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August 2, 2006

July 06 Site Statistics - Growing Fast!

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Every now and then I like to update everyone on the site access and growth. I truly do appreciate especially the participation we’ve gotten here both with the comments (almost 1400 comments in total), and in the immense help so many have given in uncovering all these wonderful cyberpunk films (and even some of the “less than wonderful” ones). I absolutely love spending time building this site, and even though I don’t earn a dime off of it (generating ad revenue off of spreading the love for cyberpunk concepts seems wrong at some fundamental level), I really value CyberpunkReview more than I can express. Given this, and my relatively meager time I’ve been able to spend on CyberpunkReview for the first month since I’ve started, I’m shocked at the continued upswing in growth that July has shown. At the end of March, when I last did the stat thing, CyberpunkReview had almost over 8300 visits (267 per day), 37,000 page views (meaning the number of times a page on CyberpunkReview was requested) and just over 300,000 hits. Here’s what the stats looked like for January (search engine bot hits not included):


July 06 Statistics

  • Total Visits: 19,877
  • Average Visits Per Day: 641
  • Total Page Views: 66,885
  • Total Hits: 652,189


This is a doubling of the March statistics, but truly, July is a significant jump over June (almost 14,000 visits) as well. Overall, CyberpunkReview has had over 275,000 page views, and over 69,000 visits from almost 34,000 unique visitors (meaning about half the visits are from repeat visitors). In looking at the growth, I tried to figure out where this was coming from, and had hypothesized that there was a huge jump in search engine hits. Back in March, 49% of the site access came from a direct address (meaning someone typed or bookmarked “CyberpunkReview” to get here), 9% came from search engine hits, and 42% came from links from an external page (860 external links in all). In July, 51% of the site access came from a direct address/bookmark, 12% came from search engine hits and 37% came from external links (1184 in all). So really, to the extent things have changed, there has been a slight increase percentage wise in search engine hits, but the majority has come from direct links.


International Access

International access, while still growing wonderfully, has dropped as a total percentage of the hits. Previously, 40% of all hits used to be international; now this is somewhere around 33%. Interestingly, some of the increased US hits are graphic links - for instance, MANY sites in MySpace have linked to images here at CyberpunkReview. In any event, here are the top international country groupings accessing CyberpunkReview, along with the total page views from each:


  1. European Union - 2521 page views
  2. Australia - 2118
  3. Germany - 1680
  4. Great Britain - 1675
  5. Canada - 1015
  6. Sweden - 768
  7. Spain - 651
  8. Japan - 543
  9. Netherlands - 526
  10. Switzerland - 493
  11. Belgium - 439
  12. China - 384
  13. Russian Federation - 350
  14. Greece - 319
  15. Denmark - 284
  16. Poland - 284
  17. Hong Kong - 277
  18. Puerto Rico - 248
  19. Yugoslavia - 223
  20. Brazil - 221
  21. Czech Republic - 203
  22. Slovak Republic - 196
  23. Portugal - 187
  24. France - 162
  25. Others (and unidentified) - 5621


Visitor Machine Profiles
Operating Systems: 89% of all visitors have MS Windows for their operating system. 6.5% use Macintosh, 2.2% use Linux, and less than 1% use FreeBSD, Sun Solaris, WebTV (25 hits for this one), and NetBSD.


Browsers: MS Internet Explorer won July with 46% of all hits, whereas Firefox came in second with 38% (common folks! Go Firefox!). Opera accounted for 7%, Safari for 4.4%, and Mozilla, Netscape, Konqueror, Camino, and NetNewsWire accounted for less than 1% each.


Top Accessed Pages
Not surprisingly, as a single page, the RSS news feed has pretty much dominated everything else. Over 15,000 page views came from the RSS feed in July. For actual posts or category groupings, the breakdown is as follows:


  1. Cyberpunk Movies by Decade
  2. Ultraviolet
  3. Tetsuo (The Iron Man)
  4. What is Cyberpunk?
  5. Fragile Machine
  6. Texhnolyze
  7. Ghost in the Shell
  8. Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex
  9. A Scanner Darkly
  10. Serial Experiments: Lain
  11. Awesome Cyberpunk Visuals
  12. Total Recall
  13. Aeon Flux
  14. Blade Runner
  15. Armitage III


The Meatspace
The Meatspace Forum is still growing wonderfully. We have 95 members now, and there have been a some terrific discussions. Please join up! We’d love to have you participate!


Aside from getting 1-2 bogus accounts on the Meatspace every day (I delete these every few days), I’ve had over 260 spam comments uploaded to the site. While you would think this would be a nightmare to manage, the Akismet plugin has been a Godsend. I think that less than 10 spam comments have actually made to the site - all the rest were captured by Akismet, providing me easy deletion of them. For the spammers, I’ve gotten an insane number of ringtone comment ads, and a surprising number of japanese ads.


Still Looking for Reviewers
We’re still looking for more reviewers for Cyberpunk Review. Especially of interest are those interested in doing book, music and graphic novel reviews, but if someone wants to do cyberpunk art reviews, or cyberpunk internet short reviews, this would be great too. We have about 5 people on and off doing game reviews, but to date, we’ve only had one person (David Gentle) who’s done a book review for us. I’m eagerly looking forward to more from him, but clearly, cyberpunk books comprise the bulk of the content in the cyberpunk genre. If you have an interest, PLEASE PLEASE let me know. There’s a reviewers forum in the Meatspace that can give you some basic info on this.

And thanks again for stopping by. And especially, thanks to all of you who’ve been participating in the comments and the discussions in the meatspace.

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August 2, 2006

iammany said:

Hmm, European Union counted as a country?

SFAM said:

Hi Iammany, yeah, I should have explained that. What gets captured is the “country code.” So for instance, if someone is coming from a place with an extension of “it,” the system knows they’re from Italy. Apparently a number of places in the smaller countries in Europe use the EU extension. I don’t really know who, though.

BTW, if you don’t see your country listed and want to know how many page views there were last month, just drop me a comment here. We even got a few page views from Lebanon, so I’m guessing you’re probably listed.

Aram said:

Congratulations, SFAM, you deserve it. This is a great site. I hope to achieve those kind of numbers with my own effort someday!

I might be interested in doing a review or two at some point — I’ll have to think about what I’d write about. If you’d have me, that is.

ETM said:

Heh… “European Union” is cool, cooler than “Yugoslavia”, which no longer exists in any form.

Aram - good to see you! You are definitely missed.

DannyV_El_Acme said:

I’d love to know how many of those page views from Puerto Rico I am… Probably all of them :p

August 3, 2006

SFAM said:

Hi DannyV, Puerto Rico is actually listed at #18, with 248 page views, 2327 hits, and 48 MB in total downloaded.

And Aram, I’d LOVE it if you wanted to do a review or two - you can even cross-post it if that’s of interest to you. The only caveot would be on this site I’d want you do the star rating and visuals/themes if those apply.

ETM, incidentally, I have 31 page views from Slovenia (si), 82 page views from Croatia (hr), and 196 page views from the Slovak Republic (sk). Nothing from Montenegro though, so I’m guessing you’re coming in as “eu.”

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