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March 16, 2006

New Reviewer - Cyberpunk Game Reviews Imminent!

Great news everyone - A new reviewer has joined the Cyberpunk Review team!

Neuromancer, a frequent site participant, is going to start reviewing cyberpunk games!

We should see Neuromancer’s first review up on the site in the next day or so. This is terrific as the goal of is to eventually encompass all forms of cyberpunk media. Game reviews will make a terrific addition both to the content and to the discussions. So everyone give him a warm welcome as he gets his feet wet.

Also, if anyone else is interested in participating, PLEASE PLEASE drop me a line at sfam”at” I am VERY interested in expanding the content to cyberpunk games, books, manga and graphic novels, art, and even cyberpunk music. I know Desirina mentioned she might be interested in reviewing books (I’m hoping to hear back from her on this), but I’m guessing that in the case of most forms of media, multiple reviewers won’t be a problem. So again, speak up if interested. And welcome, Neuromancer :)

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March 16, 2006

DannyV said:


BTW, if anyone needs guest reviews on cyberpunk games, by all means I’m available. Not to brag, but I’ve played a bunch of them, and many of them I’m playing right now(Deus Ex, baby!), so I’m pretty fresh.

But anyway, thanks for the expansion, this is a medium that’s been very supportive of cyberpunk, and not a few masterpieces have come out of it :)

SFAM said:

Hi DannyV, terrific! I LOVE the idea of getting more reviewers here - I think this will really add to the overall site. I’ve set up a private forum in the meatspace for reviewers. In there I’ve set up a cyberpunk games review thread. Neuromancer already is working on some games - I just want to make sure we all work together on this. Stop by there, and post your email and we’ll get you set up!

And welcome aboard. :)

March 17, 2006

Bergo said:

Great stuff ! I hope to see the Neuromancer game I wasted/played hours of my life. Other games I know of like Bloodnet, Beneath a Steel Sky, System Shock and many more would be great to see. Are we limiting this to Computer Games or thinking of including Cyberpunk RPG’s like Shadowrun, Cyberspace, Cyberpunk 2020 etc ?

SFAM said:

Hi Bergo, I actually had this great talk at a local coffee shop with this really cool chick who asked the same question - specifically related to the pen and paper games. Here was my response - “If you would like to do reviews of Cyberpunk RPGs, I would be thrilled to include them!”

Truly, I think I can handle detailing all the cyberpunk movies, but I’m just not even close to qualified for doing this with any of the other media (maybe graphic novels). The stated goal of the site is to review ALL cyberpunk media, so this would certainly include Cyberpunk 2020, etc. The only question then is getting reviewers interested in doing so. If Neuromancer, and now DannyV decide to take this on - GREAT! If they haven’t really played these games but others want to come in and participate in the review process and do these, even better! :)

December 31, 2006

aimaker said:

U4IA-AI4U is a new freeware game of artificial intelligence, inspired by the cyberpunk world of William Gibsons Neuromancer and the movie AI. You navigate a virtual world by chatting with AI’s . Very similar to using a chat program, with sounds , pictures, and a view of the AI you are talking with. A new twist in cyberpunk AI entertaimnet awaits the player. This is a very small 1 meg game, with no system requirements. This game is 100 percent freeware and does not even contain author information, no nags, nothing. Just a labour of love. Development is ongoing. Feel free to download U4IA AT THE LINK BELOW. Feel free to host it on your website.

January 6, 2007

Neuromancer said:

I like this game!
It is worth checking out.

If i may make a small suggestion: enable the enter-key to ask the questions. Now i keep switching between keyboard and mouse.
Otherwise i like the look and feel.

Off to play some more now….

March 8, 2007

aimaker said:

I wish I could, problem is the programming language will not allow it, I know sounds weird but it’s true, so here we are. Glad you liked it, any ideas for new games let me know, I was thinking of a talking version of this with animated head that would be cool, we will see, have been busy building some vrml worlds, but will get back to a game soon, wish someone would make a vrml to exe converter, perhaps u4ia with some vrml within it so you could actullay move around the world in realtime that could be cool……..I am getting ideas…….

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