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May 15, 2006

List of Cyberpunk Movies Updated

I’ve finally gotten around to updating my complete list of cyberpunk movies in the Meatspace (Forum). I’ve added a bunch based on suggestions from those who post here. The hyperlinked movies are the ones that have already been reviewed (over 100 reviews). I’ve still probably missed a few, as many are scattered in other threads. I’ll try to catch the remaining ones in the next few days.


Also, I have a list of potential cyberpunk movies on the bottom of this thread. These generally are movies that others have suggested but that I haven’t seen yet, and am worried they might not be. Again, THANK YOU TONS for finding all these cyberpunk flicks! This really makes a big difference in the quality and completeness of the site. :)


March 27, 2009

nonam said:

Meatspace??? Hope you meant metaspace! (Nearly also wrote meatspace gain…)

SSJKamui said:

The text is correct. It is “Meatspace” and not “Metaspace”.

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