Metropolis Page 2: More Screencaps

Just some more visuals from Metropolis…

screen capture

I love this shot the best in terms of the architecture. Notice the similarities with the screenshot of the blue cityscape in my Armitage III review?


screen capture

This one almost feels like it came out of Dark City


screen capture

I love this shot. This is rather similar to the video-module shot in 12 Monkeys, and is used in a similar way.


screen capture

Another nice futuristic shot.


screen capture

Ah yes, the prototype mental transfer tool. Its amazing how similar subsequent ones are to this in terms of capturing our mental processes.


screen capture

Here’s a nice ordered society picture. Could be right out of 1984.


screen capture

I love this shot - it shows the transfer of Maria’s Ghost into the evil Maria. This is truly a great shot, and apparently, at the time, an almost impossible feat of special effects.

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June 23, 2007

kanapo said:

I’m just watched this film yesterday

and It’s awssummmmm

June 27, 2007

Metropolis said (pingback):

[…] Metropolis Page 2: More Screencaps […]

February 6, 2008

stephanie said:

this is truely the best film i have seen really good!!

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