Several stories in the past week have appeared on MSNBC and elsewhere on the net about robots: Japanese robots replacing the workforce, canine robots in retirement homes, and even armed robots in the Middle East. Here’s what’s popped-up so far:

Japan looks to a robot future

AP Photo:  Humanoid robot being rewired
Source: MSNBC/AP Report: Japan Looks To A Robot Future

Japan is looking to create life-like robots to replace an aging workforce and assist the elderly. While they’re sill a ways away from robots so realistic they can pass for human, Japan is looking for one million robots in workplaces by 2025.


Even a faux Fido can comfort lonely people

Reuters:  ABIO robot dog comforts elderly woman
Source: MSNBC/Reuters Report: Even a faux Fido can comfort lonely people

Saint Louis University researchers took an ABIO robot dog and a real dog to three nursing homes to see how residents responded to visits from the two. They were surprised to discover that ABIO was just as comforting to the elders as the real pup.


Robot Wars… coming soon!

Source: MSNBC Cosmic Log: Killer Robots… Friend or Foe?

With robots on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, some armed to the teeth, there’s concern if giving these war machines enough AI to turn them loose as opposed to keeping them under human control. Some want these autonomous bots to have a “conscience” or Asimov’s three laws programed into them. They should pitch that idea to terrorists who are now looking to use robot weapons for their own ends.


This may only be the beginning. As robotic technology advances, more stories like these will come.

Now would be a good time to welcome our new robot overlords.

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