Brazil, Page 2: More Screencaps

Here are some more Brazil screencaps for you


Brazil screen capture

The Ministry architecture is characterized by REALLY TALL noir style buildings.


Brazil screen capture

Bob Hoskins plays a totally wierd heating engineer. He ends up destroying Sam’s condo in this scene.


Brazil screen capture

The “eye” motif originally played a much larger role in the script. Unfortunately, a few of the key scenes ended up getting cut. Still, the idea here is that you are always under surveillance.


Brazil screen capture

Another eye scene with Kim Greist, who is stuck trying to navigate the bureaucratic forms process.


Brazil screen capture

A shot of daily life in the lower levels of the Ministry of Information.


Brazil screen capture

They use really little monitors, so a huge magnifying glass is necessary to see the screen.


Brazil screen capture

I love the ass-kissing of the hyper-busy middle manager who continually makes uninformed, split-second decisions. This scene is just too funny.


Brazil screen capture

The soldiers were also pretty comical.


Brazil screen capture

Bobby D is terrific in a small part.


Brazil screen capture

Using a powerplant as a set was a pretty neat concept.


Brazil screen capture

Brazil definitely has a bevy of cyberpunk visuals.


Brazil screen capture

And quite a few weird ones as well.


Brazil screen capture

Sam’s mother’s hat - a shoe, is totally perfect for this movie!


Brazil screen capture

One of the many bizarre, but interesting perspective shots.


Brazil screen capture

This is one of my favorite shots. It’s pretty much a throw-away as far as the movie goes, but it shows that the entire surrounding is decimated except for the omnipresent city. Better yet, the bleak surroundings are hidden by a never-ending stream of billboards.


Brazil screen capture

The fantasy shots were well done.


Brazil screen capture

A shot where Sam’s dream becomes reality, if only for a second.



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February 6, 2007

ZiggyStardust said:

Brilliant review. This is one of the greatest sci-fi/fantasy films of all-time. And Gilliam’s at his finest hour. Intelligent script/screenplay, sublime acting by Di-Niro and Pryce. Visually amazing (thanks goodness without any of today’s nasty superficialised FX). Thanks Goodness that it seems to be popular with both BBC and various digital channels in the U.K over Xmas period - every Xmas period since the late 80’s! Wow! It does consistently have an enormous cult-following audiences - people commenting why today sci-fi/fantasy films in the cinema don’t respect adult dialogue, storylines nor plots.

February 7, 2007

SFAM said:

Hi ZiggyStardust, thanks for the kind words. Yes, this is definitely Gilliam’s masterpiece, although I probably still like Holy Grail more :)

Brazil really does stand the test of time wonderfully! And the ending idea has been copied more than once - my favorite copy of it is the ending to Save the Green Planet.

March 17, 2008

MAK said:

Great filme !!!

I love it… Funy, sad, and depresing at the same time !!

February 13, 2009

Nona Naytowhow said:

This is a great movie, loved it since I was a kid!! I’m 20 now, can’t wait to rewatch it!

May 23, 2009

thorshammer said:

Saw previews of it when it first came out - talked myself out of seeing it. Mistake!! Just watched it for the 1st time - now one of my all-time favourites, that quickly. I loved EVERYTHING about it, from the style and mood of “dystopia” to the wacky characters to the sad, off the wall story. Thanks so much Terry Gilliam.

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