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August 20, 2008

First poster for Neuromancer revealed.

A good sign or a sign of the apocalypse… On July 31st, the people of Quiet Earth made what can be considered a big find: The first poster for the upcoming Neuromancer movie.

I just stumbled across what I believe is the first poster for the upcoming adaptation of Gibson’s awesome novel Neuromancer, and while I love the looks of it, I still wonder if ANYONE could pull of even a remote interpretation of this?

I do have to wonder if this is for real since QE doesn’t mention where he found the poster, and QE also refers to Case as “Cage” in his description of the movie. Still, the poster… IF it’s for real… does show promise.

1st Neuromancer poster

NOTE: This is an enlarged version of the JPEG from Quiet Earth.


August 20, 2008

Quiet Earth said:

We got this from the production company website, including the full synopsis which spelled Case as Cage, so we’re reporting as is. All of this is authentic.

Klaw said:

I’m not doubting the validity of the link, the poster looks way more like a book cover than a movie poster to me. Perhaps that was intentional. Still cool, doesn’t shed much light on a good or bad production only that they hired a good illustrator.

OvergrownEgo said:

Why it’s so steampunkish? I know that Neuromancer can be considered a classic today, but Gibson’s vision is still futuristic. The poster looks like they are making a sequel to Fritz Lang’s Metropolis…

Comwedge said:

Comwedge said:

Commie said:

Adam Daub said:



Mr No 1 said:

Yep it looks quite fake to me, but it’d be great to have it like that…

evan t said:

fake as hell! this is obviously fake., come on! One, the font is one that is easily available for free download online. No real production company would use that. Two, the artwork is mediocre cyberpunk fan-art at best. It certainly does look steampunk because whoever made this doesnt know the difference between the two or what theyre doing at all. If this were for real I would prepare for major disappointment. Yes it does look like the cover of a novel because no real film production company would put out something this amateur. And there would be some actual information, like a tagline and a date to look forward to.

RoBo said:

Neuromancer is the Bigfoot or Nessie of the movie industry; the hoax with the most.

Allan Drake said:

Neuromancer sucks! I tried to read it but its so out of date nowadays. It doesn’t have a decent storyline, I doubt the movie will do well or get the public excited.

Quiet Earth said:

There’s the production company, if you still think it’s fake you can do the research yourself.

Anonymous said:

Allan, isnt there a bridge missing you about now?

August 21, 2008

Pasiphae said:

Fake? Good, this is an awful image.. I want BR mixed with 2001 as publicity for any Neuromancer film.

BTW, Allen, I found Neuro to be hardgoing on the first run through, you have to let yourself accept a different slant on technology, some of the bits in it may be old hat to us, but it still does tell a good story.

CorSaiR said:

fake or not, it sucks

August 22, 2008

Adam Daub said:

Neuromancer out of date? Now I think I’ve simply heard everything.
Ah well, it is the trend for the kiddies to enjoy imitations of older work but hate it’s source…
I will agree Neuromancer is not an easy read… but where’s the fun in an easy read? I mean really. Might as well never dare to read Vonnegut with that attitude.

l1zrdking said:

If you cant get through the book, try the audiobook. The voice acting is great and the music and sound effects grant great ambiance. I listen to it when I travel in the car all the time.

August 23, 2008

Robot Chicken said:

August 24, 2008

-Kyber-TommX- said:

Well, go to seven arts pictures website for a synopsis..sounds alright to me. Don’t be too quick to judge. B-movies ROCK. I spit on hollywood trash.

Jihen said:

too fake.

Mr No 1 said:

Allan, first of all, don’t say something sucks just because you don’t like it. There’s an objective reality out there ;)

Now, I remember reading this when I was about 15 and it blew my mind away. If you are not capable of putting yourself in the context of what you are reading regardless the present time, that’s a big handicap. Nevertheless, I don’t consider it out of date at all for what I remember.

It doesn’t have a decent storyline? How do you know if you didn’t read it all?

The public is already excited about the possibility of a movie. The movie being crap as it happens so many times is a different matter.

zenaphex said:

That poster doesn’t portray how I envision Neuromancer.

August 29, 2008

bsckit said:

You just hate to see rumors like this one. Hayden Christensen as Case? I suppose they think only wooden actors like Keanu Reeves can bring Gibson novels to the big screen. Go figure.

Original from

Personally, I’d rather they went with a complete unknown.

September 2, 2008

Ak!mbo said:

So the poster sucks.

I think this is a misfire from whoever-is-producing this (if it is indeed in production) trying to blow some life into the flames of the current hype around the possible future film.

My hypothesis is; there’s so much debate going around, they (producers) try to ensure us there really is a movie being made by releasing a “poster”.
The movie is so early in production, there’s not enough hired staff and prioritations must be made. Getting someone to do a professional poster at the moment, on very short notice is just not on the agenda right now, so they release a crappy poster, maybe made up by the gaffer or second assistant to best boy grip or whatever, what do I know. The director’s son.

Whether the book is bad or good is really quite a moot point in this discussion, and I think it’s still a tad too early to judge the movie adaption as well, though I must admit I do fear being disapointed.

On a sidenote; whatever happened to the animated version of Idoru?

September 6, 2008

Drone said:

I ve heard that Chris Cunningham (maker of Aphex Twin and Autechre Videos) was to do NeuroM, but there is no progress and the project is frozen.
This here seems more like a homegrown Homage. I like the picture, though.

October 3, 2008

Mister EDgAr H said:

Yeah right! We did bite once… I remember, how could I forget, from 1999 to 2004 (or 2005?) me and many other CP lovers refreshing everyday hoping! Hoping that one day the site was going to update us on juicy details.. 5 years we waited to finally see the site go down and wired news tell us that it wasn’t going to happen, never, ever!..

So I say, FAKE!!.. And this fake poster sucks! Probably made up by a 10yo!

February 3, 2009

Doctor ADDER said:

Neuromancer 2009 Maintitle

every A.I. is looking forward to…

Doctor ADDER did you made that crap?

Sure everyone knows that when you’re about to produce a movie the first thing you do is a generic! -_- And while your at it why not make a generic base on one other famous movie style…

Go back to your after effect little boy..

February 5, 2009

Anonymous said:


cybernut said:

damn! some of you might want start calling yourselves “cynical punk” fans. where’s the joy at? the poster is pretty cool. not the best but c’mon. “why so.. serious!?”

to the haters: the book rules!!! are you aware that the terms cyberspace and virtual reality were coined in it?

yeah, the first 50 or so pages are a little rough to get through but if you think about it, the main character case is in a daze and strung out on a cocktail of different drugs so i think it’s quite fitting.

cracked me up so i’ve gotta repeat this comment by Anonymous “Allan, isnt there a bridge missing you about now?”

p eace

Hey cyberslut!

First, nothing was coined in the book Neuromancer, get your fact straight!

Second, Allen as the right to express himself (even if he does it like a 5yo) and wishing that someone would go kill himself makes you not much more then a fucktard.

Then, I doubt you were even born in the 80s and it seems that all you got from the book is that Case was stone in the first 50 page. The pic is awe full and as very little to do with either CP or Neuromancer

As for the quote from the latest blockbuster I’ll prefer not to mention how lame I think you are..

February 9, 2009

zenseeker said:

I doubt that the poster is even genuine, it has been around for a loooong time and there is still no sign of anything solid from the film. I’m guessing that it is just some fan-art that someone did, and it spread around the webs like wildfire!

January 8, 2010

Bipo said:

I strongly suggest to just forget about it. Forget about neuromancer as a movie. Just forget it. Let it go.

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