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February 26, 2006

Categorizing Cyberpunk Movies

My primary goal here with is to create a knowledge asset for finding and understanding cyberpunk movies. Part of this involves actually providing decent reviews for ALL cyberpunk movies in existence (check out my thread in the Virtual Meatspace for my working list of all cyberpunk movies). The other aspect is creating relevant relationships between the movies so that their place in the genre can be understood. In pursuit of this, I have been tagging all my reviews in a number of different ways. I have broken down the various cyberpunk themes used, and have categorized the reviews through a number of ways. These lists are in the navigation frame to the right. Here’s what I’ve got so far:


Cyberpunk Themes


I also have the reviews grouped in a number of ways. In addition to the star rating and the decade the movie was released, I’ve identified a number of movie styles (animes, Japanese cyberpunk movies, etc.), and have created lists for movies with awesome visuals or terrific adherence to cyberpunk themes. So far, I have the following ones listed:


Cyberpunk Movie Reviews Grouped By


I haven’t made “link” pages for them up yet, but I have additional categories, such as “Made for TV,” “Internet shorts,” “Soft-core porn cyberpunk movies,” “Good low budget movies” and “Documentaries.”


Again, the idea here is to provide an easy way to find similarities between movies. My question - is this helpful? Do I have too many categories, or conversely, am I missing some?

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