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July 6, 2006

Cyberpunk Review Coming to Shore Leave

Rennassance Trailer


This Sunday, I will be at the Shore Leave con in Baltimore giving another rendition of my “Hidden Gems in Cyberpunk Film and Anime” presentation. This went over pretty well at Balticon - hopefully it will be well attended at Shore Leave as well. I’m be speaking opposite of two of the event’s main attractions - Amanda Tapping and Carmen Argenziano from Stargate SG-1. I’m not a Stargate SG-1 fan, so I don’t mind missing their talk to much (Battlestar Galactica’s Jamie Bamber comes on right after - I WILL be watching that). And at least this is better than Balticon, where I was speaking opposite of Gene Wolfe’s presentation on his Wizard-Knight series - I almost thought about skipping my speech to go see his instead. :)


You’ll also notice from the cyberpunkreview brocure that site access and participation continue to grow. We’ve had well over 200,000 page views in total, and so far for this month, we’re averaging over 500 visits a day (actual people, not bots for both totals). We’re still looking for more reviewers, so if interested, drop me a line (sfam”at” Anyways, if you’re a SciFi fan living near Baltimore, stop on by (directions are in the Shore Leave link). I’ll be speaking at 1:00, this Sunday the 9th.

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July 7, 2006

Desirina said:

Congratulations on the speaking gig! I hope it goes well. Wish I could make it. =)

ETM said:

Have fun, dude. And tell Bamber that there are BSG fans in Montenegro, too. ;)

SFAM said:

I doubt if I get a chance to ask a question, but considering I hadn’t thought of anything to ask him - I’ll give it a go - will probably turn it into something more like, “Do you keep up with all your European fans? I have a friend in Montenegro who tells me everyone there LOVES BSG.”

June 2, 2007

randomrob said:

words of advice… stay near the convention center- unless you like ghetto-sprawl. Otherwise, have fun at your speaking gig!

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