CPR outage.

After our outage last week, there’s been concern about what what to do and where to go should it happen again.

Now there’s a solution: The Cyberpunk Directory. the Cyberpunk Directory Just push the button to get there… or to activate your computer’s auto-destruct system.

Special THX goes to Seph, Tonehog, and all the sites now listed in the directory… including us. Further details can be found on the directory site as well as Seph’s forum post about the project.


But wait! There’s more! There’s also a community forum in case ours is not available. The link is in our header along with our local forum link. Better go register and say hi.


Now to RTFM…


The first three rules for all computer users:

1) Backup your data.
2) BACKUP your data.

Before I wasn’t certain if my access level would allow me to backup CPR, but after RTFM (read: poking through the menus) I just needed to activate a plug-in, and now I can backup the site… or at least the database “tables” that power WordPress. Whether or not that would also include the front-page posts and the pics uploaded for them… I’ll find out this weekend when I try the first backup.

In the mean time, feel free to cruise the neighborhood, and watch out for drive-bys!

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