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March 3, 2007

Cyberpunk Review - On the First Page of Google!


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Thanks to ETM’s wonderful suggestion to separate the words in the title (from cyberpunkreview to Cyberpunk Review), this site has climbed from page 3 on Google’s search results for the word “Cyberpunk” to the first page! Currently, Cyberpunk Review (CPR) is sitting at #9 or #10 in the North American Google search results for the word “Cyberpunk.” This changes around pretty frequently, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see CPR bounce back and forth between the top of page 2 and the bottom of page 1. Why does this matter? Because traffic increases dramatically as the site moves up in the rankings. This translates into more people commenting on the posts, more interaction in the forums, and hopefully more assistance on the Wiki!


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Site Statistics Update
CPR has been on a pretty steady climb every since its inception in January, 2006. The addition of the forum definitely increased traffic, as did the more recent Wiki. The other contributor has been all those wonderful sites that now link to CPR. Technorati now shows 182 links from 91 blogs linking to CPR. Additionally, the decision not to stop others from using images directly from CPR has allowed many to find the site through various MySpace image linkages and Google Image searches. For instance, if you want to find images for Tetsuo (The Iron Man), CPR shows up on the first line. Here’s the overall statistics so far.

From 2006:

2006 Statistics


From 2007:

2007 Statistics


Notice the steady climb. February, which has 3 less days than January also lost a day due to a server change at my ISP, and still continued the climb.


Access by Country for the month of February, 2007:

Country Statistics


The improved search results have changed the country composition. Previously, international access comprised about 40% overall. Now its closer to 30%. This is somewhat sad in that I love the international participation here at CPR. Lets get those search results up in Eastern Europe, ey?

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March 3, 2007

[ETM] said:

Wow, the traffic has certainly increased… most of the new traffic are probably AS (Artificial Stupidity, as opposed to Intelligence) but that comes with the territory - greater exposure means lots of spam. :)

Damn you Canada, you’re next!

See, this is what flags do to people. :P

Vesper said:

CPR shows up as #26 with this query:

Taking a big local competition into account, it ain’t that bad ;)

The 30-fold bandwidth change in 2006 is simply amazing :D

[ETM] said:

Of course, one has to take into account the amount of new material added constantly - there’s more stuff to browse every single day.

Shali said:

Yeah, Hungary is on the list ^^
We rock \m/

SFAM said:

Just a note about the numbers above - those are from actual people, not bots. The numbers from googlebot and the like are not included. But yeah, access is doing well. And yeah Hungary is ALWAYS on the list, Shali! :)

Mr. Roboto said:

More search results:

*Yahoo: #19 (page 2)
* #12 (page 2)
*MSN Live Search: #11 (page 2). It’s actually linked to the Surreal Cyberpunk page.
*The Cyberpunk Top 100: #95, and moving up.

Most of the number one slots were held by Wikipedia’s cyberpunk page, with the Russian Cyberpunk Project site close by.

We’re moving up in the world! 8)

SFAM said:

Just a note on the Cyberpunk Top 100 - that’s a total waste. If I could figure a way to get out of it I would. Apparently its been broken for quite some time. Most of the top sites haven’t changed in like 5 years or so. When I was watching it, Cyberpunk Review used to cycle randomly between #120 and #65. I suppose if I made the big logo for the Cyberpunk Top 100 and got people to click on it a lot, I might rise higher, but I’m passing on that thought. :)

But the page 2 for Yahoo, Ask, and MSN is pretty cool!

March 4, 2007

merzmensch said:

Greetings from Germany!
Want to say, you`re my favourite site. I feed with your rss my google-reader and I am very happy to read your new reviews.

Best regards,

SFAM said:

Hi merzmensch, thanks for the kind words! I hope to see you posting more often here. :)

March 11, 2007

Bionicman said:

It’s currently 7th on first page on google.

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