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January 27, 2006

Site Update (1/27/05) - HELP!!!

I am slowly putting up the functionality that I’m hoping will work here.

I need your feedback on the movie navigation: OK, I’ve added a list at the bottom of each of individual movie pages that links to all the movies with the same “category tags” as the movie you are viewing. To get to this quickly, I’ve also added a link titled “See movies similar to this one” at the end of the review that takes you down to it, and another link at the bottom of the page that takes you back to the top.

But I need to know - Does this stuff work on your browsers? And is it intuitive?

  • Common, I see that over 700 different people have come here so far in under the two weeks I’ve been up. Help me by commenting here if you like it or hate it! Thanks :)

Here are two representative pages you can try the links at the bottom. One has links to a second page with more screen caps. Does this seem intuitive or no?


30 Movies up now: OK, I’m close to a third of the way done with the movies that I think should be reviewed on here. I still have another 30 or so reviews that I’ve written at least to some degree. All suggestions for new movies are welcome, but keep in mind, I’ ve held off on lots of the popular ones, so chances are if it was big, I’ve seen it. Chances are even decent that I’ve seen it if it was small, but you never know. :)

When I get more movies up, including all the popular ones, I’ll probably put a “suggest a movie” link up.


New Categories: If you’ve seen some movies showing up in the wrong categories, its because I’ve been adding new categories and (back-end Wordpress thing here) had to change the database references to some so that the permanent link would show up in the right places. I have added the following categories:

  • It’s not cyberpunk, Mkay?: Yes, it bugs me when everyone seems to call out a movie as cyberpunk but it’s really not. In other cases, movies are advertised as cyberpunk, but aren’t. That’s what this category is for. Incidentally, I don’t add movies from this category into any of the other cyberpunk categories (cyberpunk movies by decade, for instance), except for the star rating.
  • Cyberpunked Living: This for blog entries about the general state of our culture
  • News as Cyberpunk: Self-explanatory, but includes scientific changes that make the news.


Forum: I have a phpBB forum up, but haven’t linked it yet because I’m still playing with the look and feel. Hopefully I’ll link this in the next week or so.


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