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April 5, 2006

March 06 Cyberpunkreview Access Continues Steep Climb

Just a word or two on site access and growth. The month of March has continued a steep increase in site access. Overall, March statistics included:

  • 8283 Visits (a “visit” is when when a person actually comes to the site and accesses one or more pages)
  • 37,311 Pages viewed by people (and almost another 28,000 by search bots), which means the average person accessed 4.5 pages per visit.
  • 308,961 hits (obviously graphics are most of the hits as I have many screencaps per review - also many have linked my images, which, to date I see no reason of blocking)
  • Over 1000 of the visits lasted over 15 minutes, with almost 300 lasting over an hour (meaning the visitors read LOTS of movie and game reviews when they visited).


Just for perspective on growth, in February, the first full month of operation, cyberpunkreview had 4305 visits and 20,948 in page views (again, both not counting bot access). Also, Just three days ago (April 1st), cyberpunkreview for the first time had over 400 visits (April 2nd had 388 visits and April 3rd had 399 visits), so it appears that the upward trend is continuing.


International Access
The US accounted for just over 60% of all page views (meaning almost 40% of everyone accessing cyberpunkreview is from outside the US). The next highest countries in order were:


  1. Great Britain
  2. Australia
  3. European Union (I’m guessing many of the smaller European countries are grouped into an “eu” extension, but I really don’t know)
  4. Canada
  5. Netherlands
  6. Greece
  7. Germany
  8. Sweden
  9. China
  10. Poland
  11. Puerto Rico
  12. Croatia
  13. Romania
  14. Denmark
  15. Bulgaria
  16. Japan


Top Pages
Many people are accessing the site through the RSS feed. This accounted for my top page with over 4000 page views. In terms of actual pages, they are as follows:


  1. Ultraviolet, starring Mila Jovovich - Coming (updated) March 3! - this is true because Google still has cyberpunkreview on the first page for those searching for Mila Jovovich.
  2. Cyberpunk Movies by Decade
  3. Tetsuo - The Iron Man - many seem to come for the screencaps
  4. Ghost in the Shell
  5. Ultraviolet
  6. What is Cyberpunk?
  7. Natural City
  8. Armitage III
  9. Metropolis
  10. Texhnolyze


You’ll notice that most of these were among the first posts on the site. This indicates that the search engines have put these higher in search results than some of the more recent entries.


Game Reviews
One of the really cool things to occur in March was we got more reviewers on the site! Specifically, we got Metatron, Neuromancer and DannyV_El_Acme! All three have contributed wonderful game reviews - Metatron has also contributed reviews for Alien and the awesome William Gibson penned X-Files episode, Kill Switch.
In terms of game reviews, the highest accessed entry was System Shock, followed closely by I have No Mouth and I Must Scream and Deus Ex.


Book Reviews - and still looking for other reviewers!
Again, I’m truly excited about getting more reviewers on the site. I also want to thank Case for giving me some info and pictures on the Gene Generation, and for getting the director to come here and post!


Also, I’m fervently hoping to get some book reviews from David Gentle, Desirina, and others who mentioned an interest in this. I fully understand that doing a book review entails LOTS more work than a movie review, so I anticipate this taking more time. Again, if anyone who has familiarity with the genre and is interested in helping out with reviews, please drop me an email at We’d love to have you join us!


I’m also looking for a resident cyberpunk Art critic. I’ve mentioned this once or twice to Budo (username ETM), who did my most awesome header, but thusfar he hasn’t bitten down. Hopefully I get someone to take this on though. I do want someone with artistic talent to do this (or someone with an art history background) - when I look at most of these, I find myself loving all of them. But perhaps art critique really can’t use a star rating system - this is OK too.


The Meatspace
The Meatspace discussion area is still growing. Just two days ago, we had 10 people on at once! There’s some pretty cool topics under way, including a list of all cyberpunk movies, so check it out if you haven’t already.


Future Plans
I’m starting to slow down a bit in my movie reviews. I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up with one a day. In part this is due to the increased amount of time I spend on my reviews. If you go to some of the earlier ones, many are lots shorter with less screencaps. At some point I intend to go back and beef some of these up (like Dark City, for instance). I find screencaps and cyberpunk musings essential for good movie reviews, and will probably continue this.


Mangas and Graphic Novels: Also, I intend to start reviewing some of the bigger cyberpunk mangas and graphic novels. I’m still thinking of the best way to review these, but I’ve already decided that the reviews will involve captures of the artwork.


More Navigation Pointers: Because the number of movies has increased substantially, the decades page is becoming a bit less useful. I intend to build a tree structure of all my navigation pages and link them within the key nav pages. So, from the Movies by Decade page, you’ll be able to get to the “Movies by Star Rating” page and the cyberpunk themes pages.


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April 5, 2006

Hexxenn said:

Hey. Just figured I’d let you know that I like this blog. There aren’t too many cyberpunk-centric sites out there. This one is definitely the best already.

SFAM said:

Hi Hexxenn, thanks! I truly appreciate it. I’ve really been pleased with the response here, both in terms of comments, posts in the meatspace and in new reviewers. Hope to see you post more often here. :)

DannyV_El_Acme said:

Hahaha, looks like I singlehandedly raised Puerto Rico from off the list to 11th place! :p

But hey, this page deserves it. I’ve been talking to everyone about this page, since we really need to support our favorite genre. SFAM, congrats on having such a succesful page. Here’s hoping for a bazillion hits more! ;)

DannyV_El_Acme said:

Oh, by the way, SFAM, I’m planning on buying quite a few novels, so count me in for book reviews. I’m probably gonna post A Scanner Darkly first.

April 6, 2006

SFAM said:

Awesome DannyV - I can’t wait to see your Scanner Darkly review! And thanks for bringin Puerto Rico into the fold :)

Illusive Mind said:

Here’s to all the cyberpunk fans in Australia out there. Well here’s to at least one anyway. It is amazing how many other apparent ‘fan’ sites are in a state of disrepair, this is undoubtedly the best site a google search will yield, Ergo, the best site on the internet.

I think that has a-lot to do with the fact that it is all about now (as well has history) that this is not a retrospective or a eulogy of a bygone idea but an ever emergent, evolving monster that connects and identifies with so many people around the globe.

SFAM said:

Well said Illusive Mind - I definitely appreciate the comments. :) Most (not all) cyberpunk sites really do have a “Gee, the 80s were great, weren’t they?” kind of feel to them. Worse, it’s like no cyberpunk movies were made after 2001 for many of them.

Hopefully cyberpunkreview will spark a re-emergence of well maintained cyberpunk sites. And more importantly, hopefully cyberpunkreview continues to grow :)

EDIT: BTW, we have quite a few from down under here. Australians seem to love cyberpunk :)

April 7, 2006

DoomAng3l said:

Nice stats SFAM !
Does this include your administration tho ?
It is nice to see the growth of this site. I enjoy popping in for some light reading of the Genre I so dearly love ;)

In terms of book reviews, I have some stuff on the way after my vacation (until the end of May), once this is out of the way I will knuckle down and get some stuff up on my site, which you are more than welcome to copy and pinch, provided there is a link back, as per my site being Creative Commons.

I’ll mail you when back !!

Take care

Anonymous said:

Congratulions, sfam!
This site is quickly growing into a community-center for the cyberpunk-inflicted of our time.
Keep it up!

Neuromancer said:

That was me btw…

SFAM said:

Thanks Neuromancer - I would LOVE this site to grow into a thriving cyberpunk community center. I agree that it’s off to a great start. :)

SFAM said:

Hi DoomAng3l, I’d love to have your reviews here as well, as long as we can get them into the same format (header information and the like). I have no problems either with cross-posting or mentioning a post’s main source.

July 7, 2006

mattness said:

I can’t find good place to post small sugestion…
SFAM, could you allow access to forum for unregistered?
I often wanted to add my comment, to discuss, but I’m too lousy for registration process (and my spam filter often stop registrations emails :( )

SFAM said:

Hi Mattness, I don’t want to turn on the unregistered posting in the forum for fear of massive spamming. But if you send me an email to sfam”at”, I’ll go ahead and create an activated account for you and email you back the username and password. Will that work for you?

ETM said:

Heh… I wonder if they listed Montenegro under EU… BTW, the Croatian visits are probably by some guys on a SciFi forum I gave the link to. I dunno if they’ll comment, but they sure like the website.

SFAM said:

Croatia had 41 page views for for all of June, but has already had 54 for July. I’m guessing you gave them the link in July or late June? Hopefully we see them participating here. :)

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