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June 15, 2007

Apologies on the Downtime - My ISP Sucks

My sincere apologies on the downtime. My ISP sucks. Apparently, this simple wordpress site taps out there entire server, so they took me offline. I’m in the process of transferring ISPs. Hopefully I can get this done in the next day or so. I hear Dreamhost actually is familiar with Wordpress-enabled sites, so I’ll be trying there.


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June 15, 2007

nikonius said:

Dreamhost has been decent. The have an uptime that is only OK. Not great. Their strength is unlimited features and freedom for a cheap price. If you are willing to deal with a little less than perfect uptime then go for it.

SFAM said:

At this point I’ll just take a host that isn’t constantly harrassing me. Hopefully it works OK :)

nikonius said:

They haven’t harassed me yet. And I installed a bunch of custom software. Their servers seem to be able to handle the load. If you don’t break any laws they leave you alone.

Species said:

have a look at powweb. i use them and downtime has been almost non existent.

Francis said:

If you haven’t signed up already use the promocode “CYBERPUNK”, it’s obviously my referral but I put all the discount/kickback allowance into the discount. So all the savings go on to you. I like what you do here.

SFAM said:

Hi Francis, I’m afraid I already signed up. Is there anyway to do this after the fact?

At this point I’m still FTPing all my files from InmotionHosting. Hopefully I can do the transfer and turn on the site this evening.

microchip said:

SFAM, why not run your own server? if your ISP allows it (you could get a line from them which allows you to run a web sever for a little bit more $$$/month) all you need is to register the cyberpunkreview domain name (DynDNS comes to mind for that), setup a web server (Linux+Apache+MySQL is a top choice) and you’re in 100% control of your own site/server… just a thought… I run my own web/database server even though my ISP doesn’t allow that (but my traffic is very very low so I guess they don’t know that I run one). I even run a torrent tracker server on port 6969 ;)

Texpundit said:

I use Dreamhost for all my sites (including my blog). Also, make sure you’re using the WP Chache and Bad Behavior plugins. BB will keep bots from hitting your site (not search bots) and thus reduce server load. WPC is a basic caching plugin that serves cached, static pages up, again vastly reducing server load.

Let me know if you need any help optimizing. (I do this stuff for a living. *L*)

SFAM said:

Hi Texpundit. I have both of those running now, but will definitely make sure I have them enacted here as well. Hey, have you had issues with Akismet lately? It used to stop ALL spam but has let LOTS get through in the past month.

And Microchip, I really like the idea of hosting my own box, but I’m really trying to reduce admin time, not increase it. I agree though, this would be a better approach.

June 17, 2007

d4m4g3 said:

Haven’t used Dreamhost but how about GoDaddy? I’ve been using it for a couple of sites, even the magazine one and I haven’t had any problems with it.

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