address that all visitors to this site should check out:

A lot of the films have little or nothing to do with Cyberpunk, and I was personally dissapointed they had Blade Runner at no 3 and Equilibrium at no 50 which was a bit harsh. They also missed out on the totally excellent Code 46, possibly the most realistic futuristic movie of recent times. But there are many cool cyberpunk films listed like Robocop and Totall Recall there as well. Have fun!

xristos said:

The key difference between scifi and cyberpunk is the focus of the latter
into urban decay and dissolution. In that aspect, the portrayal of society
and the individuals contained within is of paramount importance. The “cool”
visual effects, robots, AI etc etc have nothing whatsoever to do with the main
theme of cyberpunk which is about society. They are of second importance and
a movie should be characterized as cyberpunk only if the first criterion is satisfied
completely. Going by this rule, films that are too polished (like hollywood polished)
do not belong in your guide. If a film does not evoke gritty realism, social isolation
and technology corrupting everyone its not cyberpunk.

ferchunix said:

Two things about last 2 comments,I think the list is about cyberpunk,dystopia and hacking culture, the thougths of this web owners or writers. May be there are many films that are just scifi and others that has nothing to do with scifi like “Hackers”,it’s just a fantasy comedy. Cyberpunk for me is extremely wide and different for a closed point of view, some film reviews of this web are about non cyberpunk films,for example Heavy Metal, but they have some points in common with cyberpunk and they show very good things in their reviews like:

“Degree of Cyberpunk Visuals: Medium , Correlation to Cyberpunk Themes: Medium”

If we only focus on 100% cyberpunk films we could only make a small list.

Albertroll that list is good but do you think Starship Troopers is Dystopia? .It’s just military scifi, it’s a recommended book of reading for the fucking USA marines!!. I mean no list is perfect.

October 3, 2007

ferchunix said:

Hey,another one i’ve just found: Burst City ,Japan 1982.

I can’t wait to get it!!!

October 8, 2007

Albertroll said:

I agree. Starship Troopers is not Cyberpunk at all, but to be fair, I did say that list had many films that had little to do with Cyberpunk. But a lot of them are dystopia related, which fortunately or unfortunately will always be tied in with Cyberpunk. And I know why non and pro cyberpunk fans feel this way. I mean, can anybody name one Cyberpunk film that shows the future being a rosy lovely place, or even a place or future that is better than it is today? I cannot think of one. Blade Runner is my favourite cyberpunk film, but that future was pretty horrid. We havent got enought real criminals on the loose, that we have to have artificial onmes as well.And please dont say Minority Report because I would hate for somebody to think my bad thoughts before I did!

October 16, 2007

ArthurT said:

I would add: Colosus: A Forbin Project, and
WarGames, and Sneakers ( Robert Redford )

How many of PKDs movies count?
BLADE RUNNER (1982) * Definatly.
TOTAL RECALL (1990) * Defiinatly.
MINORITY REPORT (2002) **wow…( gawd I hate Mr Schientology)
THIRTEENTH FLOOR - Gotta check this one out, I heard about it, and went to see it in am empty theatre.
2001 A Space Odessy

HIGHLANDER II-The Quickining..Hmmm you have to draw the line somwhere, and this should be it. Cyberchumb.

Ill be bek!


1. Next starring Nicolas Cage
2. the horror movie Pulse
3. Iron Man starring Robert Downey Jr.

October 26, 2007


1. the television series, Dark Angel starring Jessica Alba. co-created by James Cameron, the latter admits that the character was inspired by the characters of Ellen Ripley (Alien) and Sarah Connor (Terminator). it’s also set in a cyberpunk environment so it easily fits in the category.
2. sadly. yeah. Highlander 2 also fits into the category of Dystopic Cyberpunk. set on a futuristic cyberpunk world that also features cyberpunk characters (the villains).

November 6, 2007

gw said:

Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis” or virtually every flick that contains a robot/android (including “Star Wars”, “Star Trek” …)

Fairly good & recent SF movies: Gattaca (1997), The Island (2005).
Books: Dan Simmons’ “Hyperion Cantos” (has real Gibson-style Cyberpunk, but also much more)

December 1, 2007

reivax said:

I don’t think anyone said Akira.

January 10, 2008

SSJKamui said:

Perhaps , these films fall under the category cyberpunk(I am not completely sure about this):

8 Man After
Macross Plus
Kairo(The japenese original of the movie “Pulse”)
i-wish you were here
Cyborg 009
Key the metal idol
Megazone 23 (A film about a biker in a big city who meets a computer generated virtual pop idol. )
Darkside Blues (A series about a supernatural being who fights against a rude megacorporation who rules the earth)
2030 Aufstand der Alten(A german sci fi documentation about demographic problems. )
Clover (A short music video based on a manga by clamp)
Digimon Bokura no Wargame (A movie about kids trying to stop a computervirus who manipulates many important technologies and tries to initiate a nuclear strike against japan. The movie is possibly inspired by the movie Wargames.)
Neo Tokyo (A collection of short films focusing on technology . The creator of Akira was involved in the production.)
.Hack (A series about a virtual reality MMORPG.)
Silent Moebius
Choujinki Metalder (A series about a robotic policeman similar to Robocop. )
Tokusou Robo Janperson
Kidou Keiji Jiban

Da5id said:

Radioactive Dreams… It’s got the visuals, but not strong on the the themes. It’s more of a post-apocalyptic movie than cyberpunk, but there is definite Blade Runner influence in the construction of the future world. It’s played mainly for comedy as 2 kids who have raised themselves in a bomb shelter with only Raymond Chandler novels to let them know what society is like come out to a post-nuclear-war society and try to interact in a 40s noirish detective kind of way. It’s almost a parody of cyberpunk-noir and post-apocalyptic movies. Definitely worth checking out and good for some legitimate laughs.

January 22, 2008

SSJKamui said:

The Hong Kong movie 2046 also had some cyberpunk elements. (

January 23, 2008

Renegade said:

Hi there. I have something for you called “Virtual Nightmare”. Only seen it once on TV. It’s some Matrix-themed (people living in a virtual reality run by a supercomputer) kinda low budget movie and it’s not that bad.
IMDB entry here:



January 24, 2008

Com Wedge said:

Solaris Remake is fantastic!

Com Wedge said:

Found This Link which will have some films to see and review:

January 26, 2008

tagline said:

Brilliant finding this site. To see that there are cyberpunk fans out that want someone to do the genre justice.

Just thought you guys would be interested to know that there is a site called “A Swarm of Angels” that is intent on making a fan based cyberpunk flick. The budget is going to a 1,000,000 pounds Stirling. We need more input - even need help in writing the script.

Currently called “the Ravages” it meets xristos’ definition of what makes a movie cyberpunk - urban decay and social dysfunction in the near future.

I’m going to post a message on the ASOA site back to cyberpunkreview cause I think you need to see a few budget cyberpunk movies to understand the genre. And you guys are absolutely the source.

cochunc said:

Ha volte non ho prolio voglai di fare i compiti e spesso e volentieri lij ricopio a scuola,vado un pò prima e riesco a ricopiarli tutti,senza che gli ionsegnanti se ne accorgono così mi rimane il temjpo pre chtatrae con i cojpagni di scuola.
edabbiamo fatto il gioco dell’anelloo ,questo gioco consiste nel mettere l’anello


January 30, 2008

Diego said:

Acion Mutante. A wonderfull Spanish film.

February 10, 2008



February 18, 2008

Com Wedge said:

Oh I’ve found a good one:

Soylent Green

If I get a copy I’ll review it for you.

April 15, 2008

Capissen said:

If anime is fair game, why has no one mentioned Serial Experiments Lain? That’s the series that introduced me to cyberpunk. The themes are just drenched in it.

November 14, 2008

Adam Daub said:

I still haven’t seen a review of the original UK Max Headroom film.

November 20, 2008

Adam Daub said:

Total Recall 2070 had a relatively recent DVD release of the first two episodes (uncut) combined into a feature film. It’s called “Total Recall 2070 : Machine Dreams”
It shares more in common with Bladerunner than Total Recall (the film or story)–p8

Interestingly enough the critics are pretty harsh on the acting in this series, yet like I always point out in critics hypocrisy, each of them seems to give movies with overly hokey acting (I.E. Sin City) high marks.
The series is not without it’s cheese, but come on… it’s a fairly low budget 1999 TV series.

Adam Daub said:

For the fans of Tetsuo and Rubber’s Lover…. how about Meatball Machine?

November 21, 2008

SFAM said:

Hi Adam, I actually have this sitting on my desk. I may review Meatball Machine this weekend.

zenseeker said:

zenseeker said:

Damn, another one that I forgot

Dark Season

BBC series that stars a very young Kate Winslet :)

SFAM said:

Hi Zenseeker, thanks for the list. I will definitely look into some of these like Dark Season. But many others I’ve already rejected, in some cases explicitly so, such as New Rose Hotel:

New Rose Hotel “the Gibson story” is most definitely cyberpunk, whereas the movie just as clearly isn’t. I think I have a stricter definition than some. Check out my “What is cyberpunk” page for details, but this would discount things like Mario Brothers, Batman and Soldier.

zenseeker said:

Dark Season may only just scrape through, here are a few more good links: (has a few clips)

It had a kind of “20 minutes into the future” feel and was quite futuristic for 1991 hehe

fisk0 said:

I agree Batman and Soldier aren’t cyberpunk (haven’t seen Mario), Batman does have some steampunk style visuals, but Soldier is just a somewhat regular sci-fi story, only cyberpunk in the “high tech low life” sense - super soldiers, big space ships and people living on a big waste dumping ground.

But then, my definition of cyberpunk might be more restrictive than most as well, I do remember seing some films on this page I wouldn’t consider cyberpunk either.

zenseeker said:

I base it as cyberpunk on the fact that it is a semi-sequel/prequel to Blade Runner, only unofficially.

SFAM said:

Hi fisk0, because there really is no clear delineation point, there will always be some disagreement of what is and what is not cyberpunk. I did this site though in large part to the popular belief that there are only like 10 cyberpunk movies - the same ones that are always cited in social studies and the like. Obviously I think the list is vastly greater. If the points of disagreement is over a few one way or another, than I think I’ve done a fairly decent job.

zenseeker said:

You’ve done a great job :) I’m glad that I found the site.

The debate over what is and isn’t cyberpunk seems a lot less heated that the steampunk debate, those people have their heads up their butts for the most part.

Adam Daub said:

Solider is indeed a standard sci-fi action flick. I did read somewhere that originally the writers planned on it being set in the same universe as Bladerunner and that the soliders themselves were to be replicants (basically off-world fighters, like what Roy in Bladerunner was designed for) but that whole concept was scrapped for the all-too-tired GENETICALLY GROWN SUPER-SOLDIER. Hollywood, eh?

Adam Daub said:

Also I’ve noticed people seem to have a huge confusion when it comes to dystopia-style films and cyberpunk. Just because the future is bleak in a film DOES NOT make it cyberpunk.
Stuff like 1984 is NOT cyberpunk… while it certainly had INFLUENCE on it, it is by no means cyberpunk. Nor is something like Madmax, which is essentially the total opposite of cyberpunk… the almost entire lack of technology (don’t you remember? The ordinary vehicle was considered the peak of their societies technology in Madmax and it’s sequels?)

Adam Daub said:

SFAM, perhaps you should set up a section in the by-decade-cyberpunk for PROTO-CYBERPUNK (Stuff like Westworld, Stalker, 1984, etc)? Just a thought. I figured that would at least seperate some confusion and give people an idea of on the influences that brought the concepts of the dystopic, gritty settings most cyberpunk tends to lean on.
Ok, enough off topicness… back to movie suggestions. ;)

zenseeker said:

I have had heated debates on whether the Matrix and the Terminator films are cyberpunk or not, in my opinion they are not.

But anyway, suggestions….

Maybe there should be a TV section? There are a handful of shows that might qualify,

Total Recall 2070
X-Files “First Person Shooter”
Max Headroom
Wild Palms
Harsh Realm
Dark Season

The validity of these shows I will leave you to decide :)

November 24, 2008

Adam Daub said:

I’m a bit confused as to how The Matrix is NOT cyberpunk.
The Matrix has people plugging their consciousness directly into a mainframe.
While I didn’t care really much for The Matrix in general, it’s pretty strange to state that it’s not cyberpunk.

zenseeker said:

I see it as post-apoc, not cyberpunk. The fact that people are wired into a mainframe and all that stuff is irrelevant, it’s a post apoc world with no big corporations, no society (as such) and little (apart from the Matrix itself) that ties it to cyberpunk, at best I would rank it as medium. Same applies to Terminator.

Now, if people were wired into a mainframe in a world not devastated by war and machines, I would say cyberpunk, but that post-apoc/machine thing gets in the way.

I’ve argued with people for hours over these films and their validity, I know I’m in the minority lol

November 26, 2008

OG brundle said:

OK, I didn’t look at all of the comments but I didn’t see “Hardware” anywhere! Great cyberpunk film.

OG brundle said:

“Doomsday” also has some cyberpunk themes and definently has the look…

OG brundle said:

can anyone tell me where to find a torrent for a low budget underground film called “Narcosys”???

December 4, 2008

zenseeker said:

Just stumbled across a movie called “Future Kick” that might be worth a look:

Looks a little cheesy, but cheesy can be good…..sometimes….

December 7, 2008

Samuel said:

Hi, just stumbled upon your site. Very nice, this has given me some new ideas for films to watch.
In reference to your list: I don’t know if you’ve seen Paprika, but that might be another addition. Very cool anime, visually stunning. Based on a novel from Yasutaka Tsutsui.

SSJKamui said:

The Story of the Anime “The Big O” ( sounds very cyberpunk to me. Perhaps, this series can be considered cyberpunk.

Katalyst said:

Doomsday is not cyberpunk ;)

zenseeker said:

December 11, 2008

Katalyst said:

You could try Wall-E. It has some elements of cyberpunk in it. I think it’s worth your review. Plus, it a good movie overall :)

December 12, 2008

synthetic_creature said:

i think if a film has any relevent cyberpunk aspects to any degree, it fits into the cyberpunk designation.

i dont really see the point in wanting to deny calling a certain film ‘cyberpunk’ just because it lacks a certain factor such as corrupt corporate control, or maybe it doesnt have enough robotic visuals or its too far in the future (wtf?) or something, etc.

its all relative science fiction- however loosely related or not a film like
terminator or the matrix could be to blade runner (which seems to be the ultimate agreed on *cyberpunk* movie) , to me they are still very cyberpunk related. cyborgs. robots. post apocalypse. vr. invasive use of technology. etc… also space operas are very cyberpunk at times for me. just look at the borg from st:tng

but i guess i just have a more open viewpoint than everyone else posting here.

December 15, 2008

Stickyfingerz said:

It looks like most of the key movies have made your list so far.

I’m glad to see that Ergo Proxy just made the cut.

Not sure if these REALLY fit into the cyberpunk genre, but since you’re including anime and dystopian sci-fi, I’d submit the following:

Now and Then, Here and There


Blue Gender

Keep up the good work, you’ve got a great resource here!!!

December 16, 2008

Finn said:


If you want a real Cyberpunk movie see BABYLON A.D.
There is a smuggler in there called Finn…..
Is it coincidence???

December 17, 2008

zenseeker said:

“If you want a real Cyberpunk movie see BABYLON A.D.”

It may be a ‘real’ Cyberpunk movie, but is it a good cyberpunk movie? The answer is of course no.

December 18, 2008

Finn said:

Yeah if you see near the great classic CP movies its only a “Why Vin Diesel tougher than Chuck Norris” action movie…

But Babylon has a big advantage.Its not an anime….

December 19, 2008

01-Armitage said:

The City of Lost Children?

It has cyberpunk aestetics (though more steampunkish), but I dont know if its really cyberpunk…

01-Armitage said:

The City of Lost Children?

It has cyberpunk aesthetics (though more steampunkish), but I dont know if its really cyberpunk…

December 23, 2008

Katalyst said:

It’s called The Cyberpunk Educator!
A must see film for all people you are interested in cyberpunk media.
The film’s site is:

It can be downloaded by torrent @:

Enjoy please!!!

December 26, 2008

Katalyst said:

zenseeker, Babylon AD is far from cyberpunk. It has some visuals that can be loosely associated with cyberpunk but would be better to be classified as Sci-Fi. Bablyon AD is another Vin Diesel worship movie with great stunts.

zenseeker said:

Katalyst, I wasn’t the one who claimed that it was a cyberpunk movie, I was replying to someone else.

December 30, 2008

Katalyst said:

Another concept worth mentioning is the Max Headroom story.

The British movie “20 Minutes into the future” (1985) is the first film to introduce Max Headroom. If you can find it, watch it.

Then a couple of years later, an american tv series was created. This was called “Max Headroom”. The episodes (1-3) that are worth watching can be viewed at .

I recommend anyone and everyone to watch both entries.

P.S. sorry zenseeker

kabukiman said:

The city of the lost children is steampunk (but excelent anywhay). I remember Max Headroom, I was just a kid, but I was really impressed.

December 31, 2008

Martin said:

Not really a cyberpunk movie, but definitely fun sci-fi is Kindzadza -

January 2, 2009

Martin said:

Apparently I was wrong as IMDB calls it an “advanced cyberpunk film” ;)

January 16, 2009

zenseeker said:

This is a TV series rather than a movie, but this series may fall under the category of Cyberpunk:

January 20, 2009

zenseeker said:

May I assume that you have your copy of “The Gene Generation” ordered? US release is 27th Jan:

January 24, 2009

Princess said:

Two words

Mutant Action.

Darkly funny spanish cyberpunk, in a VERY un-pc way. I seriously recommend it.

zenseeker said:

I assume that you mean “Acción mutante”?

January 26, 2009

futuretaikonaut said:

Hope about “Until the End of the World?”

That movie, though not explicitly cyberpunk, features many of the traditional cyberpunk tropes.

futuretaikonaut said:

I’ve seen it. It’s available via the torrents now. Very pretty production values, though the story and characterizations are far from revolutionary.

January 27, 2009

Nuverian said:

First of all GREAT site.
I think that Cube Zero is quite a cyberpunk and I am talking about the scenes outside the cube…Consider this movie

fisk0 said:

I’m not sure I agree. Of course, that depends on what one’s definition of cyberpunk is.
I think I see what you mean about Cube Zero, but all of the “outside-the-cube” parts of Cube Zero are closer to the classic Orwellian surveillance society in my opinion, and I do think there is an distinction between 1984 style science fiction and cyberpunk.
My (personal) definition of cyberpunk puts a lot more weight on the “high tech versus low life” aspect than just the “corporate government” or “surveillance state” stuff. While “high tech, low life” must not necessarily be the focus of the story, all the movies I consider cyberpunk has that stuff in common as background themes.
It’s the contrast between the cyborgs, robots, high tech weapons and the run down ghetto and industrial areas, drug addicts and gangs in the Robocop movies, the contrast between the pyramid shaped corporation building, the flying cars, the advertising airship and the half-abandoned half-falling apart buildings, the homeless and the street gang stealing the high tech equipment from the roof of the car in Blade Runner and the contrast between the high-tech stuff and the massive riots in Strange Days and Johnny Mnemonic. Similar stuff appears in Burst City (high tech cops versus punks squatting a factory), Webmaster and Nirvana (the advanced computer systems and other technology versus the extreme amounts of people seemingly living in basements and sewers with leaking pipes and stuff).
Post-apocalyptic fiction is generally all about ‘low-life’, people going back to a more primitive way of living after the collapse of the western world. Classic science fiction is generally about all ‘high-tech’, certainly not always in a utopian way, but in a way that super advanced technology has replaced almost all earlier technology and is available to everyone. While some ’standard’ sci-fi also contains some high tech vs. low-life bits, I’d generally like to limit cyberpunk to a somewhat near future set on earth (mankind rarely have made real progress in space, at most we’ve built bases on the moon and mars, but I doubt any ‘real’ cyberpunk set on an Star Trek style starship would be possible) where more advanced technology have evolved, but is not available to the general public, the segregation between rich and poor has grown even wider and there is some kind of unrest going on among the lower classes (not necessarily resulting in successful riots though, since police have advanced technology to hold back the masses).
I know this didn’t come out as coherent as I hoped it would, but english is a bit too complicated for me to write long texts in.

February 5, 2009

cyber-nut said:

did ghost in the shell somehow not make it into this thread?

zenseeker said:

Ghost in the Shell already has it’s own thread, it’s been covered. This thread is for hunting out forgotten titles.

February 8, 2009

Leefe said:

I was also going to suggest: Wild Palms
Everyone needs their daily does of puffer fish venom.

May 9, 2009

Katalyst said:

Caprica. It’s a movie that just came out. It’s about virtual reality.
Worth watching, really.

May 16, 2009

Feyhra said:

I can’t think of any more movies off the top of my head, but I can think of two very cyberpunk TV series you haven’t reviewed. Max Headroom and Total Recall 2070, which sadly only lasted one season. Both are easy enough to find onliine..

Feyhra said:

There is a very pretty 1995 Lara Lee documenttary entitled Synthetic Pleasures which is strongly futurist/cyberpunk. I’ve seen a few VHS copies on Amazon(No DVD release, sadly) or you could also try Cinemageddon which is where I found my copy.

Also, on June 22nd Richard Stanley’s Hardware will finally be getting an official DVD release, so there ought to be a much more viewable copy available then. I also did a little digging around and company releasing it recently applied to the BBFC for ratings for a couple of Stanley’s old Super8 movies, including the ‘prequel’ to Hardware, ‘Incidents In An Expanding Universe’, which runs at about 45 minutes and introduces all the characters we later see in Hardware. With a decent print I would consider increasing the rating for a 9 to, perhaps a 10..

June 2, 2009

Anonymous said:

Is the film “The Machine Girl” Cyberpunk? What about “Tokyo Gore Police”? I think both films have certain cyberpunk elements and or visuals.

June 4, 2009

Feyhra said:

Worth taking a look at Split Second, I think. Although the themes aren’t particularly cyberpunk, that atmosphere is hugely so. Not to mention it has Rutger Hauer. Often overlooked British movie. Definitely worth a review. It’s something of gem.

Anonymous said:

Cyberteam in Akihabara

June 5, 2009

hoj201 said:

I barely made it through Code 46. I even love bad cyber punk. But Code 46 was a slow emotionless twist on Gattaca, with a “look how slick this film is” attitude. Roughly speaking, I don’t consider it “gritty” enough to get the label, cyber-punk. Perhaps you may qualify it as cyberpunk based on the plot though.
Just out of curiosity, have you reviewed “A Boy and His Dog?”

Awesome site! I can’t wait to restart my netflix.

June 6, 2009

Feyhra said:

You might want to check out Offline. If it ever gets made it looks like it will be extremely cyberpunk in looks and style. Here is a trailer..

June 10, 2009

Katalyst said:

I would suggest tapping back into some TV series from 80’s-90’s cartoons :D

Phantom 2040
Aeon Flux
And more come when you look into those ones.

Katalyst said:

Offline looks like a great movie. 10/10 as far as cyberpunk goes. But i’ll bet the plot will be shit. Amazing visuals though!

July 7, 2009

maacruz said:

What do you think about Lexx TV series?
While it is somekind of a comedy space opera, at least in its two first seasons (the last season takes place in Earth), it is very heavy in cyberpunk visuals and themes (dystopian society ruled by theocracy, cyborg robots, bioengineering, extreme body modifications….)

July 19, 2009

Anonymous said:

Until the end of the world by the World by Wim Wenders( )

September 10, 2009

Anonymous said:

Genocyber, heavy metal fakk 2 ,hum… ill think of something.

September 15, 2009

Ludwig said:

October 1, 2009

Lordy said:

city of ember, reading the page “what is cyberpunk i think this movie fits in perfectly

October 6, 2009

RipTide said:

Here are a couple that don’t appear to be listed so far:

Game Over

Also, how about a list of cyber-punk or techno-thriller books? I can start the list off with:

Backslash by William H. Lovejoy
The Termination Node by Lois Gresh
Digital Fortress by Dan Brown
The Blue Nowhere by Jeffery Deaver

RipTide said:

There was also a great TV show that I think was too cerebral and therefore didn’t catch on with the masses. It was called Level 9.
Also there was The Lone Gunmen. And there was a comedy called Dweebs that I enjoyed. Also the UK show, The I.T. Crowd. Very funny.

November 3, 2009

Ludwig said:

Ludwig said:

I also vote for Cube, Soldier and Batman Beyond.
Batman Bayond is clearly a cyberpunk spin-off of Batman, it looks like children’s cartoon but it has very brutal and bloody scenes.

Some of you voted against Cube. I recommend you all three movies. There is: an evil megacorporation (IZON), paranoia, high-tech (visuals), one colour dominates, near future, the second one (Hypercube) looks like running in a virtual reality, there’s a hacker in it. Technology is evidently against human beings in that movies. Somebody said it’s more orwellian than cyberpunk.For me it’s more kafkaesque than orwellian. If THX-1138 or Brazil are cyberpunk movies (which are clearly influenced by Orwell) I can’t see why the Cube series (especially Hypercube) is not cyberpunk.
Soldier is a bad movie, I mainly vote for it because it is intended to be running in Blade Runner’s world.
Why aren’t there reviews of Escape from LA/NY movies?

November 4, 2009

Ludwig said:

Barb Wire is simply the female version of Mad Max. Wikipedia even lists it as a cyberpunk movie.

November 5, 2009

Ludwig said:

In case of the Batman movies: imdb listed the Batman Beyond cartoons which are obviously cyberpunk. Gotham is a nice place for a cyberpunk set-up.

Ludwig said:

Cube 1-3 (especially 2)
Barb Wire
Escape from New York and LA.

See my reasons in the topic “Help me find more cyberpunk movies”.

November 6, 2009

Anonymous said:

Inhabited Island
(and its sequel)

November 26, 2009

Ludwig said:

Sorry for repeating myself earlier!

Another movie that I found that is cyberpunk:

December 13, 2009

DERYN said:

I’m sorry I haven’t had chance to read all posts so there may be some duplicates.

FALLOUT 3 (Game) is an absolute must-add!

Fist of the North Star - a brilliant anime - More cyberpunk than you can shake a stick at! (Also saw a live action movie, might be worth a mention)

John Carpenters Escape from New York, and escape from LA (Apologies if they’ve already had a mention)

I also consider Waterworld to be a VERY cyberpunk film, though a bit of a departure from typical post-apocalyptica scenarios.

Total Recall (Sorry if its already been mentioned)
Mad Max (Extremely cyberpunk, sorry again if mentioned)

Keep up the fantastic work I’ve had a great browse at your site, if only there were enough hours in the day! I’d be more than happy to banner swap or exchange any form of promotion with my site: > If you’re interested please email me or join my site’s group.

Keep on keepin’ on!


March 19, 2010

Feyhra said:

Caprica is developing some pretty strong cyberpunk themes already. Uploaded sentient avatars living inside killer robots, and also a VR world that is strangely reminiscent of a cross between the matrix and Sin City - In particular, check out the episode, There Is Another Sky.

Feyhra said:

I just discovered a gem of a concept trailer. If it ever gets made it will be stunning -

Warren Lich

April 9, 2010

J2nku said:

I dont know if these fit the part, but Albert Pyun’s “Alien From L.A.” & “Journey To The Center Of The Earth”. Atleast the Atlantis world under our feet looks very cyberpunkish.

Will said:

Here’s an interesting one that no one’s ever really heard of.
It was made pre-cyberpunk before 1980, but it does contain some themes and some visuals. ZPG: Zero Population Growth (1972), dark dirty visuals, dystopian storyline. Doesn’t say when it takes place but we know the movie starts on January 1st. Another good proto-cyberpunk influence would be Project X (1968).

March 17, 2011

Severen Caine said:

Does ‘Screamers’ count?

Warmest regards, Severen.

P.s. Great site.

May 4, 2011

chlordane said:

Time of Eve

Watching it now, you should check it out.

July 1, 2011

The Jester said:

Burst City? that’s a good one for all you akira-heads, cause it feels like you’re watching a live version of it. I dunno how easy it is to get hold of a hard copy of it, but I’m seeding a torrent of it atm, so get it while the getting’s good! Anyone even SEEN this film? I’d be pleased to hear from someone who’s seen it cause it is a bad-ass, cyberpunk film to the max

July 2, 2011

SSJKamui said:

I actually searched for Burst City, but I didn’t find a copy yet.

July 10, 2011

Mattiator said:

Not sure if you own this one, as you listed it on the wiki under the alternate title “Maximum Surge Movie”, but Game Over (the US title) can be gotten off Amazon for cheap. Awful movie, but good for a laugh.

October 11, 2011

SpartacusTwoStep said:

May have already been posted but, the running man.

November 26, 2011

capnsid said:

Here are a few more:
Dreamscape - When Tommy-Ray Glatman produces scalpel-nails, it’s so ‘Molly Millions’.
Assault Girls - Mamoru Oshii’s sequel to Avalon.
GUNHED - Cheesy, but, eh!
Rin - Anime, with some episodes where people live part-time in VR, have holo-clothing, are victimized online, there’s a holoceleb, and megacorps dominate industry.
Ghost In The Machine - Serial killer accidentally gets uploaded into the city’s electrical grid, and commits random acts of murder; the two young leads (Wil Horneff and Brandon Adams) play in a VR sim, where the killer (Ted Marcaux) is hiding.
Hologram Man - Oysh!
Cyber Bandits - Ooyysh!
Flaming Ears - No-budget lesbian c-punk. Yaaarrrblockoes!!!

January 22, 2012

The Two said:

Give this movie a try, it’s called eXistenZ. Yes, that’s how it’s spelled.

I happened upon this movie when I was young. It was in german and I couldn’t understand what they were saying. I ended up being more confused and disgusted thanks to this. Reading the description now, it makes a lot more sense,

Already reviewed on this site, the two.

January 25, 2012

Anonymous said:

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