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January 19, 2006

Site Development Status (1/19/05)

Movie Review Status: So I’ve started getting reviews up. I have lots more reviews to upload (like 30-40 or so), but not all are in wonderful shape. I’m wondering whether I should get the reviews up first so that the movie link structure is more complete, and then just update the reviews as I go, or whether I should spend more time and get higher quality reviews up at a slower pace. Currently I’m leaning towards a slower pace - maybe 1 - 3 a day or so.

Site Development Status: I STILL have a ton of work to do, both in look and feel, and in functionality.

  • At a minimum, I need to display some more of the categories on the left hand side, so that people have access to things like “surreal cyberpunk movies, android movies, animes, etc.
  • An awesome graphic artist (Budo) has agreed to do a header graphic. Hopefully I can talk Budo into doing reviews as well. :)
  • If you look at a single movie post, and go all the way to the bottom, you’ll see a set of categories that that movie resides in. I’ve been trying to figure out how to move that over to the sidebar for single posts, but up until now, I’ve been too stupid to figure this out. Then again, maybe it works better on the bottom. Maybe I just figure out a way to put a hyperlink anchor to take the user down to there.
  • I have to put a list of credits in the footer to list all the wonderful plugins I’m using
  • I need to decide what to put in the header. I think I’m going to remove the movies by decade link and just leave this on the right, unless someone tells me this is a bad idea.
  • Currently, I have my site using the default setting for comments, which is “moderated.” Is this a good idea? I hear spam is a monster. Hmm…I may keep this also unless someone tells me otherwise.

Movie Categories: Currently I have one category grouping called “cyberpunk themes” that has the following sub-categories:

  • Alien movies
  • Dystopic future movies
  • Hacker movies
  • Hot cyberchicks kicking butt movies
  • Man-machine interface movies
  • Surreal cyberpunk movies, and
  • Virtual Reality movies
  • I have another category called “Style” with the following subcategories:

  • Animes
  • Awesome cyberpunk visuals
  • “B” cyberpunk cinema (I haven’t put many reviews here yet, but suffice to say there are LOTS of these)
  • Good low-budget movies
  • Soft core porn cyberpunk flicks
  • I have a few problems here. First off, I’m not sure there is enough differentiation between the categories. To me these seem different, but I can certainly imagine a list with all of these from both categories included. Second, I feel these may not cover everything. For some movie reviews, I find myself not putting anything in one of the two categories - this makes me think that maybe I’m missing something. Most likely it’s the “cheesy but sometimes decent” middle movies that are too good to qualify as B cyberpunk, but aren’t good enough to be called good. The other easy example is only having one category for anime, versus having say “anime movies” and “OAV animes.”

    Finally, whatever categories I come up with, I want these to be able to work for other cyberpunk genre stuff like books, graphic novels, and potentially music. I fully get though that the cyberpunk culture stuff will need its own category, as will related scientific fields.


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