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May 29, 2006

I Had a Fun Time Speaking at Balticon

Balticon brocure capture


Sorry for the lack of updates recently; I was preparing for a local Con. I had a great time speaking at Balticon this weekend. While the organization was a complete zoo, and my main session (Hidden Cyberpunk Gems in Film) was opposite against a kickin Browncoat play and terrific Gene Wolfe session, it was still a blast. The Gems session eventually got close to 20 people. A few came up afterwards and mentioned this was their favorite session of the whole event - another mentioned she might have a potential interested reviewer. In any event, I enjoyed this enough I probably want to look into doing similar events.


In doing the sessions, especially the anime themes one, I’m more convinced than ever that some of these wonderful animes and films sorely need publicity. There are some absolutely terrific stories that people that aren’t getting in front of those who would be REALLY interested to know about them. This really has become one of the primary goals of Cyberpunk Review. I really do believe I’ve helped expose people to truly interesting films that otherwise would have never gotten in front of them. In that same vein, I TRULY appreciate all the regulars here who are constantly exposing ME to previously hidden cyberpunk films. At one time I thought there was only about 120 cyberpunk anime and films. Now the number is hovering around 180 and rising. Keep them coming!


BTW - has any one seen all these movies in the brocure? If not, I’m guessing at least a few of you can identify all the pictures.

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May 29, 2006

ETM said:

That is so cool, man. And looks like you did great with the flyers - I’m sorry I wasn’t of any help… A sudden surge in work kept me from doing almost anything else - including sleep - these days.
I’m sure it was a great experience, wish I could have been there…

But… erm… a Browncoat play?!

ETM said:

Oh, btw - I think I don’t recognise three of the images, and I have seen nine of the ones I do. Not bad. ;)

SFAM said:

Hi ETM, 9 is definitely not bad. The best anyone at the conference did was 5 or 6. And yeah, the Browncoat (Firefly, of course) play was standing room only in the large ballroom. There must have been easily 300 people there. I caught the very tail-end of it. Gene Wolfe was also speaking at the same time on knights, wizards, and ladies - this of course relates to his recent (and wonderful) Wizard Knight books. I actually considered skipping my session to listen to him (I just got done reading these), but I thought better of it. :)

May 30, 2006

Case said:

Aeon Flux, Tetsuo, Rubber’s Lover, 12 Monkeys, The Matrix, Guinea Pig: Android of Notre Dame, Natural City, Immortel (ad vitam), One Point 0, Blade Runner, f8…those are the only ones I can identify offhand.

June 1, 2006

animegarbage said:


I enjoyed your panel at Balticon, was wondering if you could put together a list of the movies you talked about? I own a good portion of the anime, but movies not so much. I’ve found a few of the titles while searching through your site, but not all of them. Also, how hard is it to find Malice@Doll?

June 2, 2006

SFAM said:

Hi Animegarbage, Welcome to cyberpunkreview :)

I’m so glad you liked the session, and even moreso that you stopped by. In terms of a list of movies, I’m guessing you went to the cyberpunk gems session? If so, here’s the presentation I gave:

Let me know if you have trouble with the Powerpoint file - if so I can list these. And Malice@Doll is pretty easy to get. I know Best Buy used to carry it, and Amazon has it for $22. I would go to Deep Discount DVD for a cheaper price though. They have it for $17.47.

SFAM said:

Hi Case, 12 is a pretty good total, and yeah, all those are right. :)

Stevens Miller said:

Your presentation at Balticon was a wonderful eye-opener. You described so many films I’ve never even _heard_ of, that I wondered for a bit if I’d walked through some kind of dimensional dooryway and was in an alternate universe (one with better movies than my own). I had to leave a few minutes before you ended, but I’m glad I came. Presentations about films usually don’t interest me, but I miss the heyday of print cyberpunk, so I gave yours a shot. I’m glad I did, and will be keeping your site on my short list of bookmarks from now on.

SFAM said:

Hi Stevens, welcome to cyberpunk review and thanks for stopping by. And all compliments are always accepted and appreciated. :)

I’m glad the presentation was interesting to you (I love the alternate universe analogy - I sort of see this site in that vein). Let me know what you think of those films when you get a chance to see them.

June 5, 2006

yammosk said:

animegarbage: I’ve had some minor luck finding some the movies in his talk on Netflix of all places. So far I have found Malice@Doll and One Point 0. I am guessing these are some of the more easily found movies, but if you have an account, you might be surprised at what they have.

PS SFAM, I enjoyed your presentation, and wrote down much of what you talked about. Being pretty unexposed to cyberpunk, it was nice to have those recommendations on what to watch.

SFAM said:

Hi Yammosk, a greatly appreciate the compliments! And please let me know what you think about the movies you are able to get your hands on. I definitely would enjoy hearing follow-ups from this.

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