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February 25, 2006

Attempting to upgrade to Wordpress 2.0…

I’m attempting to upgrade to Wordpress 2.o (2.01 actually). Apologies in advance for any downtime or formatting issues. With any luck, everything will look peacy in just a few!

EDIT: Well, looks like most things worked swimingly (let me know if anything is amiss), aside for the extra space that has now crept in to all my reviews. Between the title and the year on all the reviews, there is now an extra space - this is NOT intentional, nor did it exist prior to the upgrade. I’m working to figure out how to remove it (easier said than done, I’m afraid), and hopefully will do so soon, as it looks horrible!

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February 26, 2006

cjm said:

Be strong.. Wordpress 2.0 is worth it. I’ve been using it for a while with much success. By the way, great site - I’m a big William Gibson fan, so it’s great to see such a collection of cyberpunk information.

Thanks for trying my WordPress plugin.. I posted an answer on how to sort by post name on the original page here:

SFAM said:

Hi Chris, welcome to cyberpunk review! Hope you enjoy it! There’s a bunch of good cyberpunk movies out there.

Regarding the upgrade, the structured blogging thing is probably throwing me off some. Hopefully I can get that extra space removed.

Up until now, I’ve been using the WP_Category_Posts plugin along with PHP-Exec to get my navigation pages working the way I want (such as the cyberpunk movies by decade page), but the PHP-Exec doesn’t work in 2.0 (I was worried about the Category_Posts plugin as well, but this seems to). I’ve come across Exec-PHP which seems to work, but still, this is a pretty messy approach. If yours does the same thing without needing the PHP plugin, this would be great! I’ll give the new code a shot. :)

February 27, 2006

DoomAng3l said:

SFAM, WP 2.01 is def worth it… watch out for incompatible though, they can really screw the site.

SFAM said:

Hmm…I wonder if something I’ve installed is messing up my spacing. Now the BR tags leave almost no room between the paragraphs. Have you had this issue DoonAng3l?

DoomAng3l said:

some thing similar….

with the new 2.01 rich editor, whatever you do, don’t copy your text from MS Word, it copies the format and messes with the text, you land up having bold paragraphs and size and spacing mismatches …. just open and copy from Notepad.

Not to mention that coping from word also messes with your image layout in posts… it doesn’t behave quite the same…. I hope that they add a “remove formatting” button like there is in Mambo.

SFAM said:

Woohoo! I found it! You were right about the incompatible stuff DoomAng3l - turned out it was one of the plugins I had to do the category pages - it was incompatible and caused the space thing. Fixed now!

February 28, 2006

DoomAng3l said:

Glad its sorted, unfortunately some of the problems seem to crop up later rather than sooner…. ALWAYS backup your theme/pages before messing with code and research plugins as best you can….

I learned my lesson the hard way :(

March 1, 2006

SFAM said:

Wow, that sounds scary…I have still had a few issues, like when I go to edit something, it reverts to an earlier version…I need to look into this more I think.

March 7, 2006

DoomAng3l said:

There are a few iffy bits, which, hopefully should be sorted in 2.02 or later… lets cross our fingers!

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